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Best Course For Starting Your Own Business

5 Best Course For Starting Your Own Business in 2023 (East Methods)

Starting your own business can be great because you get to be your own boss and decide on the direction of your own company.

You get to decide upon the brand, the image, what you sell, and so much more. However, starting a business is no easy task, and neither is continuing to run it successfully. So how can you learn?

This article will share the ideas about best course for starting your own business with few simple steps!

Completing an online business course can give you so many skills like digital marketing skills, that are essential to starting your own business.

For example, you can learn all about hiring, accounting, online marketing, promotion of the business, and more. 

However, there are so many best online business courses out there that it can be difficult to find the one that’s going to work best for you and your business. 

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you and narrowed the options down! In our guide below, we’re going to show you the best online business courses for starting your own business.

With each of them, we’ve explained what makes them so great, and we’ve included both paid and best online business courses to make the choice even easier for you. Read on!

How do I choose the best online business courses?

Since business has a broad scope, we selected the top choice by concentrating on a certain area of expertise. We identified the most popular topics that a student is most interested in and examined particular best online business courses on those subjects. Our website lists the top best online business courses for business-related subjects such as finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, and IT. Amongst those are private classes, which are available in 1-2 hour hours, with the best online business courses taking several weeks and months to finish. Our assessment includes programs that meet four criteria and are ranked as such.

1. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

We’re starting our list with a course from one of the biggest names in the business world, Google.

Many of us use Google every day, with it becoming one of the most important aspects of the internet.

As you can guess, Google is pretty successful in running their business, so they know a thing or two that they can teach you about starting your own. 

This particular course is available on the Coursera platform, which is a website with loads of the best online business courses in all kinds of areas, where you can learn from professionals and come out with in-demand skills and an enviable certificate.

This course syllabus will teach you how to be a great business owner and do business online with the best online business courses.

Project management certification is one of the most important parts of starting a business because you need to ensure that all of your work projects are properly organized and tended to.

For this reason, this course is all about improving your project management skills, whether you’ve got any previous experience or any business experience at the beginning or not. 

Google Project Management: Professional Certificate | Coursera

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The Course

The entire course takes place online and is estimated to take around 6 months to complete.

You can complete it in your own time, making it a very flexible working experience, though it’s recommended that you pace yourself to 10 hours of learning a week.

You can enroll for free online business courses and use a week-long free trial with Coursera, but after that Coursera, Plus will cost you $59 a month (or $399 for a full year). 

The course is divided into 6 key sub-courses. The first is all about the foundations of project management, where you’ll learn the skills of an introductory-level job in project management.

You’ll understand what a project is and what roles and responsibilities come from it, as well as how to understand the importance of each phase in a project’s life cycle – and more.

By the second sub-course, you’ll be looking at how to initiate a successful company, which will become a key and regular part of running your own business.

You’ll come to understand the importance of the intuition phase, understand all the components of it, learn to work out the benefits and costs of the project, and so on.

The third sub-course looks at the project planning phase, where you’ll learn to use milestones and understand how to estimate and maintain a budget, among other things.

After that comes the fourth sub-course, you’ll learn how to execute and finish your project.

You’ll find out how to identify which parts of a project need tracking so that you can keep things running smoothly, and you’ll learn the benefits of a retrospective: how did the project go and where could you improve next time?

The fifth sub-course will then explain the history and philosophy of “Agile” project management.

This will include online learning how to use the “Scrum” framework, with its roles and team organization techniques. 

And finally? The last sub-course will look at taking all you’ve learned and applying it to a real case study.

The best way to consolidate your new foundational knowledge is by practicing using it, and this last section will have you watching somebody manage a project in a real-world scenario.

As you observe them, you’ll have to identify milestones and tasks, finish a project charter, and analyze important project documents. 

In Summary

As you can see, the Google Project Management course is packed with essential information on how to successfully plan and execute projects with a great business plan.

