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Martin Barrett
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Can You Use Skillshare Offline?

Can You Use Skillshare Offline?

We never stop learning in life. Platforms that offer a variety of online courses, such as Skillshare, make it possible to learn more.

Skillshare provides a large choice of creative classes that allow you to indulge in your hobbies or further your career.

Many workshops on Skillshare include additional reading material and worksheets, so you get the most out of your learning time.

The platform also promises that you can learn from anywhere around the world. But can you use Skillshare offline?

In this article, we find out if you can download videos for offline use and we’ll also take a look at some of the benefits of offline learning.

Can You Watch Skillshare Courses Offline?

Yes, Skillshare allows you to download your course and then watch the video offline. This allows you to learn anywhere at any time.

Can You Use Skillshare Offline Without The App?

Skillshare only lets you download your classes to the app, so there is no way to download the videos to your phone.

How To Download Skillshare Classes For Offline Viewing?

You can easily download any Skillshare class of your choice within the Skillshare app for both Skillshare on Android and Skillshare on iOS.

Just connect to the internet first, then open the Skillshare application and navigate to the class that you want to download. (See ‘How To Download Skillshare Videos On Your Phone?’)

Then simply toggle the “Download Class” button. Once each class of your course was downloaded, you will be able to watch the educational videos offline.

Just bear in mind that you will still need to get into the app to view your offline videos.

Why Would You Want To Use Skillshare Offline?

Online classes have become very popular over the past years but there are also a lot of advantages to offline learning.

Here are a few key benefits why downloading your Skillshare videos for offline learning is a great idea.

Less Distraction

The internet is all around us these days and we hardly go anywhere without our phones. In fact, we are connected to the rest of the world at all times, even when we go to bed.

This means that when we need some quiet time for concentration to learn something new, then we will likely get distracted by a message popping up or the latest news notification.

Turning your internet off while you are learning, minimizes not only distractions but also improves your attention span.

This means that you can concentrate much easier on what you are learning and retain all the information for longer.

This makes offline learning with Skillshare one of the best ways to learn more effectively.

Learn At Your Own Pace

Another great benefit of learning without being connected to the internet is that you can choose your own pace.

You can play and replay your Skillshare video as often as you like to make sure that you understood all the information or to practice.

This can also help you create a learning routine. For example, you can choose to learn at a certain time of day or on a certain day of the week.

With offline learning, you are not limited to a specific time when you can access your Skillshare classes.

Avoid Technical Issues 

One of the biggest challenges with online learning is how to overcome technical difficulties. 

From low internet speed to bad equipment, the lack of proper technical support often means that accessing a course becomes time-consuming.

For a good online learning experience, you will need a working PC, headphones, a microphone, a webcam, and a reliable internet connection. (For how to download Skillshare videos to your PC, click here.)

On the other hand, you only need a laptop or computer when you want to learn offline.

This does not only save you time but it can also save you money as you don’t need to buy all the gear.

Offline Allows Practical Learning 

Can You Use Skillshare Offline?

As you won’t get distracted by any pop-up notifications on your phone, you will be able to concentrate better on your course.

This also means that you can turn your attention to some of the practical elements of learning.

Whether you want to learn how to crochet or you want to build your own website, many Skillshare classes come with a practical learning element where you need to apply your knowledge.

Offline learning allows you to spend some time practicing your new skills without any distractions.

Disadvantages Of Offline Learning With Skillshare

While learning offline with Skillshare has many great benefits, there are also a few drawbacks that you should consider.

No Access To Additional Material

When you are connected to the internet, you have unlimited access to the Skillshare app and everything it offers, including any extra resources for your course.

In addition, if you have any questions or need more information about a topic, then you can just find out more using a search engine.

While this can be distracting, you can also discover a lot more about your learning topic and expand your horizon beyond the course.

Offline learning only gives you access to the Skillshare classes and you won’t be able to search for additional information related to your training course.

No Interaction With The Skillshare Community

Skillshare has a large learning community where you can share your knowledge and learn with others.

This is a big part of making learning fun and easier. You can also ask questions to the community if you have Skillshare premium membership.

When you aren’t connected to the internet, then you won’t be able to connect with this large group of other learners.

This does not just mean your learning progress might be slower but you might also not enjoy learning as much as you would when you are online.

Final Thoughts

You can easily use the Skillshare app offline and download courses to view them even without internet access.

However, you will need to use the Skillshare app to watch your classes.

Offline access to learning can be a big advantage as you won’t be distracted by notifications but you will also miss out on Skillshare’s community which makes learning so much more fun.