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10 Best Java Courses On Pluralsight [RANKED]

10 Best Java Courses On Pluralsight [RANKED]

Java is easily one of the most popular programming languages in the world and is used in thousands of different applications every single day. Thus, it can be very valuable to learn the skills to use the language. But this is often much easier said than done.

Learning Java or any other programming language is difficult, but one as dense and widely used as Java presents some truly unique challenges to prospective users of the language.

It can often feel like the web is lacking in educational resources for Java users, but that is why many turn to Pluralsight, which boasts a number of Java online courses to learn Java easier. (See also ‘Is Pluralsight Suitable For Absolute Beginners?‘)

But of its many courses, which is the absolute best Java course on Pluralsight?

Which ones will give you the best grasp on the Java programming language, and which ones prove to be the most useful in the long run? 

If you want to make the most of a Pluralsight membership, then make sure to keep on reading down below, because we have cataloged ten of our favorite Java courses on Pluralsight for learning Java basics!

Best Java Course On Pluralsight

1 – Spring Boot Fundamentals

Spring Boot is integrated directly with the Spring framework and is a useful tool that allows Java developers of things such as apps to more easily get their work off the ground and get their apps up and running. 

However, it can take some time for a Java developer to learn Spring Boot core Java fundamentals, so this course is incredibly valuable in helping you to learn how to use this valuable tool.

Not only does this course show you how to use the tool, but also shows you numerous ways that you can apply it to your workflow to maximize efficiency and develop things at a far quicker pace.

This intermediate course may require a bit of knowledge, but across its 1 hour and 38 minutes of content, it has so many useful bits of knowledge in web development.

2 – Spring Cloud Fundamentals

If the Spring Boot Fundamentals course proves fruitful, then you simply have to follow it up with this course that expands on some more of the Spring tools that can be used in the Java language.

This course is dedicated to Spring Cloud, which allows you to develop microservices that can be used within the cloud and allows you to create applications that run natively within the cloud, saving computer resources for online users of certain platforms. 

This class is much longer, at around 3 hours and 30 minutes, but this is because of just how many useful things there are to learn. Try it out now for yourself!

3 – Spring Security

Because of how easy Spring is to apply to app development, it would stand to reason that security and safety are paramount when it comes to using the tools and the platforms that are built with them.

This course will explain how to maximize security when using spring tools. It can show you how to implement multi-factor authentication into your apps, and how to securely store user information to prevent leaks of confidential data. 

This 3-hour and 30-minute course is one of the more difficult ones on this list, but easily one of the most useful to try out and implement everything you learn. 

4 – Spring Security Fundamentals

Once you have finished with the ‘Spring Security’ course, it can be useful to try out this course to supplement your knowledge further.

Implementing security into the Spring toolset is very valuable, and allows you to keep users safe when they turn to your applications in the future. 

This course will teach you how to make applications more secure and safe, as well as how to optimize the UI of your application to make security much easier to uphold. 

IT will also show you how you can force connections to your applications to be via HTTPS, which helps you to further keep your developed applications secure against numerous cyber threats. 

Make sure to set aside some time for this course because it has a length of just under 5 hours.

However, across those multiple hours, you will learn so many useful things that can easily be applied to your work. You’ve got to try this one out!

5 – Spring Framework – Spring MVC 5 Fundamentals

This course is vital if you want to truly gain mastery over the Java programming language, as it will teach you how to use MVC design patterns to create applications that are totally state-of-the-art and that truly work best for you. 

This up-to-date course is designed to give you all of the tools you need to get the most out of the Spring framework.

This course is on the slightly shorter end of the spectrum, at just over 2 hours, which means that it can easily fit in amongst various other courses, making it great for those on a busy schedule. 

It is also one of the more digestible courses on the platform.

10 Best Java Courses On Pluralsight [RANKED]

6 – Spring: The Big Picture

Now that you have a more solid grasp of the Spring toolset, this is a great course to try out if you want to find out a few more interesting ways that the toolset can be utilized to improve your output. 

This course also makes a great introduction if you are totally new to Spring, and want to know what it is that makes it all so popular.

The course also introduces you to some of the numerous ways that Java will be used to get the most out of the Spring toolset, so you can rest assured that this is one of the best Java courses on Pluralsight. 

7 – Spring Framework

This course will show you all of the structures that go into creating the framework that Spring operates on.

If you are having trouble getting to grips with Spring upon first trying it out, then this course is totally great for you, because it takes a detailed look at some of the smaller parts that go into making Spring work so efficiently.

At 2 hours and 27 minutes, this course is on the slightly longer end of the course spectrum, but it is fully worth every minute invested into it.

We found that the detail it offered helped to supplement all other Java courses on the platform making it even more valuable.

8 – Spring Boot: Efficient Development

Once your application, which you have built using the Spring framework, is ready, you might feel prepared to dive right in and send the application to the cloud, but this offers its own challenges.

This course will show you what to do when you are ready to send your application into the cloud for use.

This is one of the simpler courses on the platform, but is still just as vital as all of the other courses, as without the proper knowledge, getting your application safely sent to the cloud can be very difficult! 

9 – Spring Boot Actuator

This course will show you how you can take your finished code for a specific app and then finally put it into action. 

This course will show you how to use the Spring Boot Actuator so you can see your applications in action and also perform maintenance whenever you need to.

10 – Effective Oauth2 With Spring Security And Spring Boot

This is one of the more difficult courses on this list and may require quite a bit more experience with the Java programming language and the Spring tools. 

This course is designed to help you to get the most out of everything you have learned about the Spring toolset so that you can create applications that are truly excellent and that boast unparalleled security features. 

We cannot recommend this course enough. It makes a great conclusion to the other Java-based courses on Pluralsight and has plenty of information to boast. 

To Wrap Up 

There we have it! Of all of the courses on Pluralsight that can help you to make the most out of the Java programming language, these are easily amongst the very best. (Also check out ‘Pluralsight Vs Codecademy: What You Need To Know!‘)

Each of these Java programming courses offers something different, but when taken together as a kaleidoscope of knowledge, they truly offer a complete set of tools that can help you to make the most out of this unique and highly popular programming language. 

Why not try them out today?

These best Java online courses easily make the cost of admission to Pluralsight more than worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Java And Coding the Same?

To a degree, yes, coding and Java are the same, as Java is simply a coding language. 

Should I Use Code C++ Or Java?

Java is a language that is used more for consumer apps, while C++ is used to develop secure platforms for governments and banks.

Should You Learn Java Or Python?

Both programming languages have their own benefits and drawbacks, so ultimately it just comes down to which you feel most comfortable using. And if you’re planning to apply to Java-based development jobs or work in Java development environments, you know what to do!

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