These will be the key part of your business, so the valuable knowledge learned here is an important part of starting your own business. 

Check out the Google Project Management course here

2. Key Technologies For Business Specialization – IBM

The other courses are available from the Coursera platform, so if you’ve already signed up for Coursera Plus with the previous course we listed, you’ll be able to jump on this helpful class too at no extra cost. 

The Key Technologies For Business Specialization course is offered by IBM, which is one of the most famous and successful technology companies in the world.

As a result, they know a lot about the most important technologies that are used for business these days, and how to use them. 

The course should take about 3 months to complete if you’re following the recommended pace of 3 hours a week. Better yet, it’s flexible, so you can fit it around your other commitments.

You’ll take a variety of sub-courses within it, learning all about the subject before putting your new skills to the test in a hands-on project.

The Course

There are three sub-courses in the course, each with a different focus on a technology that is currently essential to business success.

If you’re starting your own business, then you’ll want to understand these technologies so that you can use them to help your new venture succeed. 

The first lesson is all about cloud computing, where you’ll learn its history and uses from a business perspective.

You’ll learn about the different cloud service models out there, such as SaaS and IaaS, as well as the deployment models and the major parts of cloud infrastructure.

You’ll finish by making your own account on IBM Cloud, as well as working with a cloud service, preparing you perfectly for using this technology in your own business.

The second lesson is all about AI, which you’ll likely know refers to Artificial Intelligence. AI is such a popular topic these days, and the advancements being made in it each day are increasingly impressive.

You’ll learn all about essential AI terms and concepts, such as “machine learning”, and look at cases where AI might be applied in business.

However, you’ll also be taught about the big issues concerning AI, like its ethics of it.

It’s important to understand the risks and shortcomings of AI if you’re going to be using it with the business that you’re starting because otherwise, you could be opening yourself up to failure.

You’ll finish the lesson with a small project where you can see and use AI in action, helping you to put your knowledge to use.

The final lesson will teach you all about data science, which is one of the most important pieces of technology in business success. For a business to continually succeed and grow, it needs to make use of data.

As a result, data scientists analyze a range of data from all kinds of areas and try to take insights from it into how business should progress because it helps them to predict the outcomes of each move. 

Data science takes some of the risks out of a lot of important business decisions, and a solid understanding of how to use this technology will help you minimize the risks when you’re starting your own business.

In Summary

Technology is one of the most important factors for running a business, and this course will teach you all about some of the essential technology to use when starting your own: cloud computing, AI, and data science.

Check out the Key Technologies For Business Specialization course here.

3. Business Analytics Course – Harvard Business School Online

Harvard is one of the most renowned universities in the United States, and the Business School section in Boston excels at preparing people to run businesses.

Thankfully, they have an online teaching platform for people who can’t attend it in person, allowing you to take really essential other best online business courses from your own home.

The course takes 8 weeks and contains about 40 hours of taught material, as well as coursework to complete.

It currently costs $1750 to enroll, which is expensive, but the information is extremely valuable.

The Course

Business Analytics

Across the 8n weeks of the course, you’ll learn all about Business Analytics, which helps you to analyze data and use it to strengthen your business.

Data is one of the essential factors to a business’s success, so it’s an important skill to learn if you’re starting your own business.

You’ll learn how to interpret data and use it to inform your business moves. This involves all kinds of techniques, such as analyzing the relationships between data variables and recognizing trends (and outliers) in your data sets. 

You’ll also be taught how to make survey questions that will really help guide your business, as well as how to take conclusions from population samples so that your business reflects and follows its audience.

In Summary

Knowing how to analyze data is essential to making business decisions that will make a more successful business, and this course will teach you how to interpret data in all kinds of ways.

Check out the Business Analytics Course here

4. Financial And Managerial Accounting – MIT

MIT is another one of the United States’ most prestigious universities, and this online course they offer in Financial and Managerial Accounting is going to teach you some essential skills about the finance side of starting your own business.

