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Coursera Coupon Review 2022

Coursera Coupon Code And Special Discounts 2023

Is Coursera as impressive as all the hype it receives? Well, let’s discuss it in brief. Coursera is among the most prestigious educational platforms, providing courses in fields such as business, data science, health, and so much more.

From courses to degrees and specializations, it’s hard not to find a learning program that will interest you.

Besides, its pricing structure is flexible and you can even use a Coursera coupon to pay for the course of your choice.

This post will discuss what you need to know about Coursera, and whether or not its courses are the right fit for you. Keep reading to find out more in this detailed Coursera Coupon review

What is Coursera?

What is Coursera?

Coursera is an online-based learning platform that offers myriads of learning programs, including courses, degrees, and specializations.

It offers wide range of online diverse courses covering the majority of topics related to different fields. The courses are especially appealing for those who intend to learn from home and cannot attend physical classes due to certain commitments.

Coursera is a user-friendly platform to offer courses as well as guided projects in which well-planned courses are offered to improve the student’s psychomotor skills. The psychomotor skills belong to the “doing domain” of Bloom’s taxonomy and very much relevant for the industrial professionals.

Coursera offers wide range of free courses in addition to offering attractive subscription plans. A free course lets an entrepreneur, professional, or student decide which annual subscription plan he should opt. Most famous fields are data science, computer science, google digital marketing, machine learning, python programming language etc.

In addtion, they have stores Coursera discounts at their disposal which appeal to a specific set of audiences and students. One of the popular online store is e-commerce store which includes six or seven courses on google digital marketing, advertisements and campaigns. Similar stores related to other fields are also available on the platform as well. You can also create similar stores as well related to e-commerce. Similar stores made on the lines of existing stores can catapult the response of students and professionals in all the courses in a store.

Brief History

Coursera was founded by two computer science professors at Stanford University named Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng with the purpose of initially offering their courses online. Later, they brought different instructors on platform for offering different varieties of courses.

Coursera eventually started garnering lots of praise and attention in the later years. Coursera won people voice winner and webby winner awards in 2014 hosted by Websites and Mobile Sites Education.

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Brief features

It works collaboratively with top organizations and educational institutions to facilitate the courses it offers.

What’s more, the courses that Coursera offers are job-relevant, flexible, recognized by employers, and most importantly, affordable.

Coursera offer an asynchronous learning environment as well which means that the students belonging to a global community can opt for the popular courses according to their flexible schedule.

Speaking of affordability, the course supports a wide array of payment plans – from completely free packages to paying for a course through the Coursera coupon codes, or its annual or monthly subscriptions. Coursera offers flexible fee structures for everybody course.

In terms of customer support, you may contact Coursera anytime. Coursera has a very active and helpful support center which allows handling of queries and change of account settings in a very quick time.

You may be wondering, “Is Coursera the right choice for me? Well, let’s find out

Reasons Why You Need to Try Out Coursera

Reasons Why You Need to Try Out Coursera

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider the Coursera platform:

  • Partnerships with top organizations and universities. It’s important to note that Coursera has partnered with more than 200 top organizations and universities such as Google, IBM, Stanford University, Imperial College, and more to develop its learning programs.
  • Availability of free learning programs. Coursera does offer around 2,000 courses free of charge. However, if you undertake a free course, you’ll not receive a certificate upon completion of the program. This option becomes available once you choose to pay for a paid subscription.
  • Online courses and degrees are reasonably priced. Coursera’s course prices are more affordable as compared to campus-based degrees.
  • High-quality free online courses. The courses available at Coursera are taught by some of the best experts in their respective fields. These experts are often from world-class organizations and universities.
  • Learn offline. Coursera’s mobile application allows users to download various learning materials for use when they’re offline. Offline learning enables you to study on the go, which is the ideal option when on a plane trip.
  • Offers and discounts. Coursera offer multiple offers and discounts for students allowing them to register for course or a program on minimal rates. A promo code is required to avail such offers through a free coursera coupon.

What Learning Programs Does Coursera Offer?

What Learning Programs Does Coursera Offer?

If you need an affordable online learning program that is offered in partnership with the top universities or institutions, then this might be the right learning platform for you.

Here are some of the types of courses offered at Coursera:


Coursera provides more than 1,700 online courses completely free of charge – to upgrade, you need to pay for the certificate. These courses are taught by the best instructors from world-class educational institutions and organizations. Coursera offers vide range of diverse courses which are appealing to a vast range of college students belonging to different fields. The online classes gives the students a chance to bolster their academic profile as well.

Learning the online course also gets you an online degree which enables professionals and college students to build their profile. Students just have to visit Coursera and pick a course of their choice. Famous courses at Coursera belong to the fields of computing, data science, business, digital marketing and data retrieval as well.Some of the best computing related courses are python courses, fundamental programming concepts, data structures, networked application program interfaces etc.

