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Best Graphic Design Online Schools

Top 5 Best Graphic Design Online Schools (Updated)

With more websites and businesses opening now than ever before it seems, there is also a wide range of skills that have equally gone into high demand because of this surge, from business courses, to finance courses.

However, one of the other skills that any and every company will have to draw on eventually will be making their brand, website, or any other visual aspect look… well, presentable!

Online Graphic designers degree is a key skill to have in any business’s repertoire, so having at least some training or education in this field is a massive advantage to have on your CV over the competition,

Plus, a graphic design degree opens up your future career paths to more than just roles in business. From animation to the advertisement, to comics and graphic novels, and even filmmaking. If there’s a visual component to it, graphic design programs can help you get there!

The trick is finding a place that is going to teach you in the first place.

While a plethora of graphic designer degree courses existss in colleges and universities across the country, there are also an increasing number of online courses that you can take as well, with many of them having specific qualifications for finishing their courses too!

This is what our guide is here to show you, to help narrow down this massive field to just a few of the best options that you can choose from to get your online graphic design degree course started!

Berkeley College Online Bachelor Of Fine Arts In Graphic Design

Starting this list with an entry that is going to prepare you just as much for the upcoming wave of new technology making its way into online graphic design degree as it does teach you the classic skills you need, we have Berkeley College’s online Bachelor course for Graphic Design.

One of the things that have transformed graphic design in the last 20 years is the advent of new technologies that are being used in this online graphic design school to help people create all kinds of artwork and web designs. And increasingly, these skills are becoming the standard across the industry, rather than the exception.

Fortunately, this is a field that Berkeley College prepares its students for, both for its on-site pupils on its campuses in New Jersey and New York, but also for its online pupils too!

This course covers a massive amount of content for you to learn and sink your teeth into, from web development and other interactive designs to animation to digital photography to classic and digital illustration.

No stone is left unturned with this course, giving you everything that you could need to get a strong start in a competitive industry

The class sizes for both in-person and online program sessions are kept small, meaning that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to reach out to your lecturers and tutor for advice and questions too.

Like many of the best online graphic design courses out there, this one encourages you not just to pick and stick with your favorite subjects, but also encourages you to branch out of your comfort zone and expand your horizons, as well as to apply the knowledge that you have learned in practical ways.

They say that practice and experience are the best teachers, so this course might have some of the best teachers out there!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • Excellent College with experience and pedigree.
  • College courses can be attended in person or online.
  • The course covers a wide range of topics within and connected to graphic design programs, allowing you to expand your horizons and step out of your comfort zone.
  • You’ll also have the opportunity to attend guest lectures and trips.
  • Plenty of opportunities to get credit scores for your graphic design degree too!

Liberty University Bachelor’s Degree In Graphic Design

While some of the courses that we have and will cover in this guide can be attended in person, you should not discount the establishment that offers courses purely online.

After all, just because there is not a physical building for you to use and be based in, doesn’t mean that the resources on offer aren’t among the best.

Case in point, Liberty University’s Bachelor’s graphic design degree. This course is considered one of the best to learn this particular field of fine art, whilst also being conducted 100% online!

This course of Liberty University will cover all your bases when learning about graphic design programs, from the art history to this form, as well as the theory that will give you a great groundwork to springboard your ideas from.

One of the things that many people are often concerned with when it comes to purely online courses is the chance to learn practical skills and apply them in a real-world scenario.

However, this is an area that Liberty University excels, in!

This course provides plenty of material for you to learn about techniques and practices used in Liberty University by graphic designers from both the 20th and 21st centuries, giving you a great balance of classic methods to learn, as well as experience with newer technology that is quickly becoming industry standard.

You can’t be left in the dust when it comes to keeping up with tech in this graphic design industry, so it’s great to see this course giving you the head start that you’ll need in this industry!

Plus, you get all the perks and extras that you could want from an online learning course. This particular training field gives you the flexibility to complete these subjects at your own pace, with the individual topics being broken up into 8-week formats that can be completed with no fixed login times.

In this course, it works around your schedule, not the other way around!

If you want a course that offers you the skills and knowledge of a classic university/college course, but with the flexibility and accessibility of an online course, this is the institution to broaden your horizons with!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • This course is officially recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges, so this course will be recognized as a full qualification on your CV
  • This course gives you all the tools you’ll need to give a foundational understanding of graphic design programs, from old and new techniques to a comprehensive history of the subject.
  • The course is also incredibly flexible when it comes to scheduling, with the course being broken down into smaller timeframes that can be fitted around your life and budget.

Southern New Hampshire University Online Bachelor’s Degree In Graphic Design

Southern New Hampshire University is another institution that offers courses and placements for both in-person and online students from its campus in New Hampshire. With around 60,000 students attending online annually every year, this is a very popular University to attend online.

And with it being considered the 12th most innovative organization for higher learning in the world, and with it being one of the fastest-growing universities in the country, that popularity is only set to increase in the future.

And with the content offered at Southern New Hampshire University, it isn’t hard to see why!

One of the core focuses for the course, regardless of the further modules that you take, is the ability to analyze and problem-solve tasks as they are presented to you, a key skill to have in almost any field of study and profession.

The Southern New Hampshire University Bachelor’s graphic design degree on offer allows students both in person and online to choose between two avenues for further studies: Web design software, and 3d animation, both of which will train your eye in creating pleasing aesthetics in your chosen medium.

