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Craftsy vs Skillshare: Is It Good For Learning Crafts?

If you want to learn new arts and crafting skills, the internet has a plethora of sites to help you, be that in the form of video tutorials or “how to” articles.

Some of the leading sites to use include Craftsy (Bluprint) and Skillshare. Both offer a range of services to help you improve your personal arts and crafts game.

You can learn new creative skills via online classes and take advantage of the seemingly never-ending resources available on both online learning platforms.

But, which one is the best for you? Although this ultimately depends on what you personally want from an arts and crafts course, one online learning platform may have something to offer that the other doesn’t.

So, in today’s post, we are going to compare Craftsy vs Skillshare and discuss the pros and cons of both. That way, you can make an informed, educated decision on which one you should use for lifetime access  

Craftsy: Overview 

Craftsy, previously known as Bluprint, is a subscription video-on-demand service based in the United States. 

Although prices and subscription fees tend to vary every year, or every few months, the current price of Craftsy is quite respectable. You can pay a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 or opt for an annual subscription costing $79.99. 

When you pay for the annual subscription, you can choose up to many classes and download class materials, available to use forever. You can also enjoy free shipping within the U.S. on all Craftsy kits and supplies. There is also a free trial to see if you like what Craftsy has to offer, too. 

Gift subscriptions are also available for three, six, and twelve months for unlimited access. 

In January 2019, Bluprint changed its name to Craftsy after being bought by NBC Universal in 2018. For those who used Blueprint before, they would have noticed some changes after the rebranding. 

Today, Craftsy offers over 1,300 free classes to aid in your creative courses. All of these focus on craft-making and art. But, one change that was introduced was lifestyle niche classes, helping users learn more about yoga, healthy eating, and dance. 

Craftsy is pretty easy to navigate. You can browse its many topics via the menu at the top of the site, like jewelry making, how to do paper crafts, and so on.

When you choose a topic, you will then find sub-categories, such as projects, top picks, as well as a shop button to buy supplies. 

The fact Craftsy sells kits and supplies for its classes is very beneficial for students. It makes it easier to work along with the class, and is especially beneficial to beginners.

It is also easy to keep track of any classes you have participated in. And, Craftsy will make recommendations based on the classes you have taken. 

It is possible to save videos and articles on the site so you can come back to them later on, and you can bookmark certain moments in videos that you feel are important.

The strongest aspect of Craftsy is unsurprising with its craft classes, including knitting, sewing, and quilting. There is also an evolving woodworking section that is becoming ever more popular with users. 

Craftsy Vs Skillshare (1)

Skillshare: Overview 

Skillshare is a U.S. based online learning community for those wanting to learn from educational video. All online courses are available through a paid subscription and are not accredited. 

We love that you can enjoy your first two months of Skillshare Premium for free at your own pace. After this, you’ll need to pay $8.25 a month or choose an annual subscription for $99.

If you choose to pay monthly for the annual subscription, you will be charged $15, but, again, these prices can change every so often. 

You can take advantage of thousands of classes on various topics, such as crafts, art, lifestyle, and business. If you log in with the sole intention to do an online art class, chances are you will find another interesting class too. 

Some classes come with bite-size, easy-to-understand pieces of information, whereas others are more in-depth and longer like how to identify a creative bug in a program. 

Some classes are harder to understand than others, but the options are almost endless. Whether you want to learn how to paint a watercolor sunset or draw your dream house with pencil, there are courses to help you in your artistic journey.

Many of these courses last about eight weeks, but some are longer. You just java to weed your way through which ones you’d rather try. 

After you have signed up, it’s easy to see what classes are original to the site. You can also see how many students have taken classes and the average time it took them to complete the course, giving you a good idea of what to expect. 

And, like Craftsy, it is easy to keep track of your classes and bookmark those you want to come back to again.

Once you finish a course, you simply mark it as complete, or you can give yourself a deadline to try and finish one by a certain time. 

And, when it’s time to enter a class, you will be met with a video and a list to the right of all the lessons that are included in that single course. You can even read reviews on certain lessons and then add classes to your calendar.

The video quality in these courses is really up to the mark.

It’s also possible to read up on the teacher to find out what level the class is.

We love that you can scroll down and see what previous students have created. This is where you can upload your artwork, too. 

Craftsy Vs Skillshare: The Verdict

Choosing between Craftsy and Skillshare is not easy, and the choice essentially comes down to creative person preference. 

Craftsy is based on the craft side of things more than anything else. If you are an aspiring knitter, quilter, or sewer, then Craftsy is a only platform to use. And, there are many other creative classes to join, too.

Skillshare offers a little bit of everything, so you can pick and choose based on your various interests. Some classes are not so great but because there are so many, there are some absolute gems.

For the widest selection of classes, we recommend Skillshare.

For anything to do with knitting, sewing, and quilting, we recommend Craftsy.

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