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How To Download Skillshare Videos On Your Phone

How To Download Skillshare Videos On Your Phone

Are you wondering: “Can I use Skillshare on my phone?”

If you want to download Skillshare Premium video lessons to watch while offline, maybe you have a flight and want to be able to do something productive with that time.

A mobile device is ideal. However, how it works will always depend on your operating system. 

When you have a mobile phone, you can access a majority of Skillshare’s content via their app, and you will also get unlimited access to online viewing that way.

However, should you want to download classes onto other devices such as an iPad, tablet, or even a small laptop, or iPod, you may need something a little extra. 

However, before we get into all you need to know about downloading Skillshare videos on your phone, let’s quickly cover just how you should go about downloading them onto a PC or Mac operating system. 

(This does include some iPads and tablets – note the easiest way is through the app, but manual downloads may work better for some people). 

How Can I Use Skillshare On My Phone?

If you do not want to download the app, you can download it manually, and save the online courses to your device.

Skillshare courses will then be available for online viewing through iTunes, Windows Media Player, QuickTime, or another similar video-running application.

However, it is worth giving you a fair warning that most applications that will allow you to download videos to your computer/mobile device will be on unsafe or sketchy sites.

Ensure you have security features and a firewall on your device. 

The classes are made up of smaller lessons, and while easier to learn, Skillshare classes structured like this are more difficult to download.

If you are not comfortable with this, please just use the app if you have a Skillshare subscription.

It is much easier, and while it is not always the preferable option for everyone, it is safer and more secure.

Also, the app is guaranteed by the Skillshare platform, and is part of the Skillshare premium membership you pay for when you get your Skillshare account!

What Does Skillshare Say?

So, what does Skillshare have to say about people who want to watch their video content offline via a download? Unlike some other online learning platforms, they say, go for it! 

You can take your learning with you, even if you have no Wi-Fi or data.

Just pre-download what you want before you go offline. 

Skillshare offers its Skillshare members offline viewing of their video content through their apps.

They have apps available through Apple iOS and Android. 

While you have an internet connection, navigate their app and look for your class or your favorite Skillshare teachers, then click on the Skillshare class you wish to download and click on the button that says ‘Download Class’. 

Once all of your class lessons have been downloaded, you will be able to click on and watch each of your class videos online. 

And if you are on the Skillshare free trial, use your time wisely and watch free classes while you can!

So, if you do end up taking a flight somewhere, and the flight time is painstakingly long, consider downloading your class, and learning something new during your flight.

Now you actually can take Skillshare classes at 40,000 feet! 

The Skillshare App

can i use skillshare on my phone

So, if you want to download Skillshare videos to watch while you are offline it is totally possible through their handy app.

You can download the Skillshare app through the iTunes store for Apple, or through the Google Play Store for Android. 

However, their iTunes version seems to be much more functional, as if you do attempt to subscribe via the Google Play Store you may face a few restrictions.

This is because of location restrictions on Google Play.

Should you see that your country is not a supported location for Skillshare through the Google Play Store, you can still start a Skillshare membership with the Skillshare online learning platform through an accepted payment method.

However, this does mean that you will not be able to download their videos via the application. 

What If I Cannot Get The App?

If you cannot get the app, and you really want to download a Skillshare video, you may have to use something such as Allavsoft, or another downloading service. (Check out ‘How To Download Skillshare Videos.’)

These services are typically not majorly safe, and can often contain viruses, so before you attempt to download a video from Skillshare using one of these, ensure that your PC/mobile device is protected. 

Why Won’t My Skillshare Videos Play?

Sometimes using the application and downloading the videos for offline watching is the best bet, as online viewing can be problematic. 

Sometimes the videos will not play.

Video errors are an all too common pest in our world, and can have a whole manner of causes, so let’s talk you through them quickly, so you know how to troubleshoot an error with the videos. (Check out our detailed explanation here.)

Firstly, you need to troubleshoot your browser if you are online.

Clear your cache and cookies, and then disable antivirus programs, extensions, add-ons for your browser, and the firewall, then proceed to sign out of Skillshare and sign back in. 

Gradually doing these things can help you cut out what it could be that is preventing clean play. 

Disabling these things may make it seem sketchy or unsafe, however, you are just doing an elimination test to see which factor it could be. Usually, it is just a glitch.

You can even try signing in using a different browser.

Google Chrome is usually the best for Skillshare content.

If your videos still do not work (especially if the video is for viewing offline, contact Skillshare under the pretense of a technical issue as it may not be an error on your end, and may instead be an issue with the video itself. 

When you contact Skillshare tell them what your browser type is, screenshot the error, link them to the class, and screenshot the console for the problem page. (Ctrl+Shift+J/ Cmd+Alt+J).


The best way to download Skillshare videos for offline viewing is via their app, however, some countries may not be able to do this.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a backup plan. 

But, always be cautious of systems that claim they can help you download things to your PC through links, these can often be virus riddled. Keep your tech safe first!

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