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New Zenler Pricing

New Zenler Pricing: Is It Really Worth It

If you want an all-in-one place for marketing and online learning, then you’ve probably seen New Zenler. New Zenler isn’t fully completed, but you can purchase it before it is at a heavily discounted price.

However, if you’re not certain of New Zenler, you could also try out the free BETA or the Pro or Premium plan. 

We’ll discuss the pricing options available to help you decide which plan you want to choose. Currently, the Pro and Premium plans are at a heavily discounted price of $647 and $1447 per year annually.

However, the discount doesn’t apply to monthly plans. Officially, the annual fee is usually $1270 for the Pro plan and $5970 for the Premium plan.

You’ll find that each plan has differences in what you can do and how much you can do. To find out more about New Zenler pricing, head over to the section you want and we will cover what each plan has. 

What is New Zenler?

New Zenler is an online learning platform that is built around sales and marketing. Previously, the Old Zenler was a platform where you could focus on teaching your courses.

However, you would need to purchase additional tools to market your courses successfully.

To save money for their users, New Zenler was designed to contain additional marketing tools to save money and prevent more hassle for their users. 


The free BETA version for New Zenler is currently on an invite-only basis. New members must input their email addresses before registering for the trial.

Once they do, an email will be sent to them, giving more info about the BETA for New Zenler.

Once you access the BETA, you’ll find that you have access to several different features that will be accessible on the pro and premium plans. However, it has limited access as it allows you to try out New Zenler without the cost. 

However, you may not be aware that there is a 10% transaction fee that you will only see on the free BETA.

While they do include several of the same features, including third-party integrations and most course features, there are also some differences. 

You can build your own page using the page builder, adding SEO to your pages to ensure SERPs notice it. You can duplicate, publish, and unpublish pages if necessary.

Many BETA users still have access to marketing features, including email broadcasts, marketing funnels, and lead tools. You can even affiliate your site with partner programs if you want to.

Another feature of the free BETA plan is that you can have one site admin, one assistant, and one support rep. You will need to focus on SEO, but you’re unable to save and share custom blocks or include a blog in these features. 

Pro Plan

Before New Zenler is launched, it will cost $647 each year for founding members. However, you can also buy it at a monthly rate of $67 per month.

Unfortunately, with the monthly plan, you won’t be able to get the price cheaper. Instead, you’ll find that the yearly plan would normally cost $1270 per year after launch.

If you want to save half the price, you can do so by investing in an annual subscription before New Zenler officially launches. 

Pro Plan Exclusives

With New Zenler’s pro plan, marketing your course is made simpler. You’ll be able to access 25,000 leads generated for you to build your list. You can put your content through up to 100 different marketing funnels.

You can then direct these through your automated emails, which you can send up to 100,000 monthly. 

You can make up to 3 different sites for your courses and have access to 10 admins monitoring your sites. These admins may already administer your courses, or they might be an instructor.

However, you can have up to 20 instructors or course admins to help keep track of everything.

To increase your levels of assistance, you can also include 10 assistants who can help manage your site and have access to 10 different support reps for your course. 

Alongside your sites, you’ll find that you can include them with a custom domain so that everyone knows that your course is affiliated with them.

Premium Plan

Before New Zenler is officially launched, it offers an annual price of $1447 each year. However, if you were to get the monthly plan, it would cost $197 per month. You would not be able to save $4523 a year with this discount.

After launch, the Premium plan will go up to $5970 on an annual basis. To get the best results for your pricing, it is better to purchase the Premium plan before New Zendler launches officially.

Premium Plan Exclusives

With the Premium plan, you can easily promote your course online. You have access to unlimited leads, and you can send up to 500,000 automated emails per month.

These are all part of the unlimited marketing funnels that you have access to. You can also control up to 10 sites at a time, which you can edit however you like.

On these websites, you will find that you can customize each domain to fit your own needs and show that the site is yours. 

Along with your 10 websites, you’ll find that you have 20 site admins that you can hire to assist you with managing the site. As you write for your courses, you may find that you need assistance.

If so, you can hire up to 100 instructors or course admin to take the workload off your shoulders.

Alongside this, you have access to 50 assistants that you can hire to do different tasks to assist with your course structure. You can have up to 50 support reps if you need to offer course support. 

You’ll also find that you can access single sign-on authentication, enabling your students to sign on with one single set of credentials. You also have access to an API, which means you can include your course with your main website.

