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Martin Barrett
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coursera student discount

Does ‘Coursera’ Offer Student Discounts?

Coursera is a widely popular online learning platform, and one that has made many advancements in this growing industry.

Used by people from all walks of life, and catering to all manner of different subjects, Coursera has developed a name for itself as one of the best outlets for educational content in the marketplace. 

But what exactly is Coursera, and what do they offer? Is there a Coursera student discount? Read below to find out!

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is an online learning platform, formed in 2012 by Stanford University professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller.

Working with various universities and learning institutions, Coursera offers numerous online courses in a number of different subjects – pairing prospective university students with the best courses to suit their interests. 

Coursera has formed partnerships with over 150 universities, which altogether amounted to around 4000 available courses. 

What Are The Benefits Of Coursera? 

Of course, Coursera has numerous benefits to the individual – all of which have made it so popular within the online marketplace. 

Lower Tuition Costs

One benefit of Coursera programs is that the tuition fees are much lower than on-campus universities – meaning that those with financial limitations or other commitments are more likely to afford what they have to offer. (Check out ‘Is Coursera As Good As A Degree? Everything You Need To Know!‘)

More Manageable

If you have work or family commitments, then the thought of going to university or college might seem impossible.

However, with Coursera programs, you can balance and schedule your time in a way that works for you – and there are numerous plans and packages in place to ensure this happens. 


The lessons and courses are also of high quality, and you can access some of the finest courses around the country – depending on what your chosen areas of study are. 

More Accessible

As well as learning at your own pace, you can also potentially access and study more courses than you normally would get the chance to at a normal institution. 

This means that, even though you are already paying less in tuition fees, you could actually wind up learning more in the long run – but of course, this depends on how hard you work and how much time you have to commit. 

Quick Progression

While many university degree courses can often seem stagnant or drawn out – usually as a way of justifying high tuition fees – Coursera programs are designed for quick progression, meaning that you can learn what you need to know and do it at a pace that suits your future plans. 

This works better with those looking to advance their careers, and Coursera means you can improve your prospects without eating too much into your long-term time. 

Networking Opportunities

While it might sound less hands-on and fun than a regular on-campus course, it still has its fair share of networking opportunities – meaning you can still meet like-minded people to socialize and work with. 

This means that you are not suffering from isolation or loneliness throughout tuition and that you still have sufficient emotional motivation to meet your goals and improve your prospects. 

Do You Have To Pay For Coursera? 

While there are paid subscriptions, Coursera also offers numerous free courses – however, these come with certain limitations, as you might expect. (For the Coursera coupon code and Coursera promo code click here.)

Most of the professional partner courses – such as guided projects, specializations, professional certifications, and online degrees all require a Coursera subscription. 

Without a subscription, many free courses are available, however, this will mean:

  • No certificates – without a paid subscription, you cannot attain a complete certification, something you would need for validity. 
  • No access to assignments – access to assignments will be more limited with a free subscription, meaning you will miss out on many elements. 
  • No instructor feedback – You are also not eligible to receive feedback from the course instructor with a free subscription, meaning you will have a limited understanding of the end result. 
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How Much Does A Subscription Cost? 

When it comes to paid subscriptions, there are several options available, each amounting to something different in terms of qualification level and outcome. (Check out Coursera Black Friday coupons here.)

Guided Projects

One of the paid subscriptions gives you unlimited access to guided projects. These were launched in 2020 as a way for college students to get hands-on experience and demonstrate to their future employers the application of the job-relevant skills they have learned.

These projects are usually no more than 2 hours long and generally revolve around data science, business, or computer science themes. 

Presently, there are over 700 of these guided projects available on Coursera, as well as 94 free ones. For the paid projects, the general price is $9.99 – at the lower end of the price scale. 


Coursera also offers over 1500 specializations –  a series of courses designed to teach mastery over a chosen skill. These usually consist of 3 to 10 courses, resulting in a qualification at the end. 

The subscription for this facet of Coursera continues on a monthly basis until the course has reached completion and as such consists of a monthly fee of $49 dollars per month. 

However, there is a 7-day free Coursera trial period to have a taste of the free online courses and see whether they are for you. 

Professional Certificates

There are also numerous professional certificates offered by Coursera – all of them with a view to morphing you into a professional, career-ready individual upon the completion of the course.

