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Martin Barrett
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Online Course Shopify

Online Course Shopify (All you Need To Know)

Thanks to online education, it’s now easier than ever to access informative guides to help everyone learn important information and skills in all kinds of subjects.

This allows all kinds of people to break into professions and businesses they only could dream of. 

Ecommerce is one of those businesses. People who have dreamt of running their own online stores for their business and websites can now take up online courses to learn how to use Shopify effectively to boost their online business. 

However, the online education industry is flooded with all kinds of platforms and courses – so where are the best online shopify courses? 

Here, we have pulled together some of the best online courses for Shopify for you to browse. Check them out below, including their pros and cons, to find the right online course Shopify for you and your business.

What Is Shopify?

First, let’s take a look at what Shopify is and what we are looking for in a good Shopify online course. 

Shopify is an e-commerce platform which helps small businesses be able to sell merchandise through their own online store.

It offers different payment plans and each level offers additional features, plus it helps businesses adapt to higher volumes of sales and ship products to more countries.

However, even with Shopify’s most basic plan, users are able to access a huge range of features and apps – and this is what overwhelms a lot of new users. 

For people who are just starting to manage their own websites and set up  their first ecommerce store, using Shopify can be confusing due to the range of features and tools on offer.

However, Shopify is also regarded as one of the best ecommerce platforms out there so users need to adapt and learn the platform in order to make their business a success. 

This is where online courses come in. 

What A Good Shopify Online Course Needs

A good online course for Shopify should be able to turn novices into experts so businesses can take off without delay. 

As a result, the content of the course should be in depth from the basics to expert strategies used to make the most out of Shopify.

A lot of people looking to sign up to a Shopify course are usually people who have never used Shopify before so the course itself should take on people with no experience of Shopify – unless it is a specific ‘masters’ course to help well experienced Shopify users understand every nook and cranny of the platform. 

So, a good Shopify course needs plenty of valuable and informative content, but it’s more than just that. 

The benefits of online learning include flexibility so a good Shopify course should be instantly accessible and easy to fit around busy schedules.

This allows anyone to access the course and its resources even if they work during the day, the night, or have to juggle different duties all at once. 

Affordability is another important factor to consider. The less a course costs the better but this usually means that the course itself lacks content and resources. On the other hand, an affordable course is more accessible to all – especially if it’s free!

And finally, there is good student support. Some courses offer access to a tutor or instructor, either through live chat or email support.

Some courses allow you to interact with fellow students, others do not and this can make some students feel really lonely and isolated. However, other students thrive off this and prefer to work alone – but good support is a must.

Whether the support is through live chat, emails, or online community spaces, a good Shopify course should give its students the chance to reach out for help whenever they need it. 

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as the ‘perfect’ Shopify course as each one will have its own pros and cons. Now all that’s left to do is to check out the choices we have picked below to find the right Shopify course for you! Let’s go! 

How To Become A Shopify Expert (From Zero To Hero) by Udemy

Udemy is easily one of the best online course providers out there so there was no doubt that one of their Shopify courses would make our list.

This is because Udemy offers high quality courses with expert instructors, so you know the information you are learning from this course is true and valuable. 

The How To Become A Shopify Expert course from Udemy is split into 8 sections with 59 lectures, totalling in just over 5 hours worth of recorded resources.

Each section guides you from the very first steps in your Shopify journey right up to bonus lectures detailing additional resources you can use, and the doors Shopify has now opened for your business.

As each lecture is recorded, you can access them at any time and structure your own learning path as you please. 

This course guides you through the signing up process to Shopify, shows you how to build your system, navigate your Shopify dashboard, registering your domain name, and adding different product features to your estore.

Online Course Shopify

Each lecture is given by online entrepreneur Tim Sharp, who has years of experience using ecommerce platforms like Shopify – so he knows the platform like the back of his hand. 

The only downside to this course is the price. Sometimes, Udemy holds generous sales which cuts the price of their courses down by 70% – but not always.

This means you could pay as little as $12.99 for your Shopify course, or its full price of $69.99. That’s a lot for just one course! 


  • Udemy is a well known online course provider, so this course comes from a reliable provider with great customer service. 
  • The course is also super flexible thanks to its recorded resources so you can complete the course at your own pace. 
  • The instructor is Tim Sharp, an experienced entrepreneur in ecommerce so you can trust the information and advice he is providing. 


  • The cost of this course fluctuates widely due to Udemy’s awesome sales, so try and catch it for a low cost. 
  • There’s no mention of community or face to face support, so you’re on your own unless you face a technical or account  issue through Udemy. 

Create Your E-Commerce Store With Shopify by Coursera

If you are looking for a free Shopify course, then this short but sweet Shopify course on offer through Coursera is definitely one to check out. 

It’s only an hour long lecture, but it helps its students to set up their accounts and get the basic steps done and sorted so they can start selling products as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the short length of the course means that it doesn’t go into depth with hidden features or strategies – but it has your basics covered for steps such as adding products, managing your inventory, editing your storefront, and reviewing your analytics. 

The most enticing pros of this Shopify course is its affordability and the fact that it is provided by Coursera.


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Try Coursera

Coursera is another hugely popular online education platform and their courses are usually backed by universities and companies all around the world.

Although there is no accreditation or certification with this course, it’s still worth one checking out. 

Why? Because it’s absolutely free. 

This means that everyone using Shopify should at least check out this course simply because it will cost you nothing and it will teach you the bare minimum you need to get your estore up and running. 


  • This course is offered by Coursera, one of the most trusted online education platforms. 
  • It is completely free so everyone can access it as long as they have a computer and stable internet connection. 
  • It teaches you the basics you need to set up your ecommerce store using Shopify so you can get it up and running in just an hour. 


  • This super short course does not cover any expert tips or tricks you can use to boost your business but for such an affordable price, we can hardly complain. 

Shopify Learn

Shopify Learn is not exactly a course but rather a series of free courses and resources you can access from Shopify itself. 

All you need to do is make a free account on Shopify Learn and you will be able to access hours of business courses on demand.

Each course is relatively short (ranging from under an hour to over two hours) but they are informative and helpful for those who want to grow their Shopify business. 

For example, there are courses which cover SEO training for beginners, guides on how to use Instagram and other social media platforms to increase your sales, how to manufacture your products, and so much more. 

All of  this is available for free and each course is conducted by a reliable entrepreneurial instructor with experience in the industry – basically, people who were once in your shoes. 


  • Shopify Learn offers its users information and resources needed to build up businesses from an organization and marketing standpoint, rather than just teaching you the basics of Shopify. 
  • Each instructor is a skilled entrepreneur with tons of experience and advice to share. 
  • Accessing these resources and courses is completely free so long as you sign up and make an account. 


  • There’s not much here to h