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Martin Barrett
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How Do Pluralsight Coupon Codes Work?

How Do Pluralsight Coupon Codes Work?

Just like most other online learning platforms, you will be able to use any Pluralsight coupons you receive from a family member or friend on Pluralsight to give you cheaper access to the service and all of the tools and resources Pluralsight offers users. 

However, there are a few important things to know about these Pluralsight discounts and Pluralsight promo codes since it’s not always clear how to actually use them, and what they actually give you access to within the platform itself.

Here is the full breakdown of Pluralsight coupon codes, Pluralsight discount codes, and how exactly they work so you can use one as soon as you receive it. 

How Does A Coupon Work On Pluralsight?

Pluralsight allows individuals to gift subscription periods to other people with the options being a one-month, three months, or one-year all in the Standard plan, or a one-year Premium plan with all ranging in prices but still redeemed in the same way.

While some other popular online learning programs allow users to gift specific businesses new skills or courses, Pluralsight does not offer this, so you will only be able to gift an actual annual subscription plan. 

How To Redeem A Coupon On Pluralsight

If you have a coupon ready, it can be a little difficult knowing where to type it in when you arrive at the home page which is full of different tabs and menus. Luckily, doing so isn’t too hard once you know how.

The redemption page cannot be found while navigating the Pluralsight page itself.

Instead, type into your search engine of choice “Redeem Code Pluralsight” and you will see an option linked to the official Pluralsight website which says “Redeem your offer Promo code.” 

Click on this, and you will immediately be brought to a screen asking for personal details including your email, phone number, country, and right at the top, your offer code. 

Once you type it in, click on the “I Agree, Activate Benefit” option at the bottom and it will now be activated for you to take advantage of.

There’s no waiting period between redeeming and being assigned to the premium subscription plan, so as soon as you exit the page, you will be a Pluralsight Standard or Premium user. 

How To Gift Coupons On Pluralsight

If you’re feeling generous and want to gift one of these subscription coupons to someone you know, you can do so easily.

All you need to do is visit the “Gift of Pluralsight” page which can be found on the main interface, or simply by typing in “Gift a Subscription Pluralsight” in your search engine. 

You will be taken to a screen that will present you with the options of gifts that you can choose from, and how much each of them will cost. These are the prices for gifting each of the four subscription periods:

  • 1-month Standard – $29
  • 3-month Standard – $88
  • 1-year Standard – $299
  • 1-year Premium – $360

Once you have selected the subscription you would like to gift someone, you can either choose for Pluralsight to email the coupon straight to the recipient who will be able to make use of it immediately, or you can instead print it out so that you can keep it safe and gift in person.

It should be noted that all subscription plans can only be gifted with a one-time purchase, so you won’t be able to set up a payment plan and pay it over installments.

Additionally, the 1-year Premium gift is the only one which is actually discounted upon buying it as a gift,  being 20% cheaper than its regular price. 

What Is The Difference Between Standard And Premium?

If you are struggling to decide which subscription might be the best gift option for the person you are giving it to, it’s important to know what they would intend to use Pluralsight for, and how much they care about having access to every single resource that the platform provides. 

With the Standard plan, you gain access to a limited core library of just over 2,500 courses, along with being able to take skill assessments and having full access to the curated learning paths and channels. 

Essentially, the Standard plan is very useful for an individual who is either already well-versed in online programming and resources, or someone who might be brand new to the tech world but who also wants to expand their expertise in the field or start forming the building blocks of an online career path. 

Premium on the other hand is designed for people who want to prepare for achieving industry-leading certificates by having access to all the coding projects, online assessments, and 7,000+ courses and is more designed for individuals who are already more advanced in and knowledgeable of the tech and online industry. 

Can You Use A Coupon If You’re Already Subscribed?

Unfortunately, if you are already an existing user of Pluralsight and are currently signed up for one of their subscription plans, you will not be able to use a coupon.

You will therefore have to either cancel the current subscription plan or wait until it ends and then use the coupon. 

Because of this, if you’re the one gifting a coupon, it’s very important to know whether the person is already signed up to Pluralsight and how far along they are in their set period since you don’t want to end up wasting money. 

How To Cancel A Subscription On Pluralsight

If you receive a Pluralsight coupon and are thinking about canceling your existing Pluralsight subscription, the good news is that you can do so easily, and it will only require you to flick through a few tabs and menus. 

