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Mastermind Group - how to make your own

How To Start A Successful Mastermind Group

If you need a dose of motivation and mentoring, consider starting a mastermind group.

This is a group of individuals who support and learn from each other. Its purpose is to help you succeed and reach your goals by creating an environment with peer support.

The mastermind group concept is unique because you meet people in the same career stage. They are sometimes known as peer advisory boards because members serve as advisors for each other.

With Mastermind groups, deciding which one to join or who you can invite set the tone for years to come. However, there are certain factors to consider when starting a mastermind group.

This article looks at how you can start a mastermind group and tips on running a successful Mastermind.

What exactly are mastermind groups?

Motivation from group memebrs

A mastermind group uses peer mentoring to help you meet your goals. It is a peer-to-peer mentoring model where you connect with people who motivate you to reach your goals.

In the best Mastermind groups, you will find exceptional and highly-motivated leaders who solve problems together, share advice, and push each other to achieve massive success,

In a mastermind group, you attend regular meetings and brainstorm ways to solve problems and become successful. The meetings can be virtual or in-person, each type with unique benefits. In-person meetings make it easier to network as people are more engaged. It makes it easy to create tangible connections with others.

Many Mastermind groups meet online using an interactive video platform such as Zoom. Some groups use a teleconference system to dial in from your cell phone.

The online meetings easily fit into your schedule, allowing Mastermind members to meet many times per month. Therefore, expect the group to meet regularly, once a week. Most Mastermind meetings last for an hour.

Examples of successful masterminds

There are many examples of successful Mastermind groups all over the world.

Here are some notable examples:


Growthmenthor mastarmind group

This is a place for small groups to come together and help each other grow in a specific area they all have in common.

The group comprises entrepreneurs and marketers who want to interact with others in a similar situation and make meaningful business relationships.

It is a great way to get your business-related questions and issues sorted out with the help of an expert. The invite-only startup has marketing mentors with proven experience in their respective fields.

Business Network International

This is one of the largest and most accessible Mastermind groups, with over 250,000 members globally. You hold interactions on social media and in person at local chapters.

The group holds regular meetings to discuss business incentives and goals. Members support each other’s brands by sharing referrals for optimal growth, visibility, and expansion.

The referral marketing program helps business owners to increase their businesses and develop long-term relationships with other owners.

Entrepreneurs organization

EO mastermind group

It is one of the most well-known Mastermind brands and the best organizations to join if you’re an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs organization is an international network with members from nearly every major city.

It offers many benefits to its members, including networking and sharing of skills. Discussions in this Mastermind group covers business, life, and balancing the two.

They have a membership cost that is minimal compared to other groups.


This Mastermind group offers the complete digital Mastermind.

It mostly targets the digital entrepreneurs who share knowledge and empower each other. Members pay a fee to join and participate in regular discussions.

Benefits of masterminds groups

There are many benefits of starting a mastermind group. These benefits depend on the purpose of the group and the members available.

Sharing skills

benefits of mastermind group

The mastermind group is a great place to share skills with your peers. Most people in a mastermind group have experience in a certain area and have already faced the challenge you’re facing.

They can give you advice on how to navigate your career. The group typically allows members to discuss top challenges in their business regularly. You can solve the problem and get ahead of situations through this discussion.

Getting new ideas and insights

Your Mastermind group can help in generating ideas when you need to brainstorm. Each member will bring a unique perspective to a problem based on experiences.

This diversity in a mastermind group enables you to explore different angles you might otherwise miss. Hence it can help push your business to the next level with new ideas and insights.


Another major benefit of starting a mastermind group is accountability. It will help you take responsibility for yourself and your choices.

Members in a mastermind group hold one another accountable, reviewing their work and helping them make the most out of business opportunities.

When you have a group of people holding you accountable, you’re likely to make excellent decisions and work hard to grow your career. Having this accountability can help you reach your goals


make important connections through networking

You can make important connections within a mastermind group through networking.

Networking is crucial to career growth, and a mastermind group is perfect for starting. You will create new opportunities by growing your network since you have access to people who otherwise would not have access.

Use this group to forge relationships with people who might help you out in the future. Start by sharing your contacts during your Mastermind sessions, and you’ll find members who are open to doing the same for you. You can improve your business by thinking bigger and getting ahead of your competition.

They help make timely decisions.

Your Mastermind group is valuable when you need to make a timely decision. Members in the group will bring up different issues, and you help them with advice and solutions.

You can get advice on anything, such as a new goal or investment. A mastermind group should help you focus on the big picture of your business and career.

How to organize your mastermind group?

There are several ways you can organize a mastermind group.

These tools can make Mastermind a lot easier if you use them efficiently.

