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How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On LinkedIn?

How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On LinkedIn?

As the self-proclaimed “largest professional network” in the world, LinkedIn is a highly proficient resource for both prospective employers and job seekers.

With numerous options available, and evolving algorithms, it can be slightly confusing to ascertain how much it will cost to post a role on LinkedIn.

Fortunately, we have you listed all the information you need to know in order to assess your options prior to posting a job on Linkedin. 

Why Should I Post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn boasts over 810 million users. These users are located in over 200 countries across the globe. The platform is widely used by job seekers and prospective employers alike.

According to the company, over 58 million businesses have been listed on the platform, although this number does include a number of auto-generated pages.

On these specific pages, users can reference a company that hasn’t yet created its own page.

Free Job Posts on LinkedIn

Employers are able to post job openings for free on LinkedIn. However, you should be aware that you can only have one free job post open at any given time.

If you have numerous job openings open at the same time, you will need to pay.

All free job posts will be displayed in search results. However it is important to note that, over a period of time, the rankings of these posts will slip down. 

How To Promote Job Posts on LinkedIn

If you are looking to get more traffic directly to your job post, or you wish to post a number of jobs at a time, you can pay to promote your job post on LinkedIn. The cost of promoting your job post will be determined via a pay-per-click scale.

While employers can set a daily budget for their promoted job post, the specific price for a single day’s promotion is based on the number of clicks that a post receives.

But don’t panic — LinkedIn will not charge over 50% of your daily budget during one day and it also will not charge you more than your overall budget.

For example, if you set a 30-day campaign with a daily budget of $10, you will not be charged over $15 per day or more than your total budget for 30 days of promotion.

If a single day costs over the daily budget, other daily budgets will be automatically reduced over the promotion period. The promoted job post will continue to receive  applications until the total budget has been reached.

LinkedIn has also stated that promoted job posts receive three times more qualified candidates than posts that are not promoted.

This is because promoted posts target a specific audience, ensuring that the job is seen by relevant and highly qualified candidates. The higher you set your daily budget, the better your experience of hiring will be. 

Once your daily budget has been reached, LinkedIn removes the job post from an active marketing campaign and it will remain visible as a free job post.

In this sense, it will remain searchable but not promoted to relevant candidates. Your daily budget will refresh each day.

How Does LinkedIn Calculate the Cost-Per-Click?

LinkedIn calculates the cost of each click by using an algorithm that focuses on the job location and the amount of competing job posts that have been created within that specific market.

The cost-per-click can fluctuate depending on the market itself and the amount of activity for similar posts on that day. 

You will be able to calculate the cost of each click by dividing your total expenditure for the day by the amount of views that the job post received.

This information will be accessible to you by clicking on the “Manage” tab that is situated on the post itself. You can also receive a 35% discount if you decide to purchase a job post promotion in advance.

When Will I Be Charged for a Promoted Post?

The billing cycle usually begins on the day that you have created the promoted post and these charges will accrue on a daily basis. Then, you will be billed for your balance after 30 days if the post remains active.

If you have closed the listing prior to reaching its culmination, you will be charged approximately 48 hours after you have closed your job, or when you have hit a $500 balance.

How Do I Monitor the Cost of A Promoted Job Post?

You will be able to monitor your expenditure at any given time from your account. If you decide to adjust the total budget for your job post, then you can do this by simply clicking on the “Jobs” icon that is located at the top of the home page.

Then, you can click “Manage Job Posts,” before clicking the three-dots next to the job post and finally clicking “Manage Job”. 

Why Should I Pay for a Promoted Job Post on LinkedIn?

Promoted job posts will be displayed at the top of search results alongside a “promoted” tag, which ensures that more candidates looking to take that next step in their career will be able to view them.

Additionally, there are numerous other benefits to paying to promote a job post on LinkedIn. These include the following:

  • Well qualified candidates with a great resume will be able to see promoted job posts in the “Based on Your Profile” field whenever they visit LinkedIn.
  • Promoted posts will be instantly recommended to relevant and qualified candidates via mobile notifications. Mobile notifications can drastically help employers (see also ‘How Long Does It Take To Complete OSHA 30 Online?‘) to reach five times more applicants than simply posting a free job post.
  • LinkedIn uses a matching algorithm in order to send you notifications whenever a candidate who distinctly matches the criteria applies for the job.
  • You will be able to invite applicants to answer specific questions through a two-minute video submission in order to assess their communication skills prior to moving on to the interview stage. This will save you vast amounts of time and energy.


To conclude, you can post one job on Linkedin for free at any given time. However, if you want to post more than one role at any given time, you will need to make payment to do so.

You can also pay to promote your job post on Linkedin, and this is undoubtedly the best way of targeting relevant and highly qualified candidates that match the job criteria perfectly.

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