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Martin Barrett
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Best Online Singing Courses

9 Best Online Singing Courses You Can Sign Up For In 2023

Singing is a fun hobby you can enjoy alone or with friends and family. It can help you bond with others, amaze them with your singing skills, and relieve boredom.

If you wish to take your singing abilities to the next level, you can enroll in one of many online singing programs available. They offer fun vocal lessons that are easy to follow, as well as a treasure trove of vocal exercises and singing techniques.

They also help you save money compared to in-person lessons and allow you to learn at your own pace.

If you’re ready to join the best online singing course and start singing, here we have brought you nine best online singing courses. You can check them out below and choose one that meets your learning needs.

Top 5 Online Singing Courses – Key Takeaways

30-Day Singer

  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Over 150 lessons, taught by professional vocal coaches
  • Focused on vocal techniques and performance
  • Pricing: 14-day free trial, monthly membership at $29.95, annual membership at $129


  • Gamified learning experience with an extensive song library
  • Offers structured lessons and personalized feedback
  • Pricing: Monthly plan at $15, yearly plan at $127

Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

  • Well-structured, bite-sized lessons on Udemy
  • Taught by Eric Arceneaux, focuses on the technical aspects of singing
  • Pricing: One-time fee of $99.99

Roger Love Singing Academy

  • Divided into three different courses for various skill levels
  • Covers a wide range of topics
  • Pricing: Basic level at $197, Mid level at $297, Top level at $497

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

  • MasterClass course taught by Christina Aguilera herself
  • Covers a range of styles, tones, and textures
  • Pricing: Yearly subscription plan at $120
RankCourse NamePriceCourse Link
130-Day Singer 14-day free trial
Monthly membership: $29.95
Annual membership: $129
2Singeo Monthly plan: $15
Yearly plan: $127
3Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I One-time fee: $99.99 Link
4Roger Love Singing Academy Basic Level: $197
Mid Level: $297
Top Level: $497
5Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing Yearly subscription plan: $120 Link

9 Best Online Singing Courses

Below you’ll find a list of nine online singing courses you can sign up for immediately. We’ll talk about their pros and cons, as well as the price and what they actually offer. Let’s begin.

1. 30-Day Singer

1. 30-Day Singer

The 30-Day Singer course is one of the best online singing lessons available on the market. As its name suggests, the course is designed to help you improve your singing skills within a month.

You can continue learning and benefit from its simplified structure, even if you don’t finish it within that time frame.

The 30-Day Singer course is unique as it organizes all the lessons in a streamlined manner. This helps you learn to sing quickly.

The self-paced course is ideal for beginners, intermediate singers, and even advanced singers who want to improve their vocal ability through well-organized online lessons.

It includes training lessons, high-quality HD video tutorials, and vocal exercises that will help you strengthen your vocal cords and build your confidence in singing.

Its lessons also focus extensively on singing techniques. This will help you learn to sing properly, care for your vocal health, and prevent vocal strain and injury. 

This course will also help you figure out your vocal range and master scales and rhythms. By the end of the program, you will have progressed to more advanced techniques like vibrato, falsetto, and smoothing out vocal breaks.

The course also offers vocal warm-ups that are well-suited for anyone who would like to build a solid singing foundation and improve their singing voice.

Intermediate and advanced singers can also learn about improving accuracy, leaps, and fluidity in singing. They will learn to perfect their intonation and pitch and master their performance skills.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you can also try different genres such as classical singing, country, and R&B. However, the lessons do not go deep into the specific music genres and styles.

The course features well-known professional vocal coaches, including Jon Statham, Jonathan Estabrooks, and Camille van Niekerk. You can learn from them all or choose an instructor whose teaching style suits you best.

The 30-Day Singer course also allows you to book private lessons with an instructor for personalized instructions. 

Its live streams, intuitive dashboard, and community forum also accelerate the learning process and make it more fun and interactive.


  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Well-organized course content
  • More than 150 lessons
  • Easy to understand
  • Great set of teachers
  • Focuses on vocal techniques and performance
  • Teaches different singing styles
  • Can book additional private lessons
  • High-quality HD videos
  • Access to a community forum
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Can take longer than a month to complete
  • Needs to have more genre-specific lessons
  • Not great for some beginners who prefer more focused lessons


  • 14-day free trial
  • Monthly membership: $29.95
  • Annual membership: $129

2. Singeo

2. Singeo

The next best online singing lesson we recommend on this list is Singeo. This learning platform is the brainchild of Musora Media, a leading online music education company.

This company has also designed other popular online learning programs such as Guitareo, Drumeo, and Pianote for musical instruments.

Singeo’s unique offering is Method, a step-by-step learning path created for total beginners. It helps you learn at your own pace and build gradually on what you have learned in a structured manner.

Singeo also offers three learning levels for beginners, intermediates, and advanced singers. They include low range, original range, and high range. Beginners can choose the low range and work their way up to the high range.

Singeo focuses a lot on personal practice time to help you learn faster. It also delves into the wider and more technical aspects of music, such as voice and music theory. Moreover, it helps you become more comfortable with your own voice.

This makes it one of the best online singing lessons for people who’ve never tried their hand at singing. It is also great for seasoned vocalists who want to brush up on their theory knowledge and performance skills.

The platform features more than 75 lessons for in-depth learning. It also has high-quality HD video lessons and a community-focused learning approach. 

The Singeo dashboard is easy to navigate and includes a few sections that other online singing lessons lack. Its “Songs” section features more than 130 popular songs that you can sing along to.

The platform’s gamified learning experience makes it interactive and fun. With the completion of every course, you will earn a certain amount of XP as you get in games. You can use this XP to keep learning and gain more XP.

Singeo also has multiple instructors, personalized video feedback, weekly live Q&A sessions, and a student reviews section that sets it apart from other singing lessons.


  • Offers a gamified experience
  • An extensive song library with different pitch ranges
  • Structured lessons for faster learning
  • Practical exercises
  • High-quality videos
  • An impressive selection of professional vocal coaches
  • Personalized video feedback from teachers
  • Focuses on personal practice time
  • Helpful learning resources 
  • Weekly live sessions
  • A community-driven, interactive platform
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Needs to add more content
  • A slightly annoying email sequence


  • Monthly plan: $15
  • Yearly plan: $127

3. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

3. Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I

Elite Singing Techniques – Phase I is one of the best online vocal lessons on Udemy. This course is great for even absolute beginners, as it guides you step by step on how to improve your singing abilities easily and effectively.

By the time you complete the course, you will become a pro at singing.

Well-known professional vocal coach Eric Arceneaux teaches the program. In this course, he teaches you to eliminate excess vocal weight, strain, and soreness, allowing you to sing in the upper range.

He also explains and demonstrates vocal exercises in detail to help you master them easily. This will help you control your diaphragm and the surrounding muscles, sing with increased clarity and perform at your best. 

Elite Singing Techniques features 86 video lessons and downloadable learning resources that allow you to learn at your convenience.

The daily 20-minute lessons are easy to understand and cover all the critical aspects of vocal training. This helps you do away with the struggles that you’ve been facing while singing and hit higher notes.

The course works on devices like PCs, Macs, iPads, and iPhones. So you can learn at home or even when you’re on the move. Once you finish it, you will receive a certificate of completion that you can show your friends, family, and peers.

Overall, this course is great for those who prefer linear, well-structured vocal lessons and want to build a strong foundation for singing.


  • Great for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners
  • Well-structured, bite-sized lessons
  • Delves into the technical as