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Best Speed Reading Courses of 2022 - Reviews

8 Best Speed Reading Courses of 2023 (Review)

Speed reading offers readers and learners a lot of benefits. It helps them breeze through chapters of a novel or textbook quickly while absorbing and retaining all the information. Sounds too good to be true, we know!

But speed reading is a real lifesaver for those who need to finish hundreds of pages in one go.

If you’re ready to take a speed reading course and enjoy benefits like fast reading, advanced comprehension, memory retention, improved brain function, and so on, read on.

We have compiled an in-depth guide on the eight best speed reading courses available on the market now. We have also listed the pros, cons, and prices of each of these courses and mentioned which platforms you can find them on.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and find out which speed reading courses are worth your while.

8 Best Speed Reading Courses

Below, you’ll find our reviews on some of the best reading courses available online. We’ll talk about the pros and cons, costs, and what to expect from each. Let’s begin.

1. Super Reading By Jim Kwik

1. Super Reading By Jim Kwik

Super Reading by Jim Kwik from Mindvalley is probably the best speed reading course out there. This online speed reading course offers the most comprehensive benefits for those who wish to learn to speed read.

Jim Kwik, the course instructor, is a well-known American brain coach and author. He has more than 25 years of experience in the field and has taught many celebrities, CEOs, and athletes to enhance their mental performance.

In this course, he delves into his exclusive fast-reading methodology and different aspects of brain training.

This helps you boost your reading skills and speed-learning ability. Kwik also shares proven techniques to improve reading performance, tackle bad reading habits, and boost memory.

The Super Reading course comes in the form of easy-to-understand, self-paced lessons in video format.

It also has innovative course materials with many practical exercises and additional learning resources to help you learn faster. Its progress tracking feature also allows you to record and measure your improvements.

To start with the speed reading class and try its many benefits, you can enroll in its free one-hour masterclass before buying it.

If you’re interested in taking the course, you can decide to purchase individual classes or subscribe to its membership and earn access to Mindvalley’s full course library.

If you have any second thoughts about the Super Reading course, Mindvalley’s refund policy allows you to access it without any risk.

Overall, the course is great for college students, office-goers, and just about anyone who loves to or needs to read a lot.


  • Well-curated lessons from an industry expert
  • Practical exercises to drastically speed up reading performance
  • Bite-sized lessons for easy learning of concepts
  • Includes practical tips for real-life application of lessons
  • Availability of a free one-hour masterclass to check if the course is the right fit


  • Not many exercises at the end of the course
  • Repeated lessons


  • Mindvalley monthly access: $59
  • Mindvalley annual membership program: $499


  • Mindvalley

2. Become A SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading And Boost Memory

2. Become A SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading And Boost Memory

The second-best speed reading course on our list is Become a SuperLearner 2: Learn Speed Reading & Boost Memory. Jonathan Levi, a successful entrepreneur, teaches it. More than 350,000 people regularly watch his courses.

The first version of this course was a total hit with self-development enthusiasts, academics, and students.

The new, improved version of the same course features a lot of important improvements in terms of clarity and engagement. It is also more accessible to people with reading and learning disabilities.

In Become a SuperLearner 2, Levi shares his success strategies and the importance of speed reading in the journey to success.

He also offers in-depth insights on speed reading, practical tips, and visual learning tools to help you read faster. Levi also delves into useful memory techniques to help you hone your memory skills.

A treasure trove of resourceful materials that will serve the average college graduate, entrepreneur, and avid reader well accompanies the course. It is available on Udemy (check out a review of the platform here) and is priced at $129.99.


  • Rich and useful course content
  • Extra resource materials
  • Detailed insights and tips for speed reading
  • Helpful memory techniques
  • Accessible to attendees with learning and reading disabilities


  • Contains ads
  • Poor explanation of certain abstract concepts and ideas


  • $129.99


  • Udemy

3. Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed in 7 Days

3. Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed in 7 Days

Speed Reading Mastery: Double Your Reading Speed in 7 Days is a popular speed reading course by TEDx speaker Jordon Harry.

He is a well-known speed reading and memory coach and has mentored more than 30,000 people. So you can be sure that you’re in safe hands when you enroll for this course.

In Speed Reading Mastery, Jordon shares how to train and optimize your memory skills to double your reading speed. He uses simple video tutorials, exercises, and reading comprehension tests to ease the learning process.

He also teaches you the power of “chunking,” advanced techniques when reading from a screen, and how to take better notes.

The course is specially designed for readers who wish to speed read and finish books and other reading material faster. This online course can help improve your reading habits and enjoy personal growth as a result.

You can find the Speed Reading Mastery class on Skillshare (check out a review of the platform here and a detailed comparison of Skillshare vs. Udemy here).


  • Taught by a professional speed reading and memory coach
  • Good explanation of strategic methods
  • Use of creative techniques in lectures
  • Useful for people with Dyslexia


  • Lacks a detailed explanation for technical terms
  • Poor audio quality


  • $13 per month (paid annually)


  • Skillshare

4. Iris Speed Reading Course

4. Iris Speed Reading Course

Iris Reading is a leading company that offers some of the best speed reading and memory improvement courses. The Wall Street Journal and have mentioned the company.