The most famous data science degree being offered is Master of applied data science. Some of the attractive data science courses are IBM data science and Google data analytics, which also provide a professional certificate as well upon successful completion. Coursera offer digital marketing courses and business courses as well which are very famous among the professionals and students of leading universities. These courses are very helpful in instilling of new skills as well to acquire business specialization.

Some of the famous selected courses are marketing analytics with meta and social media management. Coursera offer a professional certificate for famous machine learning courses such as IBM machine learning and deep learning courses. Public health professional certificate courses are also offered as well. Some of the public health-related courses are foundations of public health practice and epidemiology in public health practice.


With Coursera, you can find a series of related courses to master a particular career skill. Here, you can decide whether to undertake a single course related to the career skill or undertake a series of courses that can cover every aspect of that career skill.

Guided Projects.

This program allows you to learn a job-related skill in just under two hours. Guided projects involve taking a brief interactive course that is taught by subject-matter professionals. You also have more than 2,000 options to choose from, for creating your final capstone project. Guided projects are fundamental for the students who want to instill essential strategies in them such as team work and leadership.

Professional Certificate.

The training programs that offer a professional certificate are tailored to prepare you for a particular job or industry. Some of these professional certificates are recognized by schools and organizations. Coursera also offers Google IT support professional certificates as well. This course introduces fundamental programming concepts in students to teach them skills related to IT which are helpful for securing job in six months. Besides the professional certificate, free certification is also offered for limited courses at Coursera. The free certification courses are essential for students who do not bear the cost of a subscription upfront. Overall, a professional certificate is one of the most popular aspects of Coursera, which is attracting students and professionals on a large scale.


Coursera has partnered with some of the best universities such as Yale and Princeton to offer online learners affordable Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

MasterTrack Certificate.

This is an online module that is used as credit for your degree program


Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses

  • More than 5,000 courses
  • Professional Certificates
  • Degrees from the Top Universities
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Coursera provides a wide variety of subjects namely; art, business, computer science, data science, health, humanities, language learning, math & logic, personal development, physical science & engineering, and social sciences.

Each of these topics has several subtopics that you can explore. If you’ve been looking to undertake one of these subjects, then Coursera is the ideal learning platform for you.


Besides individual learning, Coursera for Business provides an Enterprise plan that is designed for large organizations.

With this plan, you’ll receive unlimited access to the courses, integration, user analytics, and skill metrics to drive success.  If you need to find out more about Coursera for Business, get in touch with them to receive a quote directly.


Coursera for teams is tailored for a smaller workforce. It is created to offer your workforce access to more than 4,000 online courses, guided projects, and specializations. The plan allows a 14-day refund policy and it’s designed for pay-per-user annually.


The focus of Coursera for Campus is to empower universities to provide credit-ready, job-relevant online education to the faculty, staff, and students.

Moreover, if a student wants to learn a particular job-ready skill for free, Coursera does offer this plan for free. With this plan, you get access to one free course and unlimited guided projects every year. All you need to get started is your school email.

This student plan is available to part-time, full-time, university, and community college students from around the globe. Impressively, its courses have been accredited by state-of-the-art companies and universities such as Google and Yale.

Coursera’s Pricing Structure – How Much Do They Cost?

Coursera’s Pricing Structure – How Much Do They Cost?

Coursera offers a wide variety of pricing models because of its extensive catalog of online learning programs. The plans are offered at an affordable price and offer many attractive features. Its guided projects and courses start from $9.99 and the online degrees can be as high as $50,000.

Coursera offers several online deals, Coursera Plus discount, Coursera student discount deals and coupon promo codes, which are very useful to save money. If you join coursera today, you can also avail best coursera coupons and promo codes.

The coupon promo codes or promo codes related to specific offers are required to avail them instantly. The platform has also built Coursera app, which is very useful to get a hold of your courses on the go.

In addition to providing one-time payments, users can also choose between annual or monthly plans with Coursera Plus (see also ‘What Is Coursera Plus?‘). Here are its price categories:


From Math & Logic to Social Science, Coursera provides more than 2,000 free courses on a wide variety of subjects.

More so, it’s equipped with a handy filter feature that allows you to specify what exactly you’re looking for. With this feature, you can pick free courses between level, language, skills, subject, learning product, and partner.

Coursera has put in plenty of effort to ensure that its courses are easy to retrieve. Although these courses will be quite helpful to you, there is the option to purchase the online course.

When you pay for the course, you’ll be awarded a certificate upon successful completion of the free course.

A free course has some constraints as well. With a free course, you will not have access to assignments or instructors feedback. In addition, very limited customer support is provided with the free course.

