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WizIQ Review

WizIQ Review: Features, Plans & More (2023)

If you have an online course, you may be trying to decide which course would work best for you. WizIQ is an online learning platform that may have come to mind.

In this WizIQ Review, we’ll be taking a look at the features included and where you can integrate the plugin. We’ll also take a closer look at the pricing and whether you should invest in it. 

What is WizIQ?

WizIQ was founded in 2007 as a way to make teaching and training online easier.

As a cloud-based platform, it has a host of integration features to make learning easier. Since it was founded, it has been used by millions of learning providers and has over 8 million users.

There are over 100,000 courses on the platform, with over 100,000 live online classes. Since then, it has only grown more and more, with many more educators turning to online learning. 

Virtual Classroom

Educators can teach through a virtual classroom that doesn’t even have to be downloaded. You don’t need Flash or Java, as it can easily be integrated with your existing website.

Not only can you access it through your website, but students can access your virtual classroom with their smartphones and tablets using the WizIQ app. 

Many of your lessons are recorded live, so you can easily record your classes to share with internal and external audiences via social media or email. Even if someone can’t attend, they can still access the class.

Along with making it easier for your students to catch up, they can also engage with each lesson with real-time audio video and text chat.

You can discuss with them using an interactive whiteboard to showcase your ideas and even test them with polls and quizzes while there. 

Online Course Creation

One of the biggest challenges of online learning is creating the courses alongside compiling your learning material. WizIQ will handle the actual course creation, so you can instantly set up your online learning portal.

You can build your own interactive courses and upload any format of learning material so you can make it easily accessible to your students.

You can easily follow a built-in course structure, so you can make the course easy to follow. You can even define functional roles such as admin, course creator, instructor, and more.

These roles allow you to involve your learning team in a way that works for you. You don’t need to offload any tasks onto your team either, with automated admin tasks being left to WizIQ.

Tests and Assessments

WizIQ Review

If you want to test your students, you can do so with ease using WizIQ’s online test generator tool. These allow you to create a test or assessment that you can customize to suit your needs.

They don’t have to be text-based either, with multimedia content embedded into the tool to provide a more visual experience for your learners.

Along with a visual experience, you can vary your test questions to include multiple choices, fill in the blank, and match the field.

You don’t need to worry about cheating either because you can ensure the test is done invite-only and set your own time limits to prevent any Googling.

Once the test is done, you can easily evaluate and analyze your students’ progress with detailed insights and test reports from WizIQ.

Mobile Learning

Online learning was designed to be flexible, so you can allow your students access to the course with their smartphones and tablets.

The WizIQ app is available on Android and iOS devices, meaning your students can attend live classes on the go. 

By allowing online learning on smartphones and mobile devices, you’ll find that there’s a higher level of engagement from your students.

It makes it easier for them to access the course, and they can receive notifications on their phones for any course-related updates.

It will also be more affordable for some students who may not have access to a computer but will have access to their smartphones.


Using WizIQ, you can analyze how your course is performing. You can see how many students attend your class and when, and check how many have completed the course.

If you find that your course is declining, you can make changes to your content to make it more engaging if you find that it’s dropping.

You can also keep a record of your courses and check who your students and instructors are.

This also makes it easier for you to see which learners are struggling with specific content and identify where there are weaknesses in your content.

If you have any self-paced courses, you can see how they’re doing with WizIQ’s LMS analytics. 

If you can manage and analyze your course content, you’ll find that you’ll get more value for your money.

That way, you can ensure that when your numbers drop that you can deliver prompt feedback from your reports to improve your learning experience.

LMS eCommerce

You can make the process easier for you if you run your own online courses to create and sell your own courses. Customers can pay you instantly using Stripe, and you don’t have to pay commission either.

Just integrate your course with your payment portal to avoid going through a third-party service provider. 

Users will find the interface simple and easy to use, with the payment process completely stress-free. You don’t need to worry about the payments either, as the transactions are assured of PCI compliance.

Plus, if you need to look at your transactions, you can find the payment reports in an Excel format to organize the payment data. 

WizIQ Integrations

WizIQ Review

You can easily integrate WizIQ with your website using a variety of different features. No matter the type of website you use, you should find a WizIQ integration that should work for you.

To understand more, we’ll go into a bit more depth about the different websites and APIs you can work with.

Advanced Open Integration API

You can add your virtual classroom to your website using a simple API setup.

Using this integration process, you can open new channels of communication and collaboration while also having a consolidated user management system.

