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Martin Barrett
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Can You Get Certificates For Free Udacity Courses?

Does Udacity Courses Give Free Certificates?

Education is so important, but it doesn’t always have to follow a specific path. Everyone learns in different ways, at different times in their lives, and by different means.

The most important part of education is the willingness to learn. 

With the explosion of online learning that we’ve seen in the past few years, it’s unsurprising that many people now have access to courses that would previously require physical attendance. 

Almost anything can be learned online these days and a number of platforms specialize in one area.

Udacity is an online learning platform that specializes in tech skills, working with a number of companies and organizations. 

In this article, learn if you can get online certificates for free with Udacity courses. 

How Does Udacity Work?

Udacity is an online learning platform that allows people to digitally upskill with a number of courses that have been co-created with world-renowned companies such as Amazon, BMW, and Microsoft. They specialize in offering courses based on in-demand technology skills. 

The goal of taking an Udacity course is to develop the knowledge and understanding to further your career.

They brand themselves as helping people with ‘talent transformation’, helping individuals, industry professionals, and organizations to excel and learn.

To start learning, you need to create an account on their website and then select a course from their program catalog. It is important to thoroughly read the course program before enrolling. 

Is Udacity For Everyone?

Learning new skills and committing to an online course can be scary, especially if you left education behind you a long time ago.

With the Udacity free online courses, there are a number of filters you can utilize when searching for a course to study. 

The courses are split into three categories: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. This guideline should help you easily find something that is suitable for your skill level.

Whether you’re already in tech and are looking to reach that career goal or a graduate looking to enter the game, there is something for everyone in the Udacity certificate. 


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Is Udacity Free?

Udacity isn’t a completely free platform. Although there are a number of free courses, the majority of them are paid courses on a monthly basis.

These courses will come with a free certificate of completion to verify the student has completed their learning, but the Udacity free courses don’t. 

The company suggests that students should ‘think of free courses as a textbook’, as it allows them to access the information but does not tell the teacher whether or not they have actually read it.

Nanodegree Programs

Nanodegree programs are courses aimed at bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

These courses help students to develop job-relevant skills and build a portfolio to show potential employers. 

With these courses, students will receive classroom mentorship, moderated forums, and project reviews to help them succeed.

Although you can complete your learning at your own pace, there are guidelines indicating how long each course should take. This could be anywhere from two months to six months. 

does udacity courses give free certificates

How Much Is Udacity?

Udacity works on a monthly basis, students will pay a monthly fee to gain access to their course which they can cancel at any time.

Nanodegree programs start at $399 a month and are subject to change at any time. We advise checking the monthly price and duration of the course before enrolling. 

Everyone learns at their own pace and many are fitting in this extra learning around jobs and families. However, the longer you take to complete a course, the more it will cost. 

When you have a subscription to the course you can choose to auto-renew the course so the money comes out of your account until you finish it or you can choose to manually pay the bill each month. 


Those that belong to an AT&T Aspire-supported organization or a similar group that is aiming to increase diversity in the tech space can apply for a scholarship with Udacity. 

The ‘Aspire to Tech’ scholarship offers the chance to be enrolled in one of three courses. These are Nanodegree programs and will give students valuable in-demand skills that are favorable to employers.

The scholarship lasts around eight months and requires no programming experience before you start.  


There is a government section on the Udacity website which is split into two categories: national and federal.

The aim of this is to help create job opportunities with GDP impact in different nations, using the tech skills gained from the platform. 

Training future public servants and improving the job-ready skills of existing employees is vital to help a nation develop.

Aiming to bridge the gap between people and technology, governments can choose to work with the company to make this happen. 


Online Courses Taught by Experts

  • Get the skills you need
  • Learn at your own pace

"I couldn't be more excited!"

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Free Courses

Despite the free courses not coming with a certificate of successful completion, they do come in varying levels of difficulty and there are around 200 to choose from. These Udacity’s free courses can last anywhere from two weeks to two months. 

There are a number of ways you can save money with Udacity and to earn professional certificates as they offer a number of promotions and trials. These are subject to change and availability, but they can help you save up to 50% on particular course fees.

Past promotions have included offers such as ‘buy one, gift one free’ and a 50% discount for graduates on a certain Udacity free course. 

The Bottom Line

Udacity is a great place to upskill yourself and really push for a new career path.

Although the courses don’t come with free certifications, students can still access a lot of relevant information and demonstrate this knowledge in their own way to impress prospective employers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Udacity An Accredited Educational Institution?

Udacity is a private online education platform, it is not an accredited educational institution and therefore does not confer any degrees.

Nonetheless, the experience and content of the courses provide users with invaluable knowledge and work with influential companies such as Google. 

In the end, we would say that after reading this article, you will get the answer to “Does Udacity Courses Give Free Certificates?”