Free trial

Coursera also offers free trial for customers who intend to get the essence of the platform without full commitment.

For a free trial, the credit card credentials of customers are required for free access. Without entering the credit card details, the free trial subscription cannot be availed.

In the free trial, you can have access to any paid content for free for a trial period. Once the free trial period ends, it will automatically switch to a paid plan, unless the customer opts to cancel it.


Guided projects at Coursera start at $9.99 and are developed to learn a job skill or industry tool swiftly.

When you purchase the guided project, it comes with all the learning materials, immediate access to the necessary packages, a split-screen video guide, and a free download of what you’ve created.


Specializations mainly emphasize mastering a particular skill. Its prices start at $39 monthly – it can take around one to three months to complete. What’s more, users are offered a seven-day free trial period which comes with full access.


The objective of Coursera’s professional certificates is to get you job-ready as well as earn career credentials. The starting price is around $39 monthly – it takes about one to six months to complete.

Like with specializations, professional certificates come with a 7-day free trial period and it offers financial aid on top.


The price of these certificates starts at $2,000 and could take between four to seven months to complete. The objective of this plan is to earn you a certificate issued by a recognized university and a credit towards your degree.


Bachelor’s or master’s degrees at Coursera cost $9,000 and take around two to four years to complete. Its degrees come from top universities such as the University of London and Penn.

To get this degree, you need to apply and fill out an application form.

Save More with Coursera Coupons Promo Codes

Save More with Coursera Coupons

What are coursera coupons?

A Coursera coupon lets you enjoy the perks of subscription plans at a discounted price or a free offer. Typically, Coursera coupons are offered at a celebratory event or for promotional purposes. Coursera coupons are offered on anniversaries, specific months, new years, etc. A Coursera coupon code is needed to avail of such offers.

Although Coursera coupons are reasonably priced, you can still make more savings by utilizing its coupons to pay for your learning program through a coupon site.

For instance, by using this coupon, you can save up to 50% on a specialization package when you invite your family and friends to Coursera. Also, when you refer your friend to Coursera, both of you will receive a Coursera coupon worth 50% off.

In addition to Coursera coupons, Coursera discounts and Coursera promo codes are also available to get huge discounts.

In order to avail these offers, clients have to look for a Coursera discount code, Coursera coupon code or a promo code related to a particular course.

Coursera also offers third-party integrations and thus allows particular Coursera discounts on using a particular integration.

How to redeem a coursera coupon?

The user has to find a way to get a Coursera coupon first. A Coursera coupon is normally available on a monthly basis or for specific events such as black Friday. Once you get a Coursera coupon code, it can be easily redeemed.

Just enter a Coursera coupon code for a specific offer, and you will see a redeem button. Using appropriate Coursera coupon codes, offers can be redeemed immediately resulting in availing of a particular discount.

An example of one of the Coursera deals is mentioned below.

Coursera coupon: Get up to 50% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for 2022. This is one of the most famous Coursera deals that attract the attention of users every year.

You may visit Coursera today to avail of present discounts.

Coursera promo codes and Coursera discount codes

A Coursera promo code is normally offered for advertising a promotional event e.g. if a new course is offered and Coursera intends to attract huge audience upfront.

A Coursera promo code helps attract a large number of users due to discounts being offered. The promo code comes with discounted prices which lets the users register for a guided course or a project at subsidized rates.

Coursera promo codes are very popular and individual students and academies/schools register courses based on specific promotions.

Coursera also offers occasional discounts on their subscription deals, courses, projects, and guided projects. Discounts can be availed using Coursera discount codes.

Famous coursera promo codes and discount codes

  • Similar to coupon codes, promo codes are also offered each month. Some of the famous Coursera promo codes are mentioned below.
  • Coursera promo code for 2023 – Join Courses With 100% Online Training
  • Coursera discount code for 2023 – Learn and Earn Certification
  • Coursera promo code for schools – Students learn for Coursera free by entering promo code
  • Coursera promo code – 5% off with a purchase of $1299 on Coursera

Similar to coupon codes, a Coursera promo code is easily redeemable.

The Bottom Line

There you have it! This is what you need to know about this special online learning platform. We hope that this article has been helpful.

If you’re still uncertain about whether to join the bandwagon or not, you should know that Coursera has more than 50 million students across the globe. Therefore, you don’t have to take our word – let the numbers speak for themselves.


Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses

  • More than 5,000 courses
  • Professional Certificates
  • Degrees from the Top Universities
Try Coursera

Coursera is an authentic MOOC option and it can assist you in pursuing your ambitions smartly and professionally.

Besides, you can decide to take the free trial lessons and then pay or use a Coursera coupon to pay if the course impresses you. Consider taking up a class at this learning platform today, and you won’t regret it!


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