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Longest Duolingo Streak

Who Has The Longest Duolingo Streak

Have you ever wondered what the longest streak is? We have. Is it possible to get a streak for years?

The dedication to learning languages is tough, and if you are so dedicated to having a record-high streak, that is definitely something to brag about. But, what is the record high?

Well, the longest streak on the Duolingo app is 3,285 days long, by user christi3, which is just over 9 years long.

There have been many others who have accomplished this kind of world record Streak, making it into the Duolingo Streak Hall of Fame.

There are many lists of all the users who have managed to complete streaks of higher than 2555 days long. But there have been some even longer ones.

Do not take all of them so seriously though, not all streaks are 100% legitimate, as some of these streaks are bots simply because they have streaks longer than Duolingo has been around!

That being said, streaks are always going up, as time goes on. And we are going to show you just how you can find out who the most recent user is to have the highest ever duolingo streak.

How Can You Find Out Who Has The Longest Duolingo Streak?

You can try out the website named ‘Duome’ to find out who holds the current Duolingo app streak record. While the desktop site is not technically an official site, it is the best way anyone can keep track of the stats for Duolingo.

They regularly update their Hall of Fame for the people who have the most XP, who have the highest number of Golden Owls, and even those who have made it to level 25.

It is a great idea for those who are curious about Duolingo.

  • Duolingo is a language learning app with over 40 languages.
  • It offers a fun and gamified learning experience with bite-sized lessons.
  • Duolingo is cost-effective, with a free version and a paid version with additional features.
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What Do You Need To Learn A Language?

While Duolingo is a great way to learn languages or learn a language well requires you to do a bit more than just use Duolingo.

You may want to:

  • Paid classes such as iTalki Language.
  • Books: Learning from books can help you to learn more, and expand your vocabulary in formal or casual conversation.
  • Language planners: Always track your progress as well as your scheduled classes, set yourself goals, and organize study days for different aspects of a language.
  • Read a book in your goal language.

When Did Duolingo Streaks Come Out?

There is little information that will tell you when the Streak on Duolingo feature was brought out, there is little to no official history, nor was there ever any announcement of it. But, we know that the longest streak on Duolingo seems to go back to around 2012.

This does not mean that no one could have had a Streak before then though. So this is not a strict time frame.

Duolingo Streaks: How Do They Work?

Longest Streak on Duolingo

When you use Duolingo, your streak will record how many days in a row you complete tasks for language learning on the application or website.

As you complete tasks, or whatever your daily target is for your day. Your Streak will increase by that day. One day of a completed task simply equals a single Streak.

Your Streak is determined by you meeting your daily target for points. Each point will also be represented by XP as well.

You will also determine your daily target when you make your account. Duolingo will also give you the day’s Streak once you have accumulated your daily XP point target.

There are a series of different ways you can gain these points, this can make your learning experiences a bit more enjoyable as it will allow you to explore your options in the process, so you do not need to only gain points in a specific way.

You can read more information about Duolingo Streaks here.

Here are some of the ways in which you can earn points:

  • Individual lessons can accumulate 10 XP each.
  • Duolingo events.
  • Checkpoint quizzes 50 XP
  • Skill Test-outs 20 XP.
  • Practicing 10 XP.
  • Skill practicing equals 10 XP for the first practice, 5 XP for the second practice, and 0 XP for successive practices.
  • Duolingo stories.
  • Placement tests 100 XP.
  • Ramp Up equals 40 XP.

It is up to you to set your target for daily XP, you will need to set this up when you create your Duolingo account.

There are several standard targets you can choose from:

  • 10 XP is casual.
  • 20 XP is standard.
  • 30 XP is serious.
  • 50 XP is serious.

Should you want to change your daily target, either in order to increase or lower it you can go onto your profile by tapping on the face icon, tap on your settings, edit your daily goal, and then increase or decrease your target depending on your desires.

You have to meet whatever your daily goal is to achieve the Streak. It will help you to maintain it by reminding you to practice or learn.


