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20 Pluralsight Best Courses Available In 2023

Are you looking for ways to expand your skill set when it comes to the Pluralsight best courses? Or perhaps you are looking to improve and hone skills that you already have?

Maybe you’re looking to get back into a hobby or start a business in something you’re passionate about, but there are gaps in your knowledge.

Whatever the reason you want to broaden your skills, Pluralsight is the place to do it! 

Pluralsight is a tech platform that offers a variety of different courses at great prices! The courses at Pluralsight are taught by professionals who are at the top of their respective fields. 

In this article, we will discuss the 20 best courses available on Pluralsight. So, if you’re interested, be sure to read on for more! 

1. So You Want To Be A Business Analyst 

So You Want To Be A Business Analyst is a course that provides individuals with the opportunity to take those first steps into the world of business.

You will look at what the life and career of data analysis might look like, as well as how you can use your personal qualities to achieve success.

2. Fundamentals Of Network Virtualization 

Fundamentals Of Network Virtualization is a great starting point for learning about virtualization.

On this learning path, you will learn all about how to find solutions for the problems industrialists face, as well as learn all the up-to-date history of this technology.

3. Web Application Security 

Web Application Security is focused on online applications, and you will learn the essentials for online security such as browser security and HTTPS.

On this learning path, there are more advanced courses that go deeper into web application security. It is good to have an understanding of the most popular programming languages before joining this course. 

4. Machine Learning Literacy

It is best to have an understanding of data analytics and statistics before joining the Machine Learning Literacy path.

Here, you will learn what goes on in an ML project, as well as what factors go into the design of Machine learning models and how to engineer one! 

5. Core Python

Core Python is a learning path that focuses on using Python to develop a website. It focuses heavily on code readability.

Here, you will learn the very basics of Python, plus more advanced topics such as code organization and object-oriented design.

Attending all of the best Pluralsight courses on this learning path will open up many career opportunities, such as web development, software engineering, and more!

6. DevSecOps

DevSecOps is a great learning path for those interested a data scientists and data security. There are 6 courses on these learning paths that cover different types of security threats and important tools needed to protect data visualizations and data science.

You will also go over how to set up a strong security infrastructure and how to implement core risk prevention and project management tools. 

7. Understanding Machine Learning Algorithms

Understanding Machine Learning is a course suitable for those who have no prior knowledge of ML. You will learn all about its background and get a good overview of all of its technical aspects.

You will also learn how a machine trains itself by using real data. If you’re passionate about AI, this is the course for you! 

8. HTML, CSS, And JavaScript: The Big Picture

This course dives deep into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to teach people how they can be used together to develop online web applications.

You will begin with an introduction to web development and look at each of these web development courses in turn. 

9. Ethical Hacking: Understand Ethical Hacking 

This Ethical Hacking course is about learning how to become a security profiler. You will learn how to look at networks through the eyes of attackers and understand their motivations.

The course will cover hacker terminology,  the different types of system attacks, and more! 

10. JavaScript: Getting Started

This JavaScript course is suitable for beginners who know nothing at all about software development. Here, you will learn the basics of JavaScript coding and learn how to modify a web page via Java programming language. 

If you’re interested in a career in software development, then this is a great place to start! 

20 Best Courses Available On Pluralsight

11. Angular: Getting Started

Angular: Getting Started is a beginner course on Angular. Here, you will learn how to create web apps as well as be up to date on the latest technologies in app development.

You will also learn how Angular templates, components, and data binding all work together to create some wonderful apps. 

12. Maven Fundamentals

In this course, you will learn the very basics of Maven. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of Maven beforehand.

This course will cover repositories, plugins, basic commands, IDE integrations, and all the dependencies of Maven.

13. DevOps: The Bigger Picture

DevOps: The Bigger Picture covers the problems faced in IT departments all over the world and how they can be eased by DevOps.

DevOps explores what changes are required in these departments and what technology can be used to make these changes happen. 

14. Big Data: The Bigger Picture

On this Big Data: The Bigger Picture course, you will learn about the concept, competitive landscape, and technology in the Big Data space.

You will dive deep into terms, roles, and approaches to the adoption of Big Data. If you’re new to the Big Data landscape, this is the course for you!

15. Getting Started With Docker

Getting Started With Docker is a course where you will learn the basics of Docker from the perspective of a developer.

You will learn how to love applications from source code to a running container, as well as how to create images, build secure Swarm clusters, and so much more!

At the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of Docker and its containers. 

16. TypeScript: The Bigger Picture

TypeScript: The Bigger Picture is an overview of TypeScript that teaches you not only how to use it, but why it is good to use. You will dive deep into its basic syntax, main features, and more. 

17. Introduction To Node.js

Introduction To Node.js will teach you the foundational technical skills you need to understand back-end services for web and mobile applications.

You will also learn all about the tools of Node, how to write code, and the JavaScript features that can be used with Node.js. If you want to learn Node inside out, this is the course for you!

18. Apex Academy: Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Coding In Salesforce

Coding in Salesforce is not easy, but this course will show you exactly where to start! Here, you will learn all you need to know about Apex triggers, including how to write, test, and deploy them.

You will also learn about the development of Salesforce and you need no prior knowledge of coding to join! 

19. Effective Email Communication

Effective Email Communication will teach you the basics of the five most important parts of sending an email, how to make your emails purposeful, how to proofread, and make your messages visually appealing.

Email communication is an important part of the business world, so this course is essential for everyone – and definitely worth it! 

20. Creating Effective User Stories 

Creating Effective User Stories is a course dedicated to teaching you how to create stories that capture the needs of customers.

You will learn all of the necessary strategies for creating lightweight user stories as well as common pitfalls to avoid when you first start out. 

Final Thoughts

Pluralsight is an excellent resource for learning and honing programming skills. Check out these top 20 courses now!

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