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Martin Barrett
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Domestika Vs Skillshare

Domestika Vs Skillshare – Which Is More Worth It 2023

You’re interested in an online course that can boost your knowledge and creative skills in a creative venture for career progression, or if you decide to monetize this, there are online learning platforms out there to suit your aspirations.

Two of these online learning platforms, Domestika and Skillshare, are popular examples of how accessible complete courses are in the online space.

See below and find out which is the best one for you in our Domestika VS Skillshare article.

At A Glance: Domestika 

This service has over 1,000 online courses that can be bought singly or as a bundle, as you can get these at a discount if you get a monthly subscription of $12.

So you have a flexible service that you can sign up for free and have a preview of a selection of online courses.

You can find under Domestika basics a range of high-quality courses designed to help you get into using software packages such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, and even 4D work, so these range from introductory to advanced levels. 

  • Online creative courses platform
  • Expert-taught lessons
  • Interactive community
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  • You get immediate access to the library to buy Domestika courses at your leisure without signing up for any long-term commitments.
  •  All their courses are produced in-house by the Domestika team so that the course quality will be consistent across the board.
  • You can get a certificate of attendance for completing the course, which can be linked to the course and used for a resume.  


  • As the service is based in Spain, many of the Domestika courses have to be subtitled and may not be available for each class, and even if they are subtitled, you may find this to be a bit limited.
  • Even if you use the service for free, any purchased courses may not have features like discussions or a certificate, so it makes sense to sign up for a monthly subscription.
  • The monthly benefits of the subscription could be better, as you only get one free credit per month, and even with a discount, these online courses can become expensive when bought in bundles. 

At A Glance: Skillshare

Domestika Vs Skillshare

This is an online learning platform where you can look through over 30,000 courses aimed at creative industries or those who want to pick up a new hobby; you can find previews of each class to see if they are the right fit for you.  

With each course, you can view a video lesson as much as you like, with extra features at the bottom where you can find reviews, discussions, resources, and transcripts in case you want to refer back to them at a later time. 


  • Of the two, Skillshare is more accessible, as you can get a free month just for signing up and another free month if you refer a friend. 
  • With over 30,000 courses, you can find ones considered niche and ones you may not find elsewhere, each with a curated learning path.
  • Some of these classes are only 30 minutes longer to complete, so you can view them quickly or go at your own pace, and you can spend a bit longer with the resources or end projects if you decide to. 


  • Unlike Domestika, these courses aren’t made in-house, so it isn’t guaranteed what the quality of the course will be like, so it will depend on looking at reviews or trying it out yourself.
  • You don’t get a certificate or proof of completion, so it can be difficult to use it on a resume, as you may need to provide proof of your completion.
  • Most courses might not have the depth or relevance to your chosen subject you like, as multiple courses you find are usually aimed at beginners. 

Our Verdict  

While both popular online learning platforms offer something different to many users, for those looking for practical and hands-on knowledge at a reasonable price, it has to be Skillshare, as it has the broader library, and you get unlimited access to all creative courses with a paid plan. 

Domestika has some online courses that may be more refined than Skillshare, but having to purchase each course separately may not appeal to some, as you have to make a commitment before starting the course. 

Skillshare’s courses are also structured so you can go through a class in under an hour, but with Domestika courses, you might get a broader coverage of the subject even though they have fewer courses, depending on how much time you have to study and when you ideally want to have the course finished.

What About The Pricing? 

Domesika has a bit more flexibility when it comes to pricing, as you can either sign up for $9.99 a month, or $83.88 a year, which works out to a monthly fee of $6.99 and with this, you get a free credit each month which you can get free courses. (See here ‘Domestika Review: Pros, Cons & Pricing (2023)‘)

With Skillshare, though, you can pay up to $32 a month or $168 per year, but you also get discounts on software such as Adobe premier pro, Squarespace, Society6, or even Canva pro, and these range from 13-25% once you’ve made the purchase.  

If you want to take advantage of these software packages or use them in your process daily, it may be worth looking into as it’s likely that these plans come with their own subscription models, so when you combine these together, it could become quite expensive.

Closing Thoughts 

With all of this aside, finding reviews can help you discern which is helpful to you and how far your money will stretch, as there are many ways for you to learn a new craft, but for anything technical-based that isn’t creative, you may need to look elsewhere. (Check out our ‘