One of the many interesting things about the Streak freeze feature is that you are only able to purchase them from Lingots you have gained.

How many Lingots you manage to acquire will depend on the number of points you have earned through the completion of skills.

Having this dependency will ensure that you maintain your commitment to completing each of your tasks daily.

You can earn Lingots by:

  • Reaching your daily goal for XP.
  • Reaching your next level of XP.
  • Reaching your daily goal for XP.
  • Completing your skills for the first time.
  • Inviting friends to Duolingo.
  • Keeping a streak going. Increasing your lingot count every 10 days you complete your streak.

Streak Freeze

Speaking of streak freeze, when you are unable to use Duolingo, perhaps if you have no Wi-Fi, or so on, but you are determined not to lose your Streak, you can Streak Freeze. But, you will need to gain the Streak Freeze before this day.

When you end up missing a day, the Freeze feature will activate to save your Streak and allow you time off with no problems.

Do note that even though you do not lose your Streak, you won’t gain a Streak day from it either.

This is just an item you can access from the Lingot Store, you just go to their ‘shop’ tab and purchase your Streak freeze. You can only buy 1 to 2 Streak freezes at any one time.

Losing Your Streak

You can earn your streak and preserve it, but you can also lose your Streak as well.

There are a few ways this can happen:

  • If you miss your lesson for 1 or 2 days (without a Streak freeze being used).
  • Not meeting your target for daily XP goal.
  • Your XP is not recorded because you had any Wi-Fi or internet connection issues.

If any of these occur, your Streak will go back to 1.

If your XP was not recorded due to a fault on Duolingo’s end, they have brought in ways you can preserve your streak still

They use a feature known as the ‘Big Red Button’. Which will suspend actions on the application further, and inform you of this, and they will work to restore its functioning. Once this is done, your streak will be restored, if they were broken.

The Highest Streak On Duolingo

Duolingo does not actually supply any public records about who the longest streak belongs to. You can only rely on the records available on social media, or any other website to try to gain access to this type of data.

The streak which is highest on Duolingo that we have managed to find so far via the most thorough research is from a user named Christi with a 3408 score on 11th May 2022. It goes back to almost 10 years.

The Longest Streak Of 2022

We have got a compilation of the various, longest Streak on Duolingo that have been found on the public domain, which we mentioned earlier ‘

Here are some found via public domain as of May 2022:

  • Christi: 3408 days (or more).
  • SarkaB: 3408 days (or more).
  • John Arnold: 3404 days (or more).
  • Dee: 3403 days (or more).
  • Jeline: 3402 days (or more).
  • Danny Garcia: 3389 days (or more).
  • David Bohardt: 3385 days (or more).
  • Kenny Tran: 3377 days (or more).
  • JaySilverman: 3369 days (or more).
  • Centime: 3364 days (or more).

Guinness World Record Duolingo Streak

You might think that having a long streak on Duolingo can get you entry into Guinness World Records lists or books. However, it is not yet an entry, but maybe it is not yet quite considered to be a feat worth noting in society today.

However, with the dedication, learning language skills, and commitment that is required for you to build and maintain a Streak, you might actually be able to make a solid case to enter into the Guinness World Record book.

If you wanted to try it out, you could try it out this way:

  • Set up an account on the Guinness World Records website.
  • Click an activation link from the email after setting up your account.
  • Find ‘Search for Record’ on the page that opens from the link.
  • Enter the phrase “Duolingo Streak” And click to search.
  • Results will come up, but the Duolingo Streak will not be present.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click to “Apply for new record title”
  • Follow the appropriate steps and suggest ‘Duolingo Streak’ as the title and complete.

Do not forget that putting in this application does cost money to do. With an average of $5 per application.

The Guinness World Record would be the easiest way to know who has the highest streak of all time, but the streak is only a tiny amount of the entire service.

Unlike many wider and more easily measured statistics such as Duolingo’s numbers of users.

However, there is not even a feature on Duolingo itself that tracks this feature.