So you can be sure of the quality of its online courses and in-person classes. 

The Iris Speed Reading Course is packed with useful video tutorials. Enrolling in the course will give you lifetime access to all its online videos. This allows you to access the speed reading classes at your convenience and finish the course at your own pace. 

The Iris Reading Course has three online modules on offer. They include the “Speed Reading Foundation Course,” “Speed Reading Mastery,” and “Advanced Comprehension and Memory Course.”

The Foundation Course is perfect for newcomers who want to get started with basic speed reading. The two other courses help you level up your speed reading techniques to ensure efficient reading.

You can buy the Iris Reading modules individually or all the courses as a bundle at a discounted price.

If you prefer in-person classes, Iris Reading also offers live speed reading classes. They hold classes in most major cities in the United States, including New York, Washington, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Iris Reading also provides lessons in many cities worldwide, including Toronto, London, Moscow, Mumbai, and Singapore.

You also get a cool bonus with every booked live class. This is a one-year license of the AceReader speed reading software to keep up your practice sessions.

If you need an alternative to an in-person speed reading class, the company also offers a series of virtual live webinar sessions. This boot camp goes on for five weeks and provides speed tests and Q&A sessions.

The lessons are recorded to help students easily access them later on at their convenience.

You can access Iris Reading’s online courses on all operating systems and browsers. The company has additional tools and apps to help you enhance your reading speed and memory techniques.


  • Offers online video learning and in-person classroom options
  • Lifetime access to all online video tutorials
  • Three different online modules to suit readers of different abilities
  • A bonus of AceReader software’s one-year license with every booked live class
  • Online courses work on all operating systems and browsers


  • Each module is designed to enhance a single skill
  • Slightly pricey
  • A few video lectures are not downloadable
  • Videos need high bandwidth


  • $49 to $79
  • 3 Core Course Bundle: $149 (discounted price)
  • Live classes: Starting from $199
  • Bootcamp: Starting from $197


  • Iris Reading’s browser website, mobile app, and live classes

5. Rev It Up Reading

5. Rev It Up Reading

Rev It Up Reading is a popular online speed reading course developed and launched by Abby Marks Beale.

A reputed speed reading expert, Abby designed this reading improvement course to help people worldwide improve their reading speed and comprehension skills.

The instructor talks about the importance and benefits of reading and shares practical tips to improve performance.

Rev It Up Reading offers a five-hour module-based program that helps learners build basic and advanced reading skills.

The time-efficient course offers on-demand access and is well-suited for students, professionals, and casual readers who wish to speed read.

When you register for the course, you also receive a free downloadable e-book on speed reading. This helps round up the knowledge that you gained from the course.

The speed reading class also has a highly personalized approach and provides unlimited email support, allowing students to get in touch with Abby directly.

So you can easily clear your doubts and get answers to your questions within 24 hours.  

The Rev It Up Reading Course also focuses on the individual needs of the learners. It encourages them to read more consciously and understand what they read better. This helps readers extract the key information quickly and finish reading faster.

You can also monitor your learning progress with the 17 non-fiction timed exercises and self-evaluation of your reading habits.

Once you complete the course, you are also awarded a Certificate of Completion, which makes it even more rewarding and exciting.

If you’re unsure about investing in this online course, you can sign up for its free trial and check out its features before deciding to go ahead.

You can access the course from different devices such as a desktop computer, Mac, iPad, and tablet.


  • Taught by a well-known speed reading expert
  • Considers the individual needs of different learners
  • On-demand access
  • Has a free ebook
  • Unlimited email support
  • Offers free trial
  • Works on a range of devices


  • Costly
  • Needs a strong internet connection


  • 7-Day Access: $49
  • 90-Day Access: $199
  • 365-Day Access: $299


  • Rev It Up Reading’s website and mobile app

6. Spreeder VIP

6. Spreeder VIP

If you do a lot of digital reading, like reading e-books, webpages, and digital documents, and need practical speed reading strategies, Spreeder VIP is a fantastic choice.

This popular speed reading course enables learners to read digital documents and e-books on various devices efficiently.

Equipped with the tools and features of the 7 Speed Reading Course, this course-cum-digital reader allows you to access it on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows device.

You can then speed read digital documents, files, and website content or learn speed reading from top experts.

It comes with videos to boost reading speed and comprehension, along with exercises to help you eliminate bad reading habits. The course also has a vocabulary builder. It also allows you to track your progress with in-depth statistics.

The best part about Spreeder VIP is that a single license is enough to use on different devices. It also allows you to create multiple user accounts (up to five) and enjoy all the benefits we discussed.

It provides a browser version and mobile app for greater ease of use.

Overall, this speed reading course is one of the best for those who need to read digital content quickly and improve their comprehension skills. The course also offers a free seven-day trial to help you get a taste of its features.


