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Best Typing Apps

4 Best typing apps You Should Try In 2023

The more and more common technology has become an unavoidable part of daily life, the more skills related to technology have become more desirable to have.

One of the best examples of this is being able to touch typing skills.

Being able to type both quickly, as well as accurately is a skill that can make you much more employable, but it is also just something that will make your daily life much more efficient.

This is especially true in jobs that require you to make lots of notes and type down information.

Being good at typing skills in these jobs can make working life a lot easier!

Because touch typing skills have become such an important skill in modern life, people now find it more important than ever to teach themselves to be as good at typing as possible, and luckily there are programs available to help you learn how to do this.

One of the best ways to learn to type is to use typing apps for students, there is a wide variety of apps available which are perfect for learning to type.

These apps are also aimed at a wide variety of age demographics, which means it is easy to learn to type at any age with the apps we have chosen!

So, if you are interested in learning to type yourself, or want to improve the typing ability of your kids, we have chosen some of the best apps for improving your typing skills in this list so you can make the process easy.

It is also worth noting that some of our choices are not apps per se but are websites that function like apps that you can access on your mobile or on your computer depending on what you prefer.

While some people prefer the more cohesive free typing app experience, using a website will save on phone storage which for many people is a limited resource.

The Best Typing Apps To Get

All of our choices are better for different scenarios and situations than each other, for example, some are better for adults, whereas, others are aimed exclusively at children.

There are also some choices that will work better on mobiles, while others will be better for use on a computer or laptop.

Keep this in mind, as well as what you are aiming to learn while making your choice as this will make choosing a typing app a lot more simple.


Typing App Overview

When it comes to well-recognized best typing tutors, Typesy is one of the most recognizable options and there are plenty of different versions of it available from the app to computer programs that can be downloaded individually or for a whole business or school.

While you are not able to check the rapid typing tutor software, you are able to take advantage of the year-long money-back guarantee if you do not like the best typing tutor software.

One of our favorite features of Typesy is that it is completely cloud-based so you will be able to access your account and progress from all of your devices and everything will be synced up across the devices.

Unless your account has been set up by a third party, you will be able to set up your own goals for improving your typing.

But where this app really shows off is the smart goals function which it will give you goals automatically after you have spent enough time using the free typing software.

This is all part of the amazing progress tracking features where you are also able to view your stats and progress whenever you want all laid out in an easy-to-understand format.

Typesy uses more than 500 different exercises, drills, free typing lessons, and fun typing games to help you improve your ability to type, all of which have been proven to work.

What is even better than this is the video instructions you get before and to accompany any lessons which are perfect for making sure you understand and can put the information into practice lessons.

You can also make typing specific content easier where you are able to import any content you like, for example, free online typing tutorial articles or eBooks, so help put your keyboard skills to the typing test.

One of our favorite things about Typesy is that it is great for all age groups with the different activities being good for different ages, for example, Typing Monster is a great typing game to keep kids engaged and not getting bored.

If you want a typing app and program which is full of features and available on multiple platforms which can also sync between them, this is your best bet!

What We Liked About This Typing App

  • Very adaptive to your skill level letting you improve at the pace you want to
  • Some of the built-in educational games are really engaging
  • The video tutorials ensure that you process all the information properly
  • Lets you create your own custom lessons and content

What We Do Not Like About This Typing App

  • Quite expensive with no trial period
  • The app is currently not compatible with Android devices

Who Is This Typing App Perfect For?

If you are looking for an app or program which will help you every step of the way that has plenty of features and typing games to keep you engaged, this is one of the best options to choose.

Typing App Overview

If you are looking for a free online typing tutor that you will not have to pay for, is one of the best options.

While there is a paid version, the free version of the free typing tutor software is completely passable.

This website is available on all devices and works well on them, and it has typing lessons for any difficulty level, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

The best typing software is quite intuitive and will show you the virtual keyboard and then the letter that they are asking you to press and then what fingers you should be using.

On top of these standard typing drills, there are also different lessons available, for example, lessons are about tech readiness as well as preparing for a career that uses basic keyboarding skills.

There is even a lesson that is specifically designed to help with touch typing when it comes to writing code which is a niche often left ignored. is also great for keeping track of any problem keys you could be dealing with and gives you specific suggestions to help you improve how you interact with and overcome these issues.

There are 6 different types of advanced typing tests which are offered by which will all work on working out your typing speed and accuracy which is great information to know, especially if you plan to have a career that uses typing.

The website will automatically store the previous 30 results of your tests so you can easily view how much you have improved.

And if you are a fan of gamified learning, currently has over 200 badges and achievements to earn which are great motivation.

The practice exercises which are used on are also great with different fun games like a choose your own adventure story which adapts to your decisions and typing skill.

The range of typing games is impressive and is very comparable to paid typing practice software with how much it offers.

The only time you will need to pay for is if you want to get rid of the advertisements, but this is a one-off payment, which is refreshing compared to some services which require repeat payments to keep ads off.

