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Martin Barrett
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15 Best Masterclass Baking Courses You Can Try Today

15 Best Masterclass Baking Courses You Can Try Today

Baking is an art like no other, with so many people practicing so many different baking techniques, it is hard to know where to start.

If you are a newbie or you have some experience with baking, you might be tearing your hair out trying to find the right course for you.

That’s where online courses are amazing. Not only will they allow you to go at your own pace and fit your course around your busy work schedule, but you can also pick from some of the best instructors in the world – we’re talking literally about the best master baker here!

So, what are the best baking courses that you can sign up for today and learn who has the James beard award-winning streak? Well, we’ve scoured the internet and come up with some of the very best masterclasses for bakers around the world.

So, get that apron on, and let’s get rolling!

15 Best Masterclass Baking Courses

1. Dominique Ansel teaches French Pastry Fundamentals (MasterClass course)

This course is great for anyone of any level of baking. This baking master will teach you some radical new time-tested techniques as well as some basics that most people overlook.

You will be able to transfer baking skills and advanced techniques from one dish to another… in less than 4 hours.

This course comes with amazing videos that will break down traditional French pastry dishes. You’ll even be able to wrestle with more complex dishes such as croissants and tarts.

Get stuck into these 17 video lessons and put yourself ahead of the competition!

2. Apollonia Poilâne teaches Bread Baking (MasterClass course)

Apollonia Poilane is the owner of one of the world’s best bakeries and she wants to teach you some of her secrets.

This will teach you some lessons and a precise technique that you never would have thought possible, including using stale bread as an ingredient.

This will help you rely on your senses to make this product. It is great for anyone who might own a bakery already that wants to put themselves head and shoulders above all the other bakeries in town. This course is affordable and easy to understand.

3. Bake Artisan Sourdough Bread Like a Professional (Udemy course)

Making sourdough is one of the hardest things to do in baking (we all tried to master it in lockdown), so having a course like this will really help you get the basics right.

This is an affordable course that comes with 3 hours of on-demand video and 35 downloadable course materials.

This will help you to understand the fermentation process, as well as hydration and other stages of the sourdough process. This will also help you bake sourdough in a way that will make it more digestible to people who have gluten intolerances.

4. Become a Great Baker #1: Mastering the Tarte Tatin (Udemy Course)

The Tarte Tatin is the most enigmatic of pastries, but this course will teach you how to approach it from every conceivable angle. It will cover 6 types of Tarte Tatin, along with courses on how to caramelize your fruits and how to incorporate various types of fruit into each one.

This course requires no history of baking just step-by-step guidance, allowing you to start from scratch. This comes with 4 hours of video that you can access at any time you like.

This course is taught by an award-winning pastry chef, meaning that by the time you’ve finished, you’ll have some of the very best skills in your baking arsenal.

5. The Butter Book

This isn’t so much one course, but rather a library of courses that you can use for baking bread, pastries and cakes. This is a wonderful repository, giving you access to over 200 videos that will help you gain a foothold in baking.

This comes with a 60-day trial, which is great if you want to sample what Butter Book has to offer. These lessons are known for their simplicity and can be easily understood by beginner bakers to advanced bread makers.

This will help you upskill and teaches you over 4000 baking terms.

6. Cakeflix

Another amazing – and hilariously named – library for baking, this comes with a huge range of courses and videos. You can buy single videos, or you can pay for a subscription that will give you access to a vast baking library.

This will give you plenty of material to get started in the world of baking, from getting your cake mix right to decorating the final product. You can even train yourself to such a degree that Cakeflix will allow you to be an instructor on one of their course videos!

15 Best Masterclass Baking Courses You Can Try Today

7. Heather Crosby teaches Cookies 101 (Good Food Cooking School Course)

This course is taught by world-renowned baker Heather Crosby, who has been the author of so many books on gluten-free and vegan baking. This course will help you master gluten-free cookie, including peanut butter cookies and Florentines. This is perfect for the vegan baker.

We would certainly recommend this course for the beginner or intermediate bakers. This actually teaches you how to make cookies that are healthy and nutritious (well, compared to regular cookies anyway).

8. Heather Crosby Teaches Gluten-free Bread Baking (Good Food Cooking School Course)

This is another one from Heather Crosby’s library, helping you get bread that is gluten-free without sacrificing any of the deliciousness. This will even help you to bake gluten-free sourdough bread, one of the hardest to master, even for expert bakers.

This will help you to keep your bread fresh also, giving you tips on proper storage and handling. This will also help you find some of the best vegetarian and vegan ingredients. This comes with an online community that you can contribute to, getting help on any issues that crop up.

9. Become an Artisan Sourdough Baker – Essential Bread & Pastry (Udemy Course)

This will help you to bake sourdough bread to restaurant standards. This course is taught by a French artisan chef, meaning that you’ll have all the industry secrets about getting the perfect sourdough bread.

This course comes with just under 2 hours of on-demand video and plenty of downloadable materials.

This course is very highly rated, which is always what you should look at first before signing up for any course. This does not just tackle bread, but also teaches you how to make sourdough bagels and croissants too.

10. The Basics Of Cake

A great course for people with no prior experience in baking, this cake-baking course starts from the ground and works its way up.

Coming with great recipes for vanilla and chocolate cake, this helps you with mixing, baking, frosting, and fillings. This course is affordable, and you can access it for life once you’ve purchased it.

This course is also great for helping you to craft some of the most stunning creations. You can make cakes that are worthy of both competitions and weddings. You can also learn how to personalize your cakes, which is a great asset for incorporating into a cake-making business.

11. How to Bake: Baking Basics – 6 Classic Bakes

Sometimes you won’t want to make anything fancy, which is why this course in mastering some of the cake-baking basics will be the ideal one for you.

This only covers 6 essential bakes, including Victoria sponge, brownies, carrot cake, and French meringues. This is the best course for complete newbie bakers.

12. Know Yo’ Dough – Baking Tools, Tips, and Techniques

This is another great foundation-level course that is taught with videos and features a very friendly and easy-to-understand instructor.

This will help you get to grips with some of the basic tools, as well as why you should use high-quality ingredients and how to mix your dou