As well as providing plenty of experience and advice from your tutors and professors, there will also be plenty of opportunities to expand your computer literacy for both Windows and Mac programs, so you can learn as much as possible, while also keeping your education within your budget.

Speaking of which, the quality of trainers at this university might be one of the highest for an online learning course.

While many of the courses that we will cover here have plenty of real-world experience, the tutors that you will make use of here are some of the best award-winning professionals that you’ll find teaching their craft to students.

If you’re looking for a great graphic design program course that will allow you to specialize in subjects that you are interested in, and have the support of your tutors to do just that, this is the course for you!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • The university that supplies this course is one of the fastest growing in the country and is noted for its innovative studies.
  • The course is taught by award-winning professionals with years of high-quality experience for you to utilize in your studies.
  • The course allows you to specialize in digital web design software or 3d animation, while also giving you a comprehensive education in the subject to help give you the foundational skills you need.
  • The course will also encourage your professional development of problem-solving skills that you’ll need for dealing with issues as they arise in all fields, including graphic design software.
Full Sail University Bachelor Of Science In Graphic Design

Full Sail University Bachelor Of Science In Graphic Design

Of course, when it comes to graphic design, one of the fields that it finds a lot of its work appreciated is the world of business, where a professional graphic designer can help plug a missing skill that a new company may be sorely missing.

Because of this, it isn’t too hard to see why both business and graphic design courses and learning opportunities would present themselves.

Enter Full Sail University, which marries these two fields into a course that will help your career blossom in both!

This institution offers a great balance of both graphic design and business studies in a single course, all of which you will be able to take and learn online.

This course will be able to take concepts that seem abstract at first, before teaching them in an accessible way that you will be able to apply in your studies.

With courses on subjects like website web design and page layout, digital web design, and digital publishing, as well as a comprehensive course on art theory, you’ll be covered for both foundational knowledges as well as a more business-minded field to study in too!

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • This bachelor’s course gives you plenty of study and experience in both graphic design, and business!
  • The courses on offer with this graphic design degree will give you foundational knowledge in a wide range of topics within graphic design, backed up by real experience.
  • This course can be taken 100% online and can be completed in 29 months, which is relatively short when compared to other college courses.

Arizona State University Online Bachelors In Graphic Information Technology

If you want to learn about graphic design from an institution that has innovation as one of its greatest features, then you should consider taking a look at Arizona State University, and its Bachelor’s graphic design degree online in Graphic Information Technology.

This online graphic design degree course is run and advised by the same award-winning faculty staff that is considered some of the most high-quality in the country and has helped keep Arizona State as the number 1 higher education institution when it comes to innovation.

Of course, the staff can be great, but without good course content, that experience would go to waste.

Fortunately, this course has over 300 different online programs to help you get your credits in, with plenty of opportunities for learning online, and even a few in-summer chances to get in a few sessions at the lab!

Plus, with incredible support for students both on-site and online, you don’t have to tackle this incredible course on your own.

Why You Should Choose this Course

  • With an award-winning university and faculty, this course will be in safe hands for you, no matter what programs you choose.
  • With 300 programs to choose from, there is plenty of opportunity to specialize and push yourself out of your comfort zone and knowledge.
  • This course has excellent student support for online attendees too!

Buyer’s Guide

So, we have already covered a pretty decent range of high-quality graphic design courses that you can take for yourself right now.

However, with so many colleges and other institutions having their graphic design courses, many of which are excellent in their own right, there was only so much ground that we could cover in our entries.

With that in mind, these are a few of the factors that you should be taking into account when deciding on what graphic design courses you should be taking into consideration.


This is less of a factor to consider, and more of a requirement for your graphic design degree or course to be recognized, and to acknowledge the hard work that you will put into your studies.

If you want your graphic design course to be recognized as an official qualification that companies will recognize, you NEED to make sure that your course is recognized by an official regulatory body, like the Southern Association Of Colleges & Schools Commission on College.

Method Of Attendance

While we are discussing courses that are primarily taken online, it is also worth noting that many of the places that provide these courses are physical colleges and universities, where in-person teaching and learning are an option.

This is something that won’t be a priority for many online graphic design students, but if you are in-state for many of these options, it is certainly worth considering.


One of the major bonuses of learning a course online is the amount of flexibility it affords you when it comes to taking the courses at many of these universities.

However, how much flexibility you can get for completing course content will likely depend on the arrangement you have with the organization you are learning from, so make sure that you check the time frames they give you, as well as how often you need to log in to stay on the course.


With many of these places that we have covered being colleges and universities, there will be the question of cost.

And, unfortunately, college doesn’t come cheap!

Check what the out-of-state tuition is for your organization per credit that you earn for the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Graphics Design Course Worth It?

Of course, it is!

Outside of the many reasons we have already given, people who have graphic design courses under their belts have a massive range of possible opportunities for themselves from technical and creative skills to digital illustrators, amongst many others.

What Sort Of Classes Will A Graphic Design Course Offer?

What exactly is covered in an online course will vary from course to course, you can expect a few common courses to pop up, such as studies in motion graphics designs, publication designs, logos, symbols, and branding, amongst many other skills.

You’ll also likely cover many other artistic fields, such as web design, color, and graphic arts theory, though these are usually much more specific to a given course.

Final Thoughts

You have all the tools that you could need for deciding on a single course.

All you have to do now is pick one!

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