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Dominique Ansel Masterclass Review (2023)

In this video, Dominique Ansel, founder of the world-renowned pastry chef in New York City, teaches us how to make the world’s best cronut . . . and the best chocolate cake filling. . . and the best of everything! 

Chef Dominique Ansel is one of the most renowned figures in the world of food.

In 2018 he opened the New York City bakery that has become a must-visit destination, and in 2019 New York magazine named him one of the city’s best new restaurants. Read the complete Dominique Ansel Masterclass review to learn more.

Who Is Dominique Ansel?

Dominique Ansel is a food blogger, cookbook author, and the owner of the popular New York City bakery Bouchon Bakery.

His book, “The Essentials of Classic Cuisine,” is the first of its kind to be completely dedicated to the art of classic French pastry fundamentals cooking.

Ansel is a New York-based French-born bakery, restaurant, and patisserie that specializes in desserts, including the famous Cronut.

He is known across the world for incredible baking and masterclass classes in New York and his signature dishes which bring jobs to many. 

He is also known for his creativity and innovative mind when it comes to baking which has definitely changed the baking industry to become more modern and out there. 

The Masterclass 

The masterclass is definitely good for getting to know the fundamentals of baking and perfecting them to the best standard you can.

He believes that the fundamentals of baking are the best way of creating something amazing because if the chocolate cake base isn’t great, nothing will be. 

Not only does he teach the fundamentals, but also how to be creative in your work and how you can try and make it your own.

This is what he is all about and attempts to pass on his innovative knowledge to others in a new era of baking. 

There are many different recipes that he covers in his classes with each one inspiring something new and creative which is why his classes are so popular. 

What Are The Main Theme Focuses?

His classes follow different themes which help shape them well to suit his teaching style. He focuses mainly on following the steps carefully and listening well to the information he is giving.

He is also very focused on calmness within the session; keeping your calm will always make sure the outcome of the baking will be better because you have been less panicked and calmer in your approach. 

Preciseness is something he reiterates plenty of times in his classes because your work and listening skills need to be precise.

Obviously, creativity is widely spoken about and performed in these classes and he hopes to inspire your work to be more creative too. 

It can be difficult to teach creativity because you need to have some of that already inside of you, but bringing it out of people is what he does best.

Inspiration is also something his classes use heavily because, in baking, this is what is most important. Taking inspiration from others and using it to make your creations better is important. 


Dominique Ansel Masterclass

You will also receive workbooks that will help you recreate all of these recipes you will see in the classes in your own home.

This is an added extra to either help you get started or help you get more creative with your own dishes after class. 

It outlines what you must do with each recipe for you to be successful.

It also allows you to learn more about each dish and the history of the pastry cream as well which is not something you will always receive with these types of classes.

It will expand your knowledge about ingredients which you might not have done before. 

What Can Be Taken Away?

These specific classes are for people who like this way of teaching and love the themes he focuses on in this section.

It must be important for any of the students taking these classes to bond with them and actually learn the way he intends them to. 

Using his methodology and practical tips, these classes will help every person show some flair in their own work at home with their pastry, and ignite a fire with their creativity which they might have just needed to bring out of them. 

Did Dominique Ansel Attend Culinary School?

There was actually a free culinary school where he lived which was perfect for him. He enrolled in their apprenticeship program, first as a savory cook and then as a pastry cook. 

He first loved the precision which was involved in more creative baking which is what appealed to him most in school.

From that day on, he knew he had found his passion for baking and the type of baking he wanted to pursue. 

What Are The Best Bits?

One of the best aspects is actually the price in comparison to other similar classes. It is only $90 a year and you will have access to his online classes but not completely full access.

The workbooks are also given to help you start baking in your own home.  

If you want full access to everything online that you could possibly get, you will be paying $180. There is a wide range of courses which are available to you, with more than 50 to choose from.

Therefore, you will definitely be getting value for money in terms of content and learning lots of new different recipes. 

Does Dominique Ansel Have A Michelin star?

It’s been a couple of years since Dominique Ansel opened his first bakery, but his influence in the world of baking can still be felt.

However, he’s been known to get some criticism, so let’s take a look at whether the man has actually earned a Michelin star. Yes, he has three Michelin stars and a four-star review from the New York times. 


The James Beard Award is an American awards program that recognizes and honors excellence in American cooking and cooking literature.

The James Beard Foundation Awards are the highest honors in American culinary arts. Winners are selected by a panel of culinary professionals and media which is one he won for his creativity and innovation. 


Overall, if you’re someone who is looking to either start their baking journey and want to try classes that are more modern and creative, this could be the perfect class for you.

It is pastry-based, and most people think this will just be basic, but it has over 50 different recipes to try and perfect. 

This type of class offers different levels of access as well which gives you more choice in how much you’re willing to pay and for what.

If this guide has made you more intrigued by this class, get on there and start your classes now. It all depends on what you are looking for and the teaching style you prefer to learn and listen to. 

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some good information about this masterclass and you can always check reviews on these master classes for extra information.