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Martin Barrett
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Are Udacity Courses Accredited?

Are Udacity Courses Accredited?

Are you thinking about enrolling in an online course but aren’t sure which provider you should use? Finding a fantastic online course that can advance your skills and is approved can be difficult.

Accredited courses give us the assurance that the program we are enrolled in is respected by academic institutions and potential employers.

An accredited program is a sign of high caliber and standard that will advance our professional and personal development for many of us out there.

A private e-learning company called Udacity is gaining traction in recent years. They are well known for their lively and interesting student forums, and their popularity has grown recently.

But is Udacity an accredited educational institution? 

To find out are Udacity courses accredited and to learn more about Udacity’s wonderful advantages so you can make an informed choice in your career services, keep reading!

Is Udacity Accredited?

Sadly, Udacity is not accredited because it is a private provider of online education. It cannot award degrees of any kind.

Additionally, academic institutions do not accept their Nanodegrees. In addition, none of their 200 free online courses are accredited or include a Udacity certificate. The nano degrees typically include these free courses.

Although Udacity’s programs are not certified and can’t be used toward Bachelor’s degrees at other colleges, they are nonetheless useful. These courses are valued by the tech sector in particular, especially when hiring new staff.

Just because a course is not approved doesn’t imply it won’t be useful for your job search or application! Let’s look more closely at Udacity and everything they have to offer to assist you in making your choice.


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A Quick Evaluation Of Udacity

Let’s take a quick look at Udacity and what they have to offer.  

A virtual education online learning platform called Udacity offers a variety of courses to students all around the world, both for free and for a fee. Their instruction focuses on giving pupils transferable abilities that they can use in a variety of workplaces.

In recent years, Udacity has partnered with corporate clients, giving access to personnel in free computer science courses, data science, machine learning, intelligent systems, cloud computing, as well as online technologies used by digital businesses as compared to other online learning platforms.

With regard to paid programs, you can select a pay-as-you-go cost, which is typically more expensive per month, or a monthly payment schedule for the length of the course.

There is a lot of versatility when it comes to Udacity cost, so you may choose the solution that works best for you as a company or an individual.

The Top 4 Advantages Of Udacity

Despite not offering recognized courses, Udacity offers several fantastic advantages. Let’s examine the top 4 advantages that Udacity now provides.

1. Interviews With Experts Within The Nanodegrees

One aspect of Udacity’s Nanodegree program that sticks out to learners is its professional interviews.

The interviews are incorporated into the curriculum in various places and offer valuable knowledge that keeps the program engaging for students.

But who exactly are these authorities? They are typically respected experts in their specialty. For instance, Change.org‘s president and COO participated in an interview where they talked about developing a digital marketing plan.

Are Udacity Courses Accredited?

You have the chance to hear from professionals in these interviews and gain knowledge from their experiences. Additionally, it can add a practical component to the curriculum by demonstrating how theory works in practice.

In order to boost enthusiasm and keep students interested, these courses frequently begin with an interview and use them frequently throughout the curriculum. Any theoretical writing is broken up and the course becomes more interesting.

2. Active Forums For Students

Students frequently and actively utilize the forums, which let you interact with others. You may connect with people doing the same course as you, which helps with any problems you might be having.

You can interact and have a conversation with other students using the “Peer Chat” feature, creating a support structure that resembles a real-world classroom.

The forums, a relatively recent addition to Udacity’s features, complete their offering and foster a helpful and collaborative environment.

3. Powerful Mentoring

There is an outstanding mentor support structure in addition to wonderful student cooperation opportunities. Mentors are available to help you with your studies and to provide guidance for multiple hours a week.

Their assistance includes responding to your inquiries and offering suggestions for your initiatives. Mentors are subject matter experts who can provide insightful criticism to help you advance your talents.

4. Excellent Project Work

Students will perform graded real-world projects as part of Udacity’s courses and Nanodegree programs. You gain real-world experience related to your academic subject through the projects.

These can involve developing a program or designing a marketing campaign.

These projects are fantastic because they provide you with the chance to apply your academic learning and course materials. They give you a well-rounded educational experience by combining theory and practice in one setting.

Do Employers Accept Certificates From Udacity?

When Udacity was founded, it partnered with renowned digital giants like Google and Facebook, so certain employers will accept the certification and favor people who have taken their courses.

Employers admire their Nanodegrees in particular because they demonstrate the dedication and effort required to finish these courses.

Employers can see how committed you are to improve yourself and your skills by looking at the courses you’ve done. In the virtual environment, where new technologies are continually created and upgraded, these qualities are becoming more and more crucial.


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The completion of these courses demonstrates to potential and present employers your capacity to learn and adjust as circumstances change.

You must take into account the course’s applicability to your future or current employment while choosing a course to take. Employers notice a relevant course since it demonstrates your dedication and go-getter attitude, which are qualities they value.

When applying for jobs, having relevant or transferrable skills will give you an edge over the competition.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, Udacity is a great online learning environment that both individuals and employers have found to be beneficial for advancing their digital abilities.

Despite Udacity’s lack of accreditation, the excellent online community and several payment methods the website provides remain unaffected.

Consider the course’s applicability to your current or prospective employment while choosing it so that the employer can perceive a direct correlation and significance to your position.

The final decision is yours, but given that so many people and businesses are using Udacity to improve their employable skills, why not give it a shot?