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How To Leave A Discord Server

How to leave a discord server

Discord is an incredibly handy platform that allows people to easily communicate and chat about their shared interests.

However admittedly, it does have a lot of features dotted around the interface which can sometimes make it difficult to navigate if you’re new to the platform. 

While joining a discord server is easy enough, simply requiring you to type the name of the server in the search bar, or by scrolling through the many categories to find a discord server that interests you, leaving can sometimes be a little less obvious. 

So that you don’t get stuck in a discord server for hours on end when you feel you’ve said all that you want to.

Here is a full breakdown of how to leave a discord server for each device so that you can make a quick and easy exit when you need to in the future. 

How to leave a Discord server on a desktop

Leaving a discord server is a little different on mobile than if you’re using a computer or desktop app, so it’s always worth knowing exactly what menus and options you need to scroll through for each to avoid getting lost on once you’re in the server. 

Here is how to easily leave a discord server when using a desktop:

Step 1 – Open Discord

You will first need to open up the Discord app, this can be done on both Windows computers or a MAC. 

Step 2 – Navigate to the server 

To the left of the screen will be a sidebar. Click on this and you will be presented with a list of servers that you are a part of. Click on the discord server that you intend to leave. 

Step 3 – ‘Leave server’ 

Once selected, click on the name of the particular server which will be towards the top-left corner of the screen. A small menu will open giving you a few options including inviting people to the server or changing the server settings.

At the very bottom of this small menu click “Leave server” button, click on this and you will be out of the server for good and the server will be permanently removed from your left sidebar. 

How to leave a Discord server on the mobile app

If you are using the Discord app on your phone, there are a few different menus and icons you will need to press in order to leave server, however the goods news is that it’s just as easy and can be done in just a few taps. 

Here is how you can leave a Discord server when using the mobile app:

Step 1 – Open the Discord app

Open the app so that it takes you to the main interface. This can be installed on iPhone and Android devices and will work exactly the same for both. 

Step 2 – Swipe right and select server 

Swipe right to open the left sidebar with a list of your active servers and tap on the one you wish to leave. At the very top to the right of the name will be three dots, tap on this and you will be a shown a small menu.

Step 3 – ‘Leave server’

This new menu gives you several options including the ability to mute the server, change the notification and select server settings or change your nickname in the chat.

However the option you’ll want to look for is ‘Leave server’ near the bottom right above ‘Copy ID’. 

Tap on this and you will immediately be removed from the server which will also no longer appear on your sidebar to the left of the screen. 

How to leave your own server

If you are the host of private servers that you want to leave, this can be a little trickier as you won’t be able to leave the server the normal way since the ‘Leave server’ option will not appear as it would normally. 

There are two options you have here to get out of a server that you own, the one is you can click delete server.

However since this will get rid of the chat for everyone involved, this can often not be the best option and can end up annoying a lot of the existing members. 

The much better option is to transfer ownership, this will ensure the server continues even when you’re gone and will grant the new host all the features and functionalities that you once had. 

Before transferring the server ownership, make sure the new host is someone you know will be trustworthy.

Especially if you have a lot of people as some might not want to take on the responsibilities while others might cause more harm than good, so always be mindful of who you choose. 

To begin transferring ownership, you will first need to find the server in the sidebar to the left. Proceed by clicking on the server menu button which will be the downard arrow next to your name.

Once you click this, a drop down menu will appear with a few options, click on ‘Server settings’ which will be the second option down.

From here, you will be able to customize a few features about the server, however the option you will want to click on is ‘Members’ which will be at the top of the ‘User management’ tab near the bottom of the menu. 

Under the ‘Server members’ option you see a list of everyone who occupies the server, simply find the user you want to take control over the server and click on the three dots near the top right of their name. 

Click on ‘Transfer ownership’ at the very bottom of this new drop-down menu and the server will have been successfully transferred to another user, allowing you to either stay as a member, or leave if you wish. 

Will people see if you leave a server?

Will people see if you leave a server?