Social media group

How to organize your mastermind group

You can connect with your fellow Mastermind attendees on social media and get to know each other outside the group.

For example, Facebook groups can serve as a mastermind group to post discussions that are easy to scroll through. The social media platform serves as a nice complement to any chat app.


You can send emails to group members inviting them to the mastermind group. For example, Google Communities (see also ‘Are Google Certificates Worth It?‘) is a place to create your private Mastermind community.

You can use it to conduct conversations and weekly Hangouts where you share documents and folders to help guide the group and keep it organized.


When running a forum, the first thing is to recruit the right people. Make sure you have shared interests, and you’re in a group with people in the same growing area. Use the mastermind forum to discuss how the group will benefit members.

Slack groups

You can use slack to organize your mastermind group. Running a group through this platform again keeps them extremely organized and don’t ask. It also allows easy sharing of documents in one place for an effective Mastermind group.

How to attract the knowledgeable public to your Mastermind?

How to attract the knowledgeable public to your Mastermind?

The best thing about Mastermind groups is the flexibility in choosing members.

You can invite the most talented and relevant people to join your Mastermind membership regardless of their location. This flexibility to choose members who fit your group reaps the advantages of collaboration.

Consider certain aspects once you’re ready to invite people to join your mastermind group.

Your Mastermind group should have a balance. For instance, if you’re creating a group of online business people, don’t just put a lot of bloggers together.

Be clear about the purpose of your group. Prospective members will want to know if the group purpose matches what they need in their personal and professional lives.

Explain the benefits of the mastermind group, what topics will be covered, and what outcomes people can expect from joining. Have well-thought and written answers to these basic questions because prospective members ask them. If possible, have a page on your website that answers these questions.

In your Mastermind group, determine the logistics, such as how often you will meet, where you will meet, and for how long. Tell your prospective members how many will be in the group end the fees if you’re charging your Mastermind group.

Also, be clear about the commitment because your group relies upon showing and participating. You should be ready to take on challenges, such as advising to help the group grow.

Once you have gathered this information, share it with your prospective members and invite them to join your group. If you have a list of hand-selected people, call them and invite them to the group.

Mastermind groups are all about personal relationships so try to connect with each one with an approachable conversation. You can meet them and discuss your group over lunch or dinner.

If you haven’t selected your prospective members, use an introductory email to your list or social media. People rarely decide to join a mastermind group immediately. Hence approach them early and follow up with an email and a link to your website.

Plan for at least a 3-month marketing cycle to get your material together and allow everyone to join.

7 Best Niches for a new mastermind group

Niche mastermind groups are highly popular, providing a way to sift through the endless content stream.

Home Care

Home care for senior citizens

Here are some of the best niches for a new Mastermind group.

With the home care business growing exponentially, consider starting a HomeCare Mastermind group. This industry has many regulations to meet.

Starting a mastermind group is the best way to stay up-to-date with all the changes and innovations. You can learn how technology will help business owners and end-users achieve their goals.


The cryptocurrency industry has become huge and successful within a short time. Companies are starting up and specializing in this niche with courses and training available to work using cryptocurrency.

Starting a Cryptocurrency mastermind group is needed if you’re serious about joining the industry.


This is a niche that requires like-minded individuals to share ideas and network. You can learn how to run a successful portrait studio if you have access to knowledge from other individuals.

Every tip, trick, and shortcut that made the photographs and client look amazing can help you run a successful photography studio. You can find valuable information based on other people’s experiences in the industry.


yoga niche business

Link up with people interested in the yoga business. Yoga Mastermind group can help you create and generate income by growing the skills of the YHC and YBC members.

If you want to keep developing and generating leads to your niche, connecting with like-minded people can push you to the next level.


Clothes e-commerce

In an e-commerce Mastermind group, you can discuss various topics such as increasing sales and reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.

You can learn what ups in the industry are doing by sharing ideas and networking. If you interact with the right people, you will get helpful insights to give customers what they want.


The wedding industry is lucrative and highly competitive. Starting a wedding mastermind group can help you get advice on what’s working from other people in the wedding industry.

It can be the difference between a successful and a flat-lining business.


Every industry faces change and disruption on a scale never seen before, making it important to participate in peer-to-peer support groups. The only way to adapt to change and keep up with the rapidly changing industry.

Starting a lawyer Mastermind group can help you keep up with the changing landscape. You can learn new and innovative ways to market your services from these groups.


There has never been a better time to start a mastermind group. Some people may feel skeptical about a mastermind group or intimidated to do something new.

However, there are many benefits of starting or joining a mastermind group. In most cases, the mastermind group comprises like-minded people who advise and support to help solve specific problems.

Two heads are always better than one, which is the concept behind a mastermind group.


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