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Martin Barrett
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Best Headset For Teaching Online

Best Headset For Teaching Online

Since COVID hit every part of our lives over the last 3 years, so much of our lives have gone online, for better and for worse.

For teachers, it’s been something of a mixed blessing.

On the one hand, it has allowed learning and teaching to escape the confines of the classroom and brought into the comfort of your own home and other living spaces.

Plus, it’s also gotten rid of the need for many teachers to have just a board and pen to teach a class.

Especially if they’re a dab hand at putting together a PowerPoint! However, this has also led to most, if not all, teachers needing to add new items to their inventory.

Not only do you need a PC or a big enough mobile device to work on, but you also need a stable internet connection for those Zoom/Skype/Microsoft Team meetings to go ahead smoothly. And, of course, you need a high-quality headset to be heard with.

Many makers and manufacturers know this, and that is why there are more headsets on the market now than ever! If you’re looking for a guide that can help narrow down those many options, we might have just the guide for you!

Not only will we show you the best headset for teaching that you can find on the market, but we’ll show you the key features that you’ll need to know about for your browses and searches. (See also ‘Best Laptop For Teaching Online!’)

Jabra Evolve 75 UC

Teachers have a pretty tough job as it is, much less having to do that while navigating an online classroom. So, we should probably show you a premium option to help teachers stand up to this premium task!

Aside from the professional and clean design of the headphones, the first thing that many people will notice is their build quality as they sit in your hands and on your head.

Wireless headphones used to have a reputation for feeling flimsy and delicate. But these headphones?

Solid as any higher-end headphone product, while still being surprisingly light to carry, at just under 14 pounds. However, a nice build and lightweight frame aren’t the only things that these headphones have to offer.

When it comes to both audio quality and background noise cancellation, Jabra’s Evolve 75 UC might be one of the best headsets for online teaching that’s out there! The noise-canceling cushions of the headset already help block out external distractions, but the microphone itself also has a noise-canceling build to it.

So not only can you drown out background noises for yourself, but for your students as well.

The busy light feature on the side of the headset also lets people around know when you’re on a call, so they don’t accidentally interrupt you.

Add to that a phenomenal battery life away from any charging point, and it’s not hard to see why this is considered a premium headset for teachers across the country.

So, if you have the cash for it, this is a headset purchase that you will not regret!


  • Very comfortable to hold and wear.
  • Noise-canceling ability is second to none!
  • Battery life lasts for 14 to 18 hours without recharge.
  • There’s even noise-canceling in the microphone too!


  • The Bluetooth connection through standard PC functions is a little sketchy. Jabra recommends using their Bluetooth dongle for better results.

Also available at:

Vexko Logitech H390

Now, the previous option was truly exceptional but was also a headset that is comfortable towards the higher end of most people’s budgets, if not over. If you’re looking for a headset that is reliable at a lower price threshold, then Vexko’s Logitech H390 is one of the best headsets to consider.

The inline audio system that this headset uses allows you to adjust the volume of both your headphones and microphones during a call or session, all while not interrupting your lesson.

We were surprised to see a noise-cancellation function on the microphone itself, which is kind of unheard of for many products in this price range.

And, of course, the Logitech USB headset is comfortable to wear on your head for extended periods. If you’re teaching classes from 9 until 3 or 4 pm, this will be a blessing on your head, and avoid frustrating headaches and cramps.

Plus, the leatherette head cups are easy to clean too, in case you like to keep your headsets in tip-top condition between uses. All in all, this might be one of the best budget headsets that you can grab out there for your online teaching needs.


  • Has a surprisingly effective noise-canceling system for a headset of this price range.
  • Inline audio can be adjusted during a call, making for easy adjustments without interruptions.
  • A comfortable headset that can be worn for hours.


  • The plastic of this headset feels worryingly fragile, and not very tough. While the headset works fine, we would handle this headset with care.

Also available at:

Vexko Logitech H390

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09/27/2023 09:17 pm GMT

Jabra Evolve 40 Wired Headsets

Anyone who has tried one of Jabra’s headset products shouldn’t be too surprised to see them turn up again in this list. Many of them are very good headsets in their own right, so avoiding just listing all of them was tricky!

However, if the Bluetooth nature of the previous headsets was something that you weren’t too keen on, then these Evolve wired headphones and microphones might be the perfect replacement for a wireless online teaching headset.

Like with the Evolve 65s that we covered earlier, the build quality of these noise-canceling headphones is no joke. They feel lightweight and modern, while not sacrificing build quality and presentation. Plus, you still get many of the best features that you’re looking for in a good Jabra headset.

The noise-canceling features are still amazing, such as the noise-cancellation microphone setup, as well as the padding being as supportive as ever.

Plus, with a good wired connection, you won’t have to worry about a Bluetooth headset cutting out and ruining the flow of a lesson. Plus, these headphones are noticeably cheaper than the last Jabra headset we covered!


  • Great noise-cancellation features in both the headset and microphone.
  • Comfortable to wear fo