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Martin Barrett
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Wondrium Vs Skillshare

Wondrium vs Skillshare 2023: Online Learning Comparison

Both Wondrium and Skillshare offer their customers free courses that they may participate in. Yet, you may have been wondering about the difference between the two best online learning platforms.

Both are great online learning sites when it comes to online learning, and offer you high-quality learning opportunities. 

However, the type of online courses that are offered and their prices do differ quite drastically. Thus, it is best to discover how these two popular online learning platforms differ before making your final decision. 

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Wondrium vs Skillshare, so you can judge for yourself which online learning platform you should choose to use and which right online learning platform gives unlimited access. 

Wondrium Overview

Wondrium is a website for streaming videos and online education. The Great Courses Plus and collaborations with nonfiction video production companies provide the bulk of the content for Wondrium.

Many educational programs resemble TV lectures or simple documentaries. On Roku, your computer, Apple TV, and other gadgets, you may watch Wondrium videos. The service also includes sections on philosophy, religion, and the environment.

Wondrium is a great source of educational content, for the personal development of practical skills or for achieving a particular objective. Although, these creative skills may not be as helpful as skills found on other top online learning platforms. 

It does, however, offer workshops that are skills-oriented. This is an ideal way to get hands-on training on a website that specializes in the knowledge and abilities you wish to achieve. This includes software skills, executive training, or fine arts.

Wondrium Review

Skillshare Overview

The two main learning methods offered by Skillshare are the completion of assignments and online video content.

Therefore, Skillshare is a terrific place to start if you’re seeking a low-cost choice for learning new talents or discovering new hobbies.

Using online video lessons from Skillshare, you can study at your own pace.  The Skillshare website lists a number of skills to learn, including design for user experience, creative writing, business analytics, graphic design, and Photoshop.

On the flexible Skillshare learning platform, students can enroll in high-quality courses. You can join Skillshare as a teacher to teach tens of thousands of students across the world.

At Skillshare, there are numerous courses taught. Experts in the industry teach classes in a variety of subjects, including writing, computer programming, gardening, and illustration.

Since only professionals can enroll in all the courses on Skillshare, they are of a high caliber.

Skillshare review

Wondrium Vs Skillshare

Course Structure And Teachers

Wondrium and Skillshare both have different ways of how structuring their courses.


Students can find video lectures and courses at Wondrium. You can buy courses on DVD, or download them in audio or video format via the Internet, or stream them.

The company’s main emphasis is on providing as many courses for “lifelong learners.” The professors are masters in their disciplines, but may not be well-known.

Staff collaborates with professors to make sure that every lecture is cohesive and rational by providing thorough course plans. Professors will present their thorough course schedules. 

Web development, programming, freelancing, illustration, entrepreneurship, and fine art are some of the courses that are more skill-oriented.


People with creative vocations and abilities are the target audience for Skillshare. One well-known instructor for a Skillshare course is Mary Carr.

The creator of the Memoir Writing a Memoir. Photoshop and other technical and artistic abilities are prominent in the courses of study.

Skillshare courses are unique from other high-quality courses since they include a ton of fascinating features that set them apart. This includes video tutorials that can be used as a starting point.

Next to the video playback screen, the categorized and displayed video lessons are available. This makes it simple to switch between lessons or view the course structure.

Unlike other online learning platforms that offer courses, Skillshare allows anyone to become a teacher. Neither a resume nor an application is necessary. Entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals who love teaching make up their instructors.

Each person has a unique history, worldview, and teaching style.


Price is an important factor to consider for any learning platform. Both offer their own deals. 


Wondrium offers 3 plans. These are the following:

  • Monthly Plan – $20 a month.
  • Quarterly Plan – $45 every three months.
  • Annual Plan – $150 a year.

Following the completion of their payment details, members can begin a free trial. The duration is determined by the subscription you select. A 14-day trial is available for monthly plans. Plans for three months and a year provide 22 days. 

You must first input the details for your debit or credit card. To avoid being charged, don’t forget to cancel.


It might have been challenging for you to locate a Skillshare pricing page. With regard to its pricing structure, Skillshare is unclear. Overall, Skillshare offers the following three plans:

  • Free Membership – If a user signs up for a monthly subscription, Skillshare will give them a free month of membership. By terminating their free trial, members can avoid paying any fees.
  • Monthly Plan – $32 a month.
  • Annual Plan – $168 a year, which also equals $14 a month.

Teams can subscribe to Skillshare for book clubs and for work purposes. With Skillshare‘s one-month free trial for each student you recommend, you can save money. Additionally, if you refer 12 people, you’ll receive a free year of Skillshare.

Final Thoughts

Wondrium offers a more affordable entry-level subscription than Skillshare. While, on Skillshare, there are many more free courses offered than on Wondrium. However, in terms of customer satisfaction, Skillshare wins out. 

If you want to improve your career possibilities, Skillshare is a great learning resource as compared to other online learning sites. Yet, if you wish to learn something new for enjoyment, Wondrium is preferable.

As a result, depending on your needs, this will affect which platform will be more suitable for you. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, as you have seen throughout this article. 

We hope you now have a better idea of which platform is right for you Wondrium or Skillshare.