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Top Edureka Courses

Top Edureka Courses: Complete Courses Review

Edureka is one of the fastest growing online education platforms on the internet, and offers live online courses to help teach students a range of topics all related to technology and programming.

As a result, it’s one of the top places to search for tech courses but the vast range of courses Edureka has to offer makes it difficult for many students to find the right one for them. 

So, we went out and found some of the best courses Edureka has to offer so you don’t have to stumble through all of their courses blindly.

Check out our recommendations below and hopefully, you will find the top Edureka courses for you!

Why Choose Edureka? 

Before we take a look at some of the top courses on offer at Edureka, let’s talk about why this platform is a good choice for many to begin with. 

Edureka not only offers specific programming and coding courses which benefit those looking to work in the tech industry, but they also offer a different style of online learning to their competitors.

Edureka’s courses are much more hands-on, with face to face interaction, around the clock student support, and offers students to apply their learning through their own projects.

This kind of communication is really important but rare with online education, so Edureka is already offering something that their competitors don’t – face to face communication and support which can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

Despite this, Edureka’s courses are still fairly flexible as students can catch up on any missed real-time lessons and watch it played back, recorded.

So, even if you cannot make it to the live classes to watch your instructor during live time, you won’t miss out on the important information they pass onto their students. You can stay up to date even with a complex and busy schedule. 

The content of their courses are praised for being in depth and each course is run by an industry-approved instructor with their own experiences and qualifications.

This means students often praise the quality of the courses and instructors, and thus they feel more confident in the knowledge they learn through their chosen course. 

Another plus is that all of Edureka’s courses come with a certificate as evidence that the student has completed and passed the course.

Edureka also offers larger master degree courses, and has even paired with companies and universities to offer accredited courses.

This means that even if you have all the basics down when it comes to programming and coding, you can opt for a more complex course better suited to your level of knowledge. 

Overall, there’s something to every programmer at Edureka. 

Although Edureka’s courses are criticized for their higher-than-average prices, they also balance flexibility and personal interaction along with a high level of quality that is consistent through all of their courses.

So, for many, Edureka is the go-to place for a great online course in programming, coding, and web development – but which of their courses are the best of the best?

DevOps Certification Training

One of Edureka’s most popular courses is their DevOps certification training course. 

It offers a hands-on course with weekly live lessons (accumulating to 36 hours of classes) where you can learn to use several important DevOps tools such as git, puppet, Jenkins, and docker.

Each lesson is broken down into the core practices of being a DevOps engineer including development, testing, integration, monitoring, and management. 

So, with such an info-dense syllabus, it’s easy to see why so many students have signed up to Edureka’s DevOps Certification Training.

It’s a handy certification to have on your CV – particularly if you are looking for a career centered around DevOps. 

Price: $499
Certification: Yes

Python Certification Training For Data Science 

If you ever want to go into the tech industry and work as a programmer, then you need to know how to use Python effectively.

Python is easily one of the most widely used programming languages, so it’s easy to see why students are scrambling to get onto Python training courses. 

The Python Certification Training For Data Science course available on Edureka is also one of the most useful courses on offer through the platform.

It covers all the basics and teaches its students all the key concepts around Python including file and data operations, object-oriented programming, and also covers libraries such as Pandas and Numpy.

From scripting to data visualization, all of your Python bases will be covered through this course.

Price: $499
Certification: Yes

Top Edureka Courses

Java Certification Training Course 

Another super popular and widely used programming language is Java. Most programmers are encouraged to learn both, especially as Java is also used for most websites’ backend programming.

As a result, a lot of websites use Java – and so a lot of programmers need to learn the language. 

This is why the Java Certification Training Course at Edureka is so popular. It contains 42 hours worth of important information to help programmers learn more about Java and how to use it in their future careers.

For example, data handling, Java functions, Java Collections, and much more. 

Alongside its Python Certification Training Course, their Java Certification Training Course is also one of the most useful courses programmers can sign up to. 

Price: $499
Certification: Yes

Cybersecurity Certification Course

Security is always a top priority for those working in the tech industry as years of hard work and research could all be wiped out with one malware attack.

As a result, a lot of students are signing up to the Cybersecurity Certification Course available on Edureka. 

This course teaches valuable information such as vulnerability analysis and different methods of security practices which students can use in their future careers to keep their programs safe and secure.

Not only that but the Cybersecurity Certification Course also teaches about ethical hacking – which allows students to perform their own authorized attempts to enter systems, applications, or data.

Students learn how ethical hacking can be helpful to reveal hidden vulnerabilities so it’s an important skill to learn when it comes to cybersecurity.  

As a result, the Cybersecurity Certification Course with Edureka is definitely one of its best and most important. 

Price: $289
Certification: Yes

Online Digital Marketing Course

This course is a little different from the other programming-heavy courses Edureka offers but it still remains one of the most highly recommended courses they have to offer. 

The course itself aims to introduce students to the world of digital marketing so they can come familiar with common marketing methods such as SEO, social media, email marketing, and more.

It also introduces students to commonly used softwares and tools used for marketing such as Google Analytics. 

The point of this course is to teach students how to market a website.

While other courses available through Edureka teaches them how to build one, the Online Digital Marketing Course teaches them how to promote their website so it is a success. After all, what’s the point in building a website if no one ever sees it? 

This course teaches its students how to not only understand online digital marketing, but how to be strategic with their decisions to best boost their websites.

So, it makes sense for programmes to pick up this kind of course from Edureka so they can know what to do with their websites once they have built them. 

Price: $323

Certification: Yes

Blockchain Certification Training Course

With the rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the term ‘blockchain’ has become more widely used in the tech industry – but a lot of programmers are still ignorant of what it is and how it can be used.

So, taking up Edureka’s Blockchain Certification Training Course could be the key to boosting your employability and arming you with more skills to help further your career. 

However, there’s a lot of doubt whether blockchain is just a passing phase or not – but if it sticks around, you will be armed with the skills needed to climb up the career ladder. 

This course from Edureka teaches its students everything they need to know about blockchains. The course covers blockchain properties and its evolution, how it works and how it can benefit how current systems work.

The syllabus may be a bit heavy on Bitcoin specifically rather than other types of cryptocurrency (although it does touch on them), but all of  this knowledge can seriously help open a lot of doors for a lot of future programmers, data scientists, and more. 

Price: $340 

Certification: Yes

Final Thoughts

So, Edureka has a ton of different courses on offer centering around the ideas of programming and web development. However, their courses are pricey so most students can only afford to sign up to a few – and so we have pulled together a list of the top Edureka courses. 

Check them out above and why we chose each one. See which courses speak the most to you and hopefully, there will be enough spaces to sign up! Good luck!