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Martin Barrett
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25 Best Online Games To Play When Bored At School

25 Best Online Games To Play When Bored At School

Studying can be a difficult task. After hours of diligently looking over documents, creating projects, or solving equations, your mind can easily wander.

Taking a break is actually a good thing, and it’s always a positive to do something that will completely take your mind off the day’s tasks. This will allow you to unwind and recharge, so you can get back to it with a fresh mindset.

So let’s say you’re a gamer and playing video games always chills you out. But without a game console or capable desktop PC at your school, you’re left without access to your favorite hobby!

Thankfully, modern technology has made handhold and browser gaming more accessible than ever. There are now countless games you can play with little more than a Google search or a visit to the app store.

In this article, we’re going to break down a list of the 25 best games you can play when bored at school. We’ll break each one down in detail, noting exactly the type of game it is and what kind of gamer it’s right for. 

The Best 25 Online Games To Play When Bored At School 

Games To Play When Bored At School 

1. Cookie Clicker

Okay, so when you load into this browser game you’ll find that there’s a  giant cookie on your screen. There seems to only be one thing to do—as per the game’s name—so you click it. The game informs you that you have now generated one cookie. 

Each time you click you gain a cookie, and with those cookies, you can then buy, sell and purchase new equipment. This is to be the beginning of your cookie empire.

Soon you’ll have grannies working for you to give you extra cookies and eventually factories. Cookie Clicker is a strangely addictive economy game where you must create a gigantic empire of cookies. 

2. QWOP 

This one has entertained bored students for a long time now. The goal of this game is easy—all you have to do is make your athlete run 100 meters using the q, w, o, and p keys.

But the problem is each key controls a different part of the runner’s legs, making it difficult and hilarious to manage. 

3. Chess

Chess is a classic for a good reason, it’s the game of Kings and is widely known as one of the most difficult games in the world. You can make a free account on Chess.com and play as much as you like.

After a few games your ranking will be adjusted and you’ll always be playing against someone of your skill level. It’s never too late to start chess! 

4. Line Rider

This is another classic that has captured the minds of people everywhere. In Line Rider, you use your cursor to create tracks for a stick-figures to ride down.

You’ll be able to make some crazy combinations are really let your creativity fly. 

5. Wordle 

Wordle is a slower-paced game that’s great if you enjoy the likes of Scrabble or Words with friends.

You start off placing letters into a five-slot line, and the game will tell you if any of them are in the eventual word you need to get to. It’s a process of elimination that can really aid your vocabulary skills. 

6. RuneScape

So this one can be dangerous to play when studying, but it’s a great choice if you’re a fan of fantasy MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games).

RuneScape allows you to create a unique character and go out questing in a vast fantasy world. It’s delighted players for well over a decade now and you’re bound to find it fun!

7. Agar.io 

Agario is another addicting game that you can play in your browser. The premise is simple—you drop into a big open space, populated with little blobs for your own blob to eat up.

25 Best Online Games To Play When Bored At School (1)

You eat a blob, you grow larger. But here’s the problem—this also is the same for other players, and if they eat you up then you’re going to be dead and they’re going to get even larger and more powerful.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in Agar.io. 

8. Books Tower

This is a simple game where all you have to do is see how high you can stack a series of books. The higher you get the new sizes of books you’ll get and the faster the books will move horizontally before you can drop them.

A very simplistic but very addictive game! It might seem difficult at first, but once you’ve got a decent stack you’ll be hooked and keep playing to see how high you can get it! 

9. Pokémon Go

Now this one might seem preposterous to certain gamers, but here is a game that actually takes you into the outside world.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that puts you in the shoes of a Pokémon trainer, going out into the world to search for Pokémon. This one is only for mobile! 

10. Genshin Impact

You can play this one on your mobile device or on your PC with a download and it’s by far one of the most impressive games you can get without much of a download.

Genshin Impact has been described as an ‘anime version of Breath of the Wild’ and features colorful characters, magic, and a gorgeous open world. It is a gatcha game though, so make sure to be careful with those microtransactions! 

11. Hearthstone

Do you like card games? If you do then Hearthstone might be the perfect one for you.

Available on mobile devices or through the Battle.net launcher, this is a tremendously rich but easy-to-learn game that will have you competing against other players.

It’s probably the easiest battle card game to get into and has a lot of depth to keep you interested for hours!

12. Clash Royale

Clash of Clans creator Supercell did it again with another thrilling fantasy game based in the Clash universe. Clash Royale is a real-time strategy game where you fight off against another player with cards and minions.

Like Hearthstone above, it has a lot of depth and can be really thrilling to get into! You can build a decent enough deck for free, but if you want the most ‘meta’ decks available you’ll probably have to put some money in. 

13. Little Alchemy 2

If you’re looking for something that is simple and chill to play then we massively recommend Little Alchemy 2.

It’s a game that lets you step into the shoes of an alchemist, combining different elements to see what you can discover!

25 Best Online Games To Play When Bored At School (2)

There are hundreds of combinations and items to find so it’s a great one to work on casually when breaking from studying. 

14. Monument Valley

This is a series of award-winning, chill puzzle games that you can play on your mobile. By manipulating different monuments you can create paths to explore the enchanting world of Monument Valley.

This is a great pick if you’re looking for something that will engage your brain but also calm you down! 

15. Fortnite 

A lot of the most popular games out at the moment have mobile versions—a particularly good one is Fornite.

After their huge, sudden expansion, Epic Games had a lot of money to invest in creating it, and it’s a smooth, thrilling experience.

Simply jump into a 100-player battle to the death and try to be the last one standing! There are countless different weapons to collect to destroy your enemy, and lots of s