When you are on the main page of Pluralsight and are logged into your account, click on the avatar icon at the top right of the screen and then select “Account Settings” in the menu.

You will then be taken to the account page where you have a few options to choose from. Click on the “Pluralsight Subscriptions & Billing” tab. 

How Do Pluralsight Coupon Codes Work?

From here, click on the “Manage Plan” option and then select “Cancel”. You will be asked to verify that you are sure you want to end the premium subscriptions plan where you will then need to click “Continue to Cancellation”. 

You will also have the option to “Submit Feedback” where you can simply state the reason why you are deciding to cancel, though this is completely optional so you can also choose to skip past it. 

It’s important to keep in mind that canceling a subscription is not the same as deleting an account as this will permanently delete all of your personal data, meaning you will have to create an entirely new account and will no longer have access to your invoices, refunds, or certificates that you have completed. 

To avoid this, once you land on the Account Settings page, you will want to steer away from the “Manage Account” page since this is where it will give you the option to delete your data permanently. 

Reasons Why A Pluralsight Coupon Might Not Be Working

If you’re typing in the Pluralsight coupon code received over email or in person and it’s not being accepted, there are a few reasons why this might be happening. 

The most common reason is that the code may have already been used since some people will try to gift it to several people, especially if they print the code out so that they can show it to as many people as they like. 

Pluralsight codes can only be used once, and after they are typed in and redeemed, they will be invalid from then on, so if you are typing it in several times and finding that nothing is happening, it can be worth checking with the gifter that they haven’t already let somebody else use it before you. 

Just like all coupons and codes, it can be very easy to mistakenly put a wrong character, especially since these codes are made up of both letters and numbers, so it can also be worth double checking that what you’re typing in is correct so that you avoid any errors. 

If you’re typing in the code and nothing is happening when you click “Redeem”, try refreshing the page or logging out and back into your account before trying again.

It can also be a good idea to clear your browser’s cookies to see if this helps. 

Keep in mind that this could also be an issue on Pluralsight’s end, especially if they are experiencing a high amount of traffic which can cause the site to slow right down, so it can be a good idea to either check their social media accounts to see if there are any updates on this issue or simply wait a few hours before trying again. 

If all else fails, you can easily contact Pluralsight by heading to the Help Center section of their website and clicking on the phone symbol in the top right to give them a call and explain the situation. 

Does Pluralsight Offer A Free Trial?

While you can gain free access to Pluralsight by someone gifting you a coupon for one of their subscription plans, you can also try out their 10-day free individual trial which gives you full access to the features that are usually found in Premium plans including all of the online Pluralsight courses, assessments, and all the extra tools and resources that Pluralsight grants its users. 

If however, you’re a team of around 10 people, you can try out the 30-day team free trial which gives you access to many of the same features as the premium trial, along with extra resources that help you analyze trend data and Pluralsight skills for your team and granting you the ability to customize and measure the proficiency of certain set roles. 

Finally, there is the enterprise free trial which also runs for 30 days and gives you all of the same features as the team trial, but on a larger scale so that you can carefully monitor each worker’s skills and roles to determine where they might best be suited. 

These free trials are well worth using, not only so that you can know whether you like the layout and resources of Pluralsight before you come to buy it, but also so that you can quickly get accustomed to each and every feature so that you can make the most out everything it has to offer as soon as your subscription starts, rather than having to spend time learning what every tab does and how to navigate the platform.


Not only is it very easy to redeem a coupon on Pluralsight when you receive it, but it is also just as easy to send one to somebody else which can make for a great gift for a birthday, a reward for a recent accomplishment, or simply just as a bit of assistance to help someone achieve their career goals. 

While you will only be able to gift someone a subscription coupon, there are still a few of these plans that you can choose from with them all varying in price so you can choose the option that will be most beneficial for the recipient, while still staying within the gifter’s price range. 

Always remember that a person currently on a subscription plan will not be able to redeem a Pluralsight coupon, so it is always worth checking if they are a subscriber, and more specifically, how far they still have to go until their plan ends before you send them anything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Redeem A Coupon During A Free Trial?

Unlike users who are already following a paid subscription plan, those who are currently on a free trial will be able to