Your students just have to log into the application as they would before and click on the shared class link to join.

The best part is that they won’t even realize they’re using WizIQ, so it will feel as though it’s solely yours. 


You can integrate the WizIQ virtual classroom with your Moodle schedule to deliver live classes for your course. It assimilates seamlessly, so both instructors and students can join classes directly from within Moodle.

You can access your built-in interactive whiteboard through Moodle, share your scream, play videos, and show presentations and annotate them while also teaching online. 


If you want to create a collaborative workspace, deliver any live classes, or host webinars, then WizIQ will work well with your Joomla website.

You’ll find the plugin is multi-purpose and ready to be integrated. Working with Joomla will allow you to connect easily with your audience face-to-face.


Turning your WordPress site into an online learning platform is a simple process with the WizIQ virtual classroom plugin. This plugin allows you to schedule and conduct live classes on your WordPress site.

It works like any other built-in feature and allows you to provide a seamless user experience for both you and your students.


You’ll find that if you have a Drupal website that the WizIQ virtual classroom plugin will allow you to deliver live classes from there.

You can easily schedule and add live lessons to your existing courses and conduct these as either part of the course or as a stand-alone.

Access your interactive whiteboard, play some videos, and share the screen to engage your students. Plus, you can even pass audio-video controls over to your students.


Finally, eFront also hosts the WizIQ virtual classroom plugin. Through eFront, you can host webinars, conduct face-to-face meetings and collaborate with others from your eFront platform.

All you need is a signal set of credentials. Once WizIQ is integrated, it will work like a built-in feature and will only make eFront more efficient.


WizIQ Review

You can try WizIQ with a 14-day free trial, where you can schedule and deliver live online classes. Create your own course, run a self-paced course, and evaluate your learners with various tests.

Then, you can use analytics to decide if WizIQ has helped to improve your learning. You can even use it to collect payments online securely. Once you do so, you’ll find out whether WizIQ is right for you.

There are a variety of plans with differing pricing for WizIQ, with annual pricing from $25 a month. That would mean that you can purchase it for $300 a year minimum.

However, the pricing depends on what you use it for and how many students enroll. If you don’t want to make a commitment or know how long you will use it, you can also buy it for pay-per-use.


You may find that the Pay-Per-Use plan will be based on calculating the number of participants with the duration of the class. You’re essentially buying the minutes in bulk.

The minutes used are calculated using the formula of Minutes X Students = MINUTES USED. However, this is only available under the Virtual Classroom option.

Professional and Enterprise

Virtual Classroom has another plan in which the plan is based on the number of hosts there. Each teacher has their own classroom, and you can calculate the number of attendees each teacher will have.

The sales team will then calculate how much the plan will be depending on the size of your course.

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System plan is calculated based on the number of students that are enrolled in your course. You need to select the number of users you estimate will join your course within a year.

Then, there are two plans: Elite and Infinite. However, if you want any live classes, you will need to pay separately for the Virtual Classroom.

While we have a rough estimate for how much WizIQ costs, you need to contact the sales team directly to find out more. All the plans depend on your needs and how many students you expect.

However, if you’re planning on only using the virtual classroom, you can simply ask to pay-per-use instead of doing a yearly plan. 

WizIQ Meet

WizIQ Meet is a new function for WizIQ that allows you to collaborate with other teams from around the world. It includes an online whiteboard, built-in collaboration tools, and breakout rooms.

The tools included are a screen share function and an annotation function. You can even find it available in over sixty different languages.

If you want breakout rooms to encourage small group discussions, then WizIQ could be a helpful tool to engage in collaborative learning.

It works with any kind of operating system and allows you to stream HD video and audio to your audience.

Best of all, it has unlimited storage and capacity, so you can have more participants and meetings. Just record them, and you can share and play for anyone who can’t attend either. 

If you use WizIQ for business training, then the WizIQ Meet function offers secure encryption to allow everyone to meet with one another.

It also could be an excellent choice for universities that want to do online seminars. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, WizIQ offers a wide variety of features and can be integrated with a variety of different websites.

WizIQ could be your best choice if you’re interested in changing the way you teach to provide a more substantial learning experience.

Due to the varied pricing plan, the Pay-Per-Use option can make it much more affordable if you don’t plan on teaching often.

However, larger courses can benefit from different plans and costs to cater to a larger audience. If you’re interested, then don’t hesitate to find out more on their website.

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