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Coursera Plus Discount

Coursera Plus Discount: Exclusive Savings

Coursera doesn’t offer many great deals; when they do, you better be fast to redeem them.

For this month only, Coursera offers $200 Off a Coursera Plus subscription, giving you instant access to 7,000+ courses.

Who doesn’t want unlimited access to over 7,000 online courses from top universities and companies, allowing me to invest in my professional goals and personal interests. With Coursera Plus, I have found endless opportunities to learn new skills, expand my knowledge, and even earn valuable certificates.

Recently, I discovered a fantastic discount being offered on Coursera Plus subscriptions. This discount significantly reduces the annual subscription cost, making it an even more enticing option for avid learners like myself. By taking advantage of this discount, I get all the benefits of Coursera Plus, including thousands of high-quality courses, at a more affordable rate. This opportunity has certainly been a game-changer for me and is something that anyone interested in online learning should consider exploring.

$200 OFF
Coursera Plus
  • Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Courses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities
  • Flexible work/life balance learning
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What Is Coursera Plus and Why Should I Upgrade?

As an online learner, I found Coursera Plus a valuable investment for my professional and personal development and career (this is actually how I ended up writing here). With this subscription, I can take as many courses as I want without paying an additional fee, as long as the course is included in Coursera Plus.

One of the main reasons I chose to upgrade to Coursera Plus is the cost savings. The subscription is priced at $59 per month or $399 per year, equivalent to $33.25 per month source. By opting for the yearly plan, I can save a substantial amount compared to enrolling in individual courses or specializations separately.

Coursera Plus provides access to over 7,000 courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates source. This extensive selection allows me to explore various subjects and improve my skills in different areas without worrying about the cost of each course. Additionally, with courses from 275+ leading universities and companies, I am confident that I’m learning from reputable institutions and acquiring valuable knowledge source.

Another advantage of upgrading to Coursera Plus is the flexibility it offers. With the option to cancel anytime or switch to a monthly plan, I have the freedom to customize my learning experience according to my needs and preferences source.

In summary, upgrading to Coursera Plus has allowed me to access a wide range of top-quality courses, save money, and enjoy an adaptable learning experience.

Benefits of Coursera Plus

Unlimited Access

As a Coursera Plus subscriber, I can access more than 7,000 online courses from top universities and companies, covering various topics and industries. This helps me stay ahead in my professional and personal development by enabling me to learn at my own pace, without any restrictions on the number of courses I can enroll in. If I want to pick up a new programming language or explore a different field, it’s easy for me to do so with the wealth of knowledge available to me through Coursera Plus.

Cost Savings

Coursera Plus offers two types of subscriptions: Monthly at $59/month with a 7-day free trial, and Annual at $399/year with a 14-day money-back guarantee [(source)). The annual subscription not only saves me $109 compared to the monthly plan, but also there are special discounts and deals available that can help me save even more. For example, I could recently grab a $100 discount on Coursera Plus, bringing the annual subscription cost down to $299/year. All these savings make the investment in Coursera Plus even more worthwhile and allow me to continue learning without breaking the bank.


One of the key advantages of Coursera Plus is its flexibility. Since the service is available online, I can learn at my own pace, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, with the ability to cancel my subscription at any time, I don’t have to worry about long-term commitments or lock-in periods. This flexibility enables me to focus on the learning experience and truly invest in my professional goals, knowing that my investment in Coursera Plus is an investment in myself.

To summarize, Coursera Plus offers me unlimited access to thousands of online courses, significant cost savings through various subscription options and discounts, and the flexibility to learn according to my schedule and preferences.

Coursera Plus Discount Codes For May 2023

As I was browsing the internet, I found several Coursera Plus discount codes and offers for May 2023. Here are a few that I came across:

Best Coursera Plus Discount for May 2023 = $200 Off

  • Forbes mentioned a $100 off Coursera Plus deal for a limited time. They also mentioned a 7-day free trial of Coursera Plus and a monthly subscription for $59.
  • Wired is currently offering 10% off Coursera for Teams, making the 12-month subscription available at $359.10 per user.
  • Lucky for Edwize readers – Coursera is offering $200 Coursera Plus just for this month

Keep in mind that these offers are subject to change, and I recommend verifying the availability of these deals before making a purchase. It’s always worth checking multiple sources and keeping an eye out for any new deals that may emerge.