Getting information about the highest Streak will only be obtained via submissions from users onto sites. So, the best anyone can do is to look at submissions on online forums, sites, and so on.

  • Duolingo is a language learning app with over 40 languages.
  • It offers a fun and gamified learning experience with bite-sized lessons.
  • Duolingo is cost-effective, with a free version and a paid version with additional features.
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Can I View My Longest Duolingo Streak

Longest Duolingo Streak

Snapchat allows you to have multiple streaks, and sadly Duolingo is not like this. Duolingo only lets you have a single Duolingo Streak. This streak will only measure how consistent you are in finishing tasks.

In order to see your Streak you need to log into your Duolingo and find the icon which looks like flames or a fire, this will have your streak number written next to it at the top of your screen on the right.

You can click on this icon to see further information such as how many points you have earned, or your XP, and so on.

What Rewards Do You Get For 10,100 And 1,000 Days?

We have to wonder if you get rewards for the streak. The system of rewards for Duolingo Stress will work in multiples of 10, so this means 100, 1000, and so on.

You will not gain a reward just for reaching 1000+ days streak specifically though. However, we have found some information on how the rewards work, overall.

Should you gain a streak of around 10 days, you can get a single lingot.

If you get a streak for 100 days you will get 10 lingots overall.

If you get 1000 days, you get 100 lingots.

These lingots are very valuable for avid Duolingo users, as we mentioned earlier, as you can use them to purchase items such as outfits, or even the Streak Freeze that we mentioned before.

What Is The Duolingo Streak Society?

There are exclusive clubs for just about everything, even Duolingo streak. There is, indeed, a Duolingo Streak Society, which is said to be the most exclusive club for Duolingo.

It was first launched, only available to people who had a streak over a year/ 365 days or higher, and to be a member you needed to hit your XP daily goal each day for at least an entire year.

That being said, with its new system in place which has a tiered system.

There is no strict way of telling what the three tiers are, but from what we know there are generally 3 tiers overall.

The first is 50 to 60 days.

The second is around 150 to 200 days.

And their final tier is said to be 365 days/ a year.

If you want to view your Streak Society membership, then you should just head over to your profile page and swipe to see what your streak counter is.

When it launched first, this Society was officially all about being sophisticated and having class. Back then, if you hit 265 days, the counter would go dark with some spotlights behind it, but it is golden and glamorous.

If you tap the counter you get a pop-up that tells you all about your membership, and you can just then share it, letting everyone in your life know how seriously dedicated you are to learning a language.

When you are in this society you do get some perks. It was not always this way, in fact, you did not really get much out of being a part of it.

However now, you can get a new app icon, 3 extra streak freezes, a VIP status, as well as wildfire.

Wildfire is only exactly anything to do with being in Streak Society, but it happens if you hit a 365-day streak.

Maximum Streak

So, is there a limit to all this? Is there a limit on the Streak you can get? There is not. It is just a daily reward you are able to get by hitting your target on the applications.

So, as long as you always hit your targets consistently, the streak will increase. If you started using Duolingo at age 5 (although unlikely) and continued until you were 95, you could end up with a 90-year Duolingo Streak.

Obviously, losing your streak would be a worry if you had such an impressive streak as some of these others previously mentioned, as you would have to start from the bottom again, but that is why Streak Freeze is a thing.

  • Duolingo is a language learning app with over 40 languages.
  • It offers a fun and gamified learning experience with bite-sized lessons.
  • Duolingo is cost-effective, with a free version and a paid version with additional features.
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To Conclude

The longest ever Duolingo’s streak in existence had been just under 10 years (as of this moment). There may be longer ones, but these are not necessarily true or real.

There is no Guinness World Record for this achievement, however, so how to tell who has the longest streak really does take a fair bit of digging.

But, if you are willing to do this digging, you will generally find a lot of bots and some genuine achievements around the 9-year mark.

If you want to get rewards for your streak, consider joining the streak society, and getting bragging rights, and some epic perks when you reach 365 days!

It’s not for everyone, but if you are enthusiastic about learning languages, why not join? It could be fun!

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