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Martin Barrett
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Does Udemy Provide A Certificate

Does Udemy Provide A Certificate?

Getting a certificate from an online course can be invaluable to your CV. It shows that you’ve taken the necessary steps to be a potential candidate for the role that you are applying for and shows that you are qualified for the job, but does Udemy provide a certificate when you finish the course?

So when you choose to take a course you want to be sure that you’ll actually get the certification for passing.

And Udemy does in fact provide certificates that you can download and then share with family, friends, and of course potential employers.

Now that you are aware that you will get a certificate from Udemy. Let’s take a look at whether this certificate will actually help you to actually step into your desired career.

Can A Udemy Course Get You A Job?

Your course alone probably won’t automatically grant you a job in your chosen field, and it’s important to recognize this from the offset.

With that being said, the skills that you learn from this course, and the certificate on your resume will add value to your resume and that might be enough to set you apart from some other candidates.

A Udemy course won’t guarantee job placement but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile as you will now have a better understanding and more relevant skills for the job you are hoping to get.

A good option if you’re looking to step into your desired field, is to look for employers that are accepting entry-level workers that don’t require degrees.

Then ensure that you have taken the job-specific classes Udemy has to offer to promote yourself on your resume. This may make you stand apart from other entry-level candidates.

Is A Udemy Certificate Valid For A Job?

Often candidates worry that online course certifications such as the ones you receive from Udemy aren’t taken seriously by employers.

And it is true that in the past these courses have been met with skepticism, but this isn’t really true for today.

Obviously, this will all also depend on the course that you’ve taken and the entry requirements for any given role.

But for the most part, a certificate from Udemy is as valid as any other certification for the same course that was studied on-campus.

Udemy Certificate Is Valid For A Job

Particularly for entry-level jobs, these types of certificates can help you get your foot in the door of the career you want to join. So how can a certificate from Udemy benefit you (see also ‘Is A Udemy Certificate Useful?‘)?

  • It will optimize your skill-level
  • Sets you apart from entry-level candidates without certification
  • Can highlight your achievements
  • Gives you relevant hands-on experience in your career

More than the actual certificate itself, recruiters tend to appreciate what the certificate represents.

And that is that you can demonstrate that you are a keen learner who is willing to work hard to achieve your goal.

It can be more difficult to land a high-paying job straight away with this type of certificate but it can place you on the ladder where you can then climb your way to the top.

It is worth noting though, that only paid courses on Udemy grant their students a certification.

If you are a little stuck for cash, be patient and you should come across a wide range of deals, discounts, and sales on courses that will make them cheaper to take.

Does Udemy Provide A Certificate

Adding A Udemy Certificate To Your Resume

Udemy offers a really wide variety of different courses online, it’s pretty certain that there will be at least one course that relates to your field. But chances are there is probably plenty to get your teeth into.

I’d always recommend doing some quick research about your field before you start any of the courses just to ensure that they are relevant to your employer.

And really that’s who these certificates are for, sure they help you gain knowledge and understanding, but it’s an employer or recruiter that will get you into that career field.

Most recruiters really appreciate and value a Udemy course (see also our guide to creating a Udemy course) so you should definitely add them to your resume.

In fact, you’d be silly not to – that’s pretty much the whole reason you get them. They show to your employer much more than just that you’ve completed the course. It shows commitment, development, and eagerness to learn.

Using Udemy To Get A Job

It’s imperative that you understand your career options, what skills they are looking for, and what goals you have yourself before you pick your courses.

This will allow you to know that the course is relevant to your field and exactly how much training you’ll need and how many courses you’ll need to take. Sometimes one won’t be enough in some cases.

As I mentioned earlier, don’t come out of this course expecting to walk straight into a high-paying top-level job, because you’ll probably come away quite disappointed.

Keep in mind, that this doesn’t even happen for some people with master’s degrees, let alone course certifications.

But don’t let this discourage you because there are some positive things that you can expect to happen after obtaining your certificate:

  • You could gain an entry-level position which you may be able to progress through to get to higher-level positions through promotions.
  • You could gain a freelance job from certification even with little or no experience.

Final Thoughts

Yes, a Udemy website course will gain you a certificate in your chosen course, providing that it is a paid course.

And though it may not immediately grant you access to your dream job, it can get you that ever-so-needed foot in the door so that you can work hard to try and achieve that higher-level job that you are dreaming about.

There is never a waste in learning new skills though, so even if you don’t automatically enter your way into a new job, you’ve still furthered your knowledge and broadened your skill set.