That way, more Premium businesses can utilize their courses via their main website. 

What Do Both Premium and Pro Plans Get?

What Do Both Premium and Pro Plans Get?

The Premium and Pro plans can be purchased without hidden transaction fees. Both plans have access to unlimited courses and students, so you can teach as many courses as you want with as many students as you want. 

You can host live classes and webinars, with an option for interactive webinars to keep your students engaged. Stream live from your own home, and ensure that all of your students have access to your lessons. 

If you want to tempt more students to your courses, you can apply advanced coupon settings to ensure that you can increase your numbers.

They can even access your own site, and you can edit it with page design blocks, which works brilliantly with WordPress. If you have experience with code, you’ll find that you can modify the back end with HTML and CSS code. 

You can challenge how much your students have learned with advanced quizzes and surveys. You could even use some of these surveys to gauge interest in your courses too.

At certain points in the course, you could even include assignments to ensure that your students are applying their learning. 

As a way to boost SEO and engage your students, you will have access to a blog where you can boost your online presence. That way, your course will get more publicity online and be more easily found on SERPs. 

Both Premium and Pro plans are eligible for priority support if anything goes wrong. That way, they can contact technical support if they have any issues with integrating their courses or if there are any issues with the automated email systems. 

Lastly, you can perform a bulk enrollment of a large number of students. If you want to bring them over from another course, you can also import and export them from the selected course.

Using a drip schedule, you can then ensure that they follow a specific schedule in your control. 

What are the Main Differences Between Pro and Premium?

By all accounts, Pro and Premium have more similarities than they do differences. However, you may notice that while both Pro and Premium have similarities, Premium has access to more assistance.

That means they can hire more people to help them run their site and their own learning platform.

They will also have more emails available to funnel and more leads. That way, Premium platforms have more access to marketing tools.

Unlike Pro, Premium also enables single sign-on and API, as it is more likely to be affiliated with a business or educational institution due to the price. 

Which Plan Should I Invest in?

If you’re uncertain of which plan to try, you should consider which one you can afford. As mentioned previously, the Premium plan appears to be more suitable for larger businesses and educational institutions.

Many independent businesses may struggle to afford the expensive price of $5970 per year. 

However, the Pro plan appears to be catered to independent course creators. Many professionals may want to showcase their skills and teach them, but might not be able to cater to such a wide audience as in the Premium plan.

However, they may still benefit from the marketing benefits of the Pro plan.

If you’re uncertain about using New Zenler, you could get a taste of it with the free BETA. Through the free BETA, you can test what running a course on New Zenler is like, but you won’t have as many marketing benefits.

You would also need to pay a 10% transaction fee. However, you could then see if you would prefer to upgrade to Pro or Premium before it officially starts.

How Does the Discount Work?

The heavily discounted prices are available for any founding members of New Zenler. If you’re interested in purchasing New Zenler before launch, it will mean that you will never have to pay the more expensive price.

Founding members are entitled to discounted prices indefinitely. Therefore, each year, Pro members will have to pay $647 each year, and Premium members will only have to pay $1447 per year.

The discount won’t become void in the second year of purchasing the course. 

You’ll find that with these costs even if you start with Pro, you could still access a Premium plan at the price of a founding member. The same can also be said if you would like to move from Premium to Pro. 

Does New Zenler Have a Money-Back Guarantee?

New Zenler has a 30-day money-back guarantee for both its Pro and Premium plans. Due to the free BETA being free, you’ll find that it doesn’t have one.

If you want to avoid paying any transaction fee for the free BETA, it’s better to get the pro and premium plan if you want to ensure you get your money back if you’re dissatisfied.

How to Cancel New Zenler

If you’re dissatisfied with New Zenler and would like to use a different host or change plans you can do so by going to your account and changing your billing information.

However, if that doesn’t work, you can email them at support@zenler.com for any assistance. Before your next payment is due, you’ll always receive a reminder email up to 24 hours prior if you need to change anything.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, New Zenler offers a brand new method of online courses and marketing. However, while it currently is available at the founding member’s price, it won’t stay like that.

If you want to try New Zenler out with the discount you should invest sooner. However, you may find that it’s better to invest sooner instead of later. 

Ideally, Pro plans are better suited for those who are beginning to offer online courses professionally. They are better designed to boost your popularity on SERPs, while Premium is better for larger organizations.