For those who may not be familiar with Coursera Plus, it’s a premium subscription that provides unlimited access to a large number of online courses, Specializations, and Professional Certificates. This can be an excellent option for anyone looking to advance their career or simply invest in self-education.

Types of Coursera Plus Discount and How To Get Them

Seasonal Promotions

During special occasions, Coursera sometimes offers promotions to save on their Coursera Plus subscription. For example, they previously had a black Friday deal giving a $200 discount, so the annual membership was reduced to $199. To access these discounts, I would recommend checking the Coursera website or signing up for their newsletters to stay updated on any available promotions.

Student Discounts

As a student, I may be eligible for discounts on Coursera Plus. It’s worth reaching out to Coursera’s customer support to inquire about any student-specific promotions or discounts. Additionally, I can check my educational institution’s website or have discussions with my school’s administration to see if they have partnerships with online learning platforms like Coursera.

$200 OFF
Coursera Plus
  • Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Courses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities
  • Flexible work/life balance learning
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Group Discounts

Organizations, businesses, or groups can benefit from group discounts on Coursera Plus subscriptions. These discounts are typically provided when multiple people from the same organization sign up for the subscription. To access group discounts, I would have to reach out to Coursera’s customer support or sales team, providing information about my organization and the number of people interested in subscribing.

Lifetime Deal

Although Coursera Plus does not currently offer a lifetime membership, it’s possible that they might introduce such a deal in the future. I would recommend periodically checking their website or subscribing to their newsletters to stay informed about their discount offerings, including any possible lifetime deals.

Affiliate Programs

Coursera has an affiliate program that allows participants to earn a commission by promoting their courses and subscriptions. If I decide to join their affiliate program, I can receive a unique referral link and promotional materials. By sharing this link and promoting Coursera Plus, I can earn a commission when someone makes a purchase through my referral.

It’s important to note that discounts and promotions may vary, so staying updated through the Coursera website and their communication channels is key to getting the best deals on Coursera Plus subscriptions.

How to Redeem Coursera Plus Discount Offer (Step by Step)

Detailed Instructions on How to Redeem Coursera Plus Discount Codes

To redeem the Coursera Plus discount, I would suggest following these steps:

Coursera Plus Discount Offer
  1. Visit the official website of Coursera Plus.
  2. Click on the ‘Start 7-day Free Trial‘ button, which leads to the sign-up page.
  3. Review the payment and the total bill, where you will see the discounted price of your subscription.
How to redeem Coursera Plus Discount

Please note that the Coursera Plus subscription comes in two types:

  • Monthly: $59/month, which starts with a 7-day free trial
  • Annual: $399/year, and it comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee

Both membership options can be canceled at any time. For more information, check the Coursera Plus help article.

Common Discount Code Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

If you are facing issues while redeeming the Coursera Plus discount, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check the discount code: Make sure you have entered the correct discount code, as these codes are case-sensitive.
  2. Expired code: Ensure that the discount code hasn’t expired. If it has, look for a new and valid code.
  3. Eligibility: Ensure that the course or subscription you are trying to purchase is eligible for the discount.
  4. Technical issues: If you still face issues after following the above steps, try clearing your browser cache, using a different browser, or reaching out to Coursera Plus support for assistance.
$200 OFF
Coursera Plus
  • Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Courses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities
  • Flexible work/life balance learning
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Remember to always check for the latest discount offers and follow the detailed step-by-step guide to redeem your Coursera Plus discount with ease. Happy learning!

Maximizing the Value of Your Coursera Plus Subscription

Prioritize Learning Goals

To make the most of my Coursera Plus subscription, I need to prioritize my learning goals. First, I identify the skills or subject areas I want to focus on, and then I rank them in order of importance. Next, I make sure to choose courses that align with these goals, keeping in mind the value of Coursera Plus’s annual pricing at $399 or $59 per month.

Create a Study Plan

Once I’ve identified my learning goals and chosen the relevant courses, I need to create a study plan. I start by estimating the time commitment for each course, considering factors such as course duration, weekly hours, and the level of difficulty. Then, I allocate time in my schedule for dedicated study sessions. I also set deadlines to keep myself accountable, and track my progress using tools like calendars or apps.

Join a Learner Community

To keep myself motivated and engaged, I join relevant learner communities. These communities can be found on Coursera forums or on social media platforms, like Facebook groups or Reddit. By joining these communities, I can connect with other Coursera Plus subscribers who share my interests, participate in lively discussions, seek help when needed, and offer support to fellow learners.