On top of that, all of the specific best online business courses we have looked at so far cost money, but this doesn’t. You can complete this course, with all of its lecture notes and exam papers, for free.

This is thanks to MIT OpenCourseWare, which publishes the materials from loads of MIT’s best online business courses.

The Course

By taking this course, you’ll learn all about the basic understanding of both financial and managerial reporting.

Although there won’t be classes to take or someone else to grade your exams, you’ll be provided with a list of all the material.

For example, you get a list of the required reading, which is packed with books that will teach you all about financing and accounting. 

On top of that, you also get a comprehensive collection of PDFs of all the MIT lectures on the course.

By studying these, and taking all the assignments and exams to consolidate your knowledge, you’ll learn about various essential accounting great business ideas that you can put to use with your new business. 

For example, you’ll know how to start a statement of cash flow, track your company’s long-term debts, log your business transactions, and more.  

In Summary

For your business to succeed, it’s essential you have an understanding of the financing and accounting side of things. This online course from MIT will give you a fantastic grounding in the area.

Check out the Financial and Managerial Accounting course here

5. Advance Your Business – Google Skillshop

We’re finishing our list of the best online business courses for starting your own business with this handy, quick course from Google and their online training platform Skillshop.

Better yet, this one is completely free and takes only a few hours to do. 

The Course

The course will teach you a variety of different ways in which you can advance your new business, looking at three core areas. 

The first of these is all about engaging your customers with an email marketing strategy, where you can create a relationship with your customer base and hopefully encourage more sales with them.

You’ll learn how to deliver your customers tailor-made email messages, making them feel a connection to your business.

After that, you’ll learn all about how to build a business without debt. If you’re starting your own business, you’ll have little money, and the last thing you want is to build up unmanageable amounts of debt.

With this course, you’ll be taught five ways that you can bring your business to life without incurring debts. 

The final lesson in the course will continue on the first lesson’s business strategy of building a relationship with customers, teaching you how to launch your business with some customer-focused marketing campaigns strategy.

You’ll learn how to sell your brand and find your target audience and target market.

In Summary

This is a quick, free course that introduces you to some of the essentials of growing a business.

There’s no excuse not to spend a few hours learning this free information, and it’ll benefit your business. 

Check out the Advance Your Business course here

Picking The Course That’s Right For You

When finding the best online business courses for you and the business that you’re starting, you’ll want to look for certain factors. 

Free Or Paid

A big deciding factor is going to be the cost. As you’ve seen, some of the best online business courses in our list didn’t just cost money to take part in but cost quite a sizable amount.

Not everyone who is starting their own business is going to have access to that kind of money.

However, the knowledge that you get from the course is then essential to running a successful business, so they do justify the price to an extent. 

However, on the other hand, there are some best online business courses that cost nothing.

These vary in length and quality, and often won’t offer the hands-on teaching and depth of paid best online business courses, but they do provide you with important information nonetheless.


Most people starting a business will not have the time to stick to a fully scheduled course, since they’ll have other commitments and perhaps even work to attend.

As a result, it’s a good business idea to find a course that is flexible and can be completed whenever you have the time each week.

Thankfully, many online business courses offer this approach with great ideas and concepts.

Topic Areas

There are loads of areas you’ll need to understand to start a business, and no course will cover them all.

As a result, you’ll want to find a course for each area, so that you can build up knowledge on every front.

Topics include analyzing data, using technology, managing projects, finance and accounting, and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Study Business To Start One?

You don’t need a business degree to start a business, but it’s essential that you understand all the key areas of running one. These best online business courses will help you with that.

Which is the best course for starting a business?

Top Online Business Course for 2019! Wharton’s business strategy: competitive advantages. How do we start our own businesses? What is a good accounting course? The perfect financial institution: MIT.

Final Thoughts

If you’re starting your own business, learn how with our guide to the best online business courses!

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