Unfrounately, you cannot leave a Discord server without the other members knowing because as soon as you leave, your name will automatically disappear from the members list.

Members won’t necessarily be notified that you have left, however if they manually look at the members list then they will be able to tell. 

This isn’t as much of a problem if you’re in a server with a huge amount of people as many will leave and join all the time, so you won’t have to worry as much about disappearing out of nowhere as this happens very often on Discord. 

Another thing to note is that while Discord will not automatically notify members that someone has left, if the administrator of the server has assigned a bot then they can do this instead. 

Can you rejoin a server after you leave?

The good news is that if you leave a Discord server, you won’t be banned and can rejoin at anytime as long as you have an invite.

You will therefore need an invite from the server owner in order to join back, the easiest way to get this invitation is to message the server owner personally and let them know that you want to join back. 

If you find that you’re struggling to rejoin a server, it might be possible that there are limits included by the server admin or by the platform itself that are preventing you from joining back.

It should also be noted that you cannot join a server if you have been banned and will either need to be un-banned or make a new account. 

Additionally, most Discord users are only able to join up to 100 servers at a time, so if you are having trouble re-joining, just double-check the side bar to make sure you still have enough space to join back. 

Another reason you might be struggling to re-join could be that the invite from the user has expired.

You will be able to tell if this is the case because a small message will pop up telling you that the link no longer works and that you will need to ask for a new one from the admin. 

Reasons to leave a Discord server

Sometimes, it can be a little tricky to know when the best time is to actually leave a server.

If you’re enjoying the interactions and having a lot of fun with other members, then there’s no need to want to leave.

However there can be some clear signs that it might be better for you to abandon a server when you aren’t getting as much out of the experience as you would like. 

One of the most common reasons people will leave is after having a bad interaction with a server member.

While this can of course be resolved, if a person is continuously testing your patience in the server then it can be worthwhile either getting in touch with the admin, or leaving entirely if the negative interactions continue for an extended period. 

An even bigger sign that it might be time to leave a server is if you have a bad experience with the admin themselves.

Since they are the hosts of the server, the admins controls how the server will operate and are able to keep a close eye on what each member is saying, especially if they have bots. 

If you’re unhappy with the way the admin is running a server and have failed to get trough to them after contacting them personally, then it can be a good idea to leave altogether. 

Another major reason many people will abandon a server is when there are continuous notifications and pings that can get a little annoying when they go off constantly.

Since many users will have up to 100 servers active at a time, if one server that you aren’t too involved in keeps buzzing and causing you a distraction, it can be a good idea to abandon it. 

Can you mute a Discord server?

If you just want to stop seeing endless notifications popping up for a server rather than leaving it entirely.

Luckily muting it can be done easily and is always worth doing to prevent any more pop-ups when you’re finding them a little annoying. 

To mute a server, you will first need to click on the ‘Notification settings’ tab which can be found after clicking on the server name where it will be an option from the drop down menu.

The first option that pops up will be ‘Mute (server name)’ with a slide toggle next to it. Click on this and it will mute the server entirely, stopping any notifications from appearing until you un-mute it again. 

Another easy way to mute a server is by right clicking on the server icon from your server list to the left. A drop down menu will appear with a ‘Mute server’ option near the top.

When hovering over this, you will have the option to choose how long you want the server to be muted which can be from 15 minutes to 24 hours, or you can choose to mute the server permanently until you decide otherwise. 

Along with muting a specific server, you can also mute any channels that might be blowing up your notifications. To do this, simply select the channel and there will be a bell icon in the top right corner.

Click on this and the icon will change, letting you know any notifications from the channel have been blocked until you click on the icon again. 


Whether you don’t have enough space to fit in another server, or if you just want to stop all the notifications from appearing on your main screen, the good news is that leaving a Discord server is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few clicks. 

Remember to leave any servers that you are inactive in regularly so that you don’t clutter up your sidebar with servers that you may not want to be a part of anymore and can fill up some space for new ones. 


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