What We Liked About This Typing App

What We Liked About This Typing App
  • Great progress-tracking features
  • Good motivation incentives like badges
  • Shows you what you are struggling with and how to overcome it
  • The games are fun and have a surprising amount of depth
  • Does not require payment

What We Do Not Like About This Typing App

  • There are not as many basic typing lessons for advanced users as there are for beginners
  • Ads can be very distracting if you are not paying

Who Is This Typing App Perfect For?

If you are fine not using an app and instead using a webpage, is great for how many features it has at absolutely no cost, and if you are willing to pay, getting rid of the ads makes this service practically perfect for learning to type.


Typing App Overview

If you want a piece of typing learning software that is great for working with a budget, KeyBlaze is going to be one of your best options.

Similar to Typesy, the best typing apps have only iOS friendly, but there is a PC and Mac versions if these devices are available to you.

There are multiple payment plans to make KeyBlaze as tailored to your needs and budget as possible.

For example, you can get the free version, a personal version, or a commercial version.

The paid versions also have different payment styles to make them as accessible as possible.

On KeyBlaze there are more than 150 different activities that are designed to improve your typing skills.

KeyBlaze also includes specific lessons for skills like transcribing as well as 10-key numeric typing as well.

Some of the games, for example, Word Blizzard, are designed to make it, so your typing is accurate and quick.

There are also assessments that will analyze your results and make it so you can keep on top of your typing speed, your accuracy, as well as let you know where you are falling short.

Like some of the other options we have here, there is also the option to make your own custom lessons to ensure that you are covering your weaknesses and can reach the goals which you have set for yourself.

Another strength of KeyBlaze is that it is a perfect teaching aid or typing tutorial tool which is great for the analysis tools it uses.

Being able to see progress using the graphs created is the perfect motivation to want to improve.

However, the interface is starting to show its age compared to programs like Typesy which are quite modern.

A lot of features are not in the free version, but it is serviceable, but the paid version is worth the investment if you like the free version.

What We Liked About This Typing App

  • You can have unlimited users sharing just one license
  • Uses knowledge and lessons based on expert teaching
  • Is available for offline use
  • Helps you practice the specific or essential skill

What We Do Not Like About This Typing App

  • The very limited free version feels like a demo

Who Is This Typing App Perfect For?

This program is perfect if you want an app or program for a large group and want something that will work if you can not rely on an internet connection.

It is worth trying the free version, to see if you will like the paid version, but relying on just the free version will get old fast.


Typing App Overview

If you like a gamified approach to learning to type, TypingClub is one of the best options available and it has a very clean and concise interface to make using it as simple as possible.

Earning the badges which are available makes learning using this app incredibly motivating, and wanting to beat your previous score is a great way to make learning to type as simple as possible.

The free version of the app does feature a distracting amount of ads, but if you want to sample the paid version, you can try a 3-day trial of it to see if you want to invest in it.

The premium version of course does not have adverts, but there are also more themes and games, as well as more detailed reports.

The standard lesson plan used has 670 lessons included and they all work to build upon the lessons the other was teaching, and you even have the option to do a correct finger placement test to see if you can automatically skip some foundational lessons to save time when learning to type.

The lesson plans feature nine different language options, and there are even specific lessons available for both left and right-handed typing.

There are also specific lesson plans available for children in certain age groups.

You also have quite a detailed statistics page which will work well to show both your accuracy and your speed test and will show how much you have improved over a certain length of time.

There are even simple diagrams that are color-coded to show how effective you are with every key, as well as each of your fingers.

If you are looking for a more fun way to learn how to type which is good at keeping you, or your kids motivated with badges and rewards, TypingClub is a great option!

What We Liked About This Typing App

  • The interface is attractive and is easy to customize to suit your preference
  • The statistics created are informative as well as easy to understand
  • The experience of using the app is fun and engaging
  • Teaches you the proper intended hand posture needed

What We Do Not Like About This Typing App

  • The free version of the service has quite a lot of ads which can be distracting
  • Primarily aimed at a younger audience like students and schools

Who Is This Typing App Perfect For?

If you are looking for a typing tool that is aimed to help a younger audience or students, which could also still be useful for adults, TypingClub is one of the best services available!

How To Choose Which Typing App Is Perfect For You?

When you are choosing an app to help teach you how to type, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is your goal, as well as the demographic you want to learn to type.

You should also consider the way in which you learn best and how to capitalize upon this.

For example, if you are a complete beginner, the best typing apps will be fine for you since they almost all have customized lessons that will help this demographic, but if you are looking for more advanced skills, you will want to find an app that specializes in this.

Also, if you are an adult, using a service that is primarily aimed at a younger audience can be serviceable, but often the aesthetics can be a bit patronizing.

Also, you want to be aware if you prefer learning using a gamified structure with rewards, or with simple advanced lessons and tests, there will be specific services tailored to each of these approaches.


When getting a typing app, make sure to sample the options which feature an unpaid trial, as these will give you a good impression of whether you will enjoy using this app as well as find it useful.

If an app does not have a free trial period, but you are sure it is the one that you want to use, make sure you do plenty of research and ensure it is the choice you want to make!

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