Similar in commitment to specializations, professional certificates roughly last for 6 months, and throughout the tuition, you will be required to pay $39 per month. 

This also comes with a 7-day free trial, allowing you to see whether this particular element meets your needs or intended outcome.

However, you do not have to take 6 months, meaning that the quicker you complete the course, the cheaper it ultimately works out. 

MasterTrack Certificates

These are specifically designed to grant the student a university-level certificate – one that carries as much professional weight in the real world and allows the possessor to progress with either their career or further education. 

These are between 4 and 7 months long and are generally quite expensive – requiring the student to pay around $2000 dollars (starting price) for the duration.

This depends on the length of the course, and of course on what is involved – however, there are different payment options to accommodate different financial situations. 

Coursera Degrees

Coursera also grants access to degree-level qualifications – equivalent to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, which can take anywhere from 2 to 7 years to complete. 

These courses are obviously more intensive and grant a better outcome on the whole.

As such, this is reflected in the price, with degree courses generally costing anywhere between $15,000 dollars to $40,000+ depending on the chosen field of study. 

While this might sound a lot, it is a fraction of the amount required to complete an on-campus university degree course. 

Is There A Coursera Student Discount? 

Luckily for some students, Coursera does offer a variety of discounts and Coursera promo codes to alleviate some of the financial pressure that long-term study can bring. 

The Coursera student discount ranges from 5-40% and depends entirely on the nature of the course, the circumstances of the individual student, and the age of the students taking part. 

Coursera deals might not always amount to much, but in the right circumstances, it can mean substantial savings. 

Does ‘Coursera’ Offer Student Discounts (1)

What Other Packages Does Coursera Offer? 

As well as the above-mentioned courses and qualifications, Coursera offers a couple of other packages for those seeking a more specific experience. 

Coursera Plus

One example is Coursera Plus which also has a discount offer some months of the year, a specific package that offers substantial products within the Coursera roster. 

This includes access to over 7000 courses, as well as unlimited hands-on access to guided projects, specializations, and professional certificates. 

While trying to complete them all would be virtually impossible, it does mean that prospective students have unlimited choice and access to anything they might want to engage with. 

There are many payment options for this, including a $59 dollars a month payment system – or a $399 dollars annual payment.

It is important to bear in mind that the average Coursera program is around the $49 dollars a month mark, and this means that those looking to engage with 5 or more courses in a year would certainly benefit from this package. 

This can also be canceled or amended at any time, and there is a 14-day money-back guarantee to ensure you aren’t left with nothing if you discover you have made the wrong choice. 

Does Coursera Offer Business Plans? 

However, Coursera is not limited to individual learning, and there are many business-designed packages available on the website. 

These have different designs and vary depending on price, size, and function. 

Team Plan

Coursera offers a ‘team plan’ – a package designed for small businesses to get their team members the qualifications and certifications they might need. 

This costs $399 dollars per user for the year – with a range of 5-125 users on any one account – and grants businesses access to around 4800 Coursera’s online courses and products on their website. 

These can be of great value and are a beneficial way of bolstering your team and their educational requirements. 

Enterprise Plan

The ‘enterprise plan’ on the other hand is designed for larger corporations with more team members, and this is reflected in what is offered, and the price charged. 

This allows for upwards of 125 users on the same account, and while the prices are not written on their website, you can contact the sales team to make arrangements if it is something you and your corporation would be interested in.

The enterprise plan includes: 

  • Solutions consulting services features
  • Customer success features
  • Integration features

How Can You Pay For Coursera Packages? 

The good thing about Coursera is that they accept most major forms of payment, including PayPal and credit cards – meaning that regardless of your situation, you can take advantage of what the website has to offer. 

Tuition Plans

If you are intending to work towards an extended degree, but the prices seem a little out of your league, then there are numerous payment plans to help you with your tuition. 

These include: 

  • Employer tuition reimbursement – some companies will actually pay for you to get an education, especially if it is of benefit to the company. 
  • US Federal financial aid – if you cannot afford the course, you may be eligible for federal financial aid from the government or a local body. 
  • Scholarships and grants – you could also apply for scholarships and grants. These can be a great way to help pay for your tuition and don’t have to be paid back. 
  • Private loans – you could also take on a private loan, however, these do require paying back, and can gather interest over time. 

Does Coursera Offer Refunds? 

Another great thing about Coursera is that they do offer refunds – however, these are only under certain circumstances.