Utilize Course Resources

In order to maximize the value of my Coursera Plus subscription, I fully utilize the resources provided within each course. This may include lecture videos, recommended readings, quizzes, assignments, and peer-graded assessments. By actively engaging with these resources, I enhance my understanding of the material, apply the concepts in a practical manner, and improve my retention of information.

In addition, I seek out opportunities for deeper learning by exploring external resources, like articles, podcasts, or supplemental materials, to complement each course. By employing these strategies, I ensure an effective and fulfilling learning experience with Coursera Plus.

Top Coursera Courses and Specializations

Overview of Top Coursera Courses

In my exploration of Coursera, I have found some incredible online courses that offer valuable learning experiences. From top universities, I have discovered courses like Machine Learning by Stanford University, Python for Everybody by the University of Michigan, and Blockchain Basics by the University at Buffalo.

A few highly-rated Coursera courses include:

  • Data Science: Johns Hopkins University
  • Applied Data Science with Python: University of Michigan
  • Influencer Marketing Strategy: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Guided Projects

I have also come across a range of guided projects on Coursera, which offer hands-on learning experiences. These practical projects allow me to apply my newly acquired skills directly to real-world applications, such as creating a data analysis report, building a responsive web design, and even developing a Python Flask application from scratch.


On Coursera, there are many specializations that enable me to dive deeper into specific subject areas. Some popular specializations I’ve come across include:

  1. Deep Learning: Created by, this five-course series teaches me about neural networks, deep learning, and their applications across various industries.
  2. Strategic Business Analytics: The ESSEC Business School offers this four-course series, focusing on data analysis, visualization, and decision-making in the business world.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Offered by the University of California, Davis, this six-course series covers the foundation of SEO, providing me with actionable strategies to enhance website visibility.

Professional Certificates

Lastly, I’ve discovered numerous professional certificate programs on Coursera that provide job-ready skills and credentials. Notable examples include the Google IT Support Professional Certificate, IBM Data Science Professional Certificate, and Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate.

While exploring Coursera, I’ve found that their extensive selection of online learning opportunities makes it an ideal platform for developing new skills, pursuing specialized interests, and enhancing my professional credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coursera Plus?

I find Coursera Plus to be a subscription plan offered by the popular online education platform Coursera, which provides unlimited access to thousands of courses, specializations, and professional certificates. This allows users like me to expand our knowledge and develop various skills.

Is there a Coursera Plus discount available?

Yes, indeed! I have come across a few sources that indicate Coursera Plus coupons and discounts. In one promotion, Coursera Plus is available for $299/year, which is $100 off its original price. Keep an eye on deals and discounts as they may vary over time.

$200 OFF
Coursera Plus
  • Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Courses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities
  • Flexible work/life balance learning
Try Now

How do I apply for the Coursera Plus discount?

Applying for the Coursera Plus discount is simple! I followed these steps:

  1. Visit the Coursera website.
  2. Clicked on “Start Today” to sign up using my Facebook account, Google account, or email address.
  3. Provided my payment details on the checkout page.

As soon as I completed these steps, I received the Coursera Plus discount.

Can I try Coursera Plus before purchasing it?

Yes, Coursera offers the opportunity to try Coursera Plus before purchasing. If I choose the monthly payment plan, I can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore and experience Coursera Plus.

I hope this clears up some of the most common questions about Coursera Plus and the available discounts. Happy learning!

$200 OFF
Coursera Plus
  • Unlimited Access to 7,000+ Courses
  • Learn from 275+ leading universities
  • Flexible work/life balance learning
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I’ve found that Coursera Plus offers a great opportunity for anyone looking to expand their skillset and continue their education. With access to over 90% of Coursera’s online courses, I can truly customize my learning experience and dive into a variety of subjects. Moreover, the Coursera Plus discount code makes this valuable resource even more accessible.

In today’s fast-paced world, I believe it’s crucial to stay up to date with new knowledge and skills, and Coursera Plus plays an essential role in achieving that. The platform’s flexibility makes it much easier for me to fit learning into my schedule since I can learn at my own pace.

In conclusion, Coursera Plus is a valuable tool that can help me in achieving my educational goals and staying ahead in my field. I’m confident that investing in this platform will pay off in the long run, and with the discounts available, it’s an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

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