  • Combines a speed reading course with a built-in digital reader
  • Best for those who love digital reading
  •  Accessible on a range of devices
  • Features a vocabulary builder
  • Detailed stats to track learning progress
  • Can create up to five user accounts
  • Free seven-day trial


  • Steep learning curve
  • Takes time to load data from the cloud


  • $9 per month


  • Mobile and desktop app and website

7. Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

7. Legentas Online Speed Reading Course

Legentas Online Speed Reading Course is an award-winning online course that delivers proven results for those who want to learn to speed read.

A team of experts from different fields, like speed-reading academic experts and UX designers, created the course.

Together, these experts have designed one of the best speed reading courses with high value for college students and working professionals.

The course aims to tackle bad reading habits that you may have picked up in school and help you read faster.

It also allows you to develop better memory skills and reading comprehension. This enables you to understand what you read in better detail and depth.

The speed reading course trains your eyes to improve visual attention and take in more words at a time. This helps you hone your reading speed and learning potential significantly. 

Its interface is easy to use, and the lessons are made available in the form of fun exercises and theory lectures. It also has a free e-book on speed reading for additional learning.

Students also get immediate feedback after completing each exercise. They receive an exact score along with tips for improvement.

After you complete all 20 lessons in the course, you also earn a certificate of achievement.

One more highlight of Legentas Online Speed Reading Course is that it supports seven different languages, including Spanish and Slovakian.

Other online speed reading courses usually do not support languages other than English and French. 

Moreover, you can access this course from different workstations. It also offers a free trial that includes a speed test, three training lessons, speed reading basics, and tools for efficient reading.


  • An award-winning, expert-designed course
  • User-friendly interface
  • Improves visual attention, learning potential, and memory
  • Fun exercises to make learning enjoyable
  • Includes a free e-book on speed reading
  • Immediate feedback after every activity
  • Available in seven different languages
  • Has a free trial


  • A little too technical
  • Needs more unique features


  • Full price: $129
  • Student price: $69


  • Legentas’ website

8. Become A Learning Machine 2.0: Read 300 Books This Year

8. Become A Learning Machine 2.0: Read 300 Books This Year

Become A Learning Machine 2.0: Read 300 Books This Year is a fantastic course for avid readers and learners. Brandon Hakim, the Founder of created this course.

With this course, he guarantees to help you read a minimum of 100 books a year.

The course will help you overcome slow reading habits and start speed reading, boost memory, and improve your comprehension power.

It will also teach you the complete seven-step framework that Hakim used to read more than 1,000 books in 4.5 years. It also promises to guide you on how to turn your reading into action and your dreams into reality.

When you sign up for Become A Learning Machine 2.0, you will get access to various tools to aid your learning process. These tools include on-demand videos, downloadable worksheets, and articles.

You will also get lifetime access to the course material even after completion. Moreover, you’ll also receive a Certificate of Completion to recognize your achievement.

You can access the course via mobile and TV, helping you learn at your convenience.


  • Offers a range of tools to speed up learning
  • Has downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Clear explanations of concepts and ideas


  • Repeated lessons
  • Lectures are too short


  • Full price: $299
  • Discounted price: $29.9


  • Udemy

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Speed Reading Course?

How Long Does It Take To Complete a Speed Reading Course?

On average, speed reading courses last around 28 minutes to 5 hours. But that does not mean you will complete a speed reading course within that time.

How long it takes for you to complete a course depends on your own pace. Most of these speed reading courses are self-paced, so you can take them at any time and finish them without any time limits.

Certain courses also offer files and resources that you can download and learn from on the go. These help speed up the course.

You also need to factor in practice time, as it influences your course completion time.

However, if you love speed reading and are keen on quickly improving your speed reading skills, you may complete the course very soon.

How To Choose The Right Course for You

How To Choose The Right Course for You

To select the right speed reading course, you need to consider the following essential elements:

Instructor’s Experience

Find out as much as possible about the course instructor’s background in speed reading and its numerous facets. They must also deliver excellent course material and have adequate field expertise.

Otherwise, the time and money you spent on the course will have been in vain.

Skill Development 

A speed reading course should help you acquire practical skills and improve your current reading speed greatly. It should help you read and learn faster instead of just having you skimming through chapters without reaping any results or benefits.


The price of a speed reading course determines how much you must invest in the course, making it crucial to choose the correct one.

Choose a course that offers the most value within a reasonable budget. Online courses are usually inexpensive compared to in-person classes and start from $20.

Innovative Learning Approach

A speed reading course should combine a practical learning approach with innovative techniques to help students advance in the course.

Different courses usually follow different patterns. But you should ensure that your course incorporates practical exercises into a structured yet creative teaching strategy.  

Niche Factor

Finally, look at the niche of a course. If you need a specific benefit from a course, such as memory improvement, look at only such courses and exclude the other online speed reading courses.


Speed reading involves digesting chunks of words at a time, helping people read more despite leading busy lives, and with speed reading courses, people can easily do that. 

With our guide on the eight best speed reading courses, we really hope that you can get started on becoming a speed reader and forge your way to success.


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