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Why Is Chegg Not Working?

Why Is Chegg Not Working?

In the era of technology, everything happens online, even in education. The 2020 pandemic sent most learning into the online world, and many of us had to get used to schools being Zoom calls, and exams being taken through websites! 

However, with so much going on online, you would be remiss to think that educational services had not popped up, and Chegg is one of these. 

Chegg provides new and used books with online rental services and Q&A and more, all to help you with your learning process. However, some students tend to face issues logging in with Chegg, especially those who have only just registered. 

Aside from issues with servers, there are a few reasons that this could be happening. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons and know why is Chegg not working!

Why May Your Chegg Account Not Be Working Properly?

Several new and existing Chegg users have found issues with their accounts, and this is the reason why so many users are now looking at how they can delete their accounts and the associated data. 

However, there should be no need to take action if it is just an issue with logging in. 

Issues can be prevented, however, before we jump into this, let’s consider why your account may not be working! 


If there is a loading answers issue on Chegg, then this could mean that your account has been revoked for a certain period, in some more extreme cases it may also have been revoked permanently. 

If you were not aware, Chegg’s mantra is to provide the ultimate service to users with the assistance of people like yourself.

However, the service you provide also needs to meet particular criteria and quality parameters. 

Should you violate their parameters then your account can get revoked. Account revocations will occur for a reason, and there are several reasons why your account may get revoked. 

Here are some of these reasons below. 

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Violating Answering Guidelines

If you do not answer questions by sticking to specific guidelines, then this can count as a violation.

Chegg provides specific guidelines for the experts, to ensure that the experts are providing top-tier quality services for the subscribers to Chegg. 

If there are any deviations from the answering guidelines on your behalf, this can result in answers being of a lower quality which violates the Chegg policy. This can result in your account receiving a permanent revocation.

Violating Chegg’s Honor Code

Chegg also has honor codes in their policy, and if these honor codes are violated Chegg will end up permanently revoking your account from any privileges. 

These codes include but are not limited to 

  • Providing plagiarized solutions.
  • Answering questions that are copy-rights.
  • Attempting to answer an exam question.
  • For students, cheating through the use of exam questions.

If these honor codes are violated then you will not be able to answer/ post questions, or your account could simply be deleted by Chegg.

Inactive Account

If your account is inactive then your account will receive an automatic revocation from Chegg’s privileges and services.

Should your account have been inactive for any longer than 3 months then expect an automatic permanent revocation. 

Login Problems

Why Is Chegg Not Working

There is also the issue of logging-in issues. This can be a reason for issues with a Chegg account.

There is a unique login issue with Chegg, and it is also very common as they use a unique interface system which often results in some confusion.

New users who register for an account with emails and passwords will see that if they tried to use these details to log in it would not work. It would state that the password is invalid, which can be annoying. 

Another issue with logging in is that when you try to log in with an account email and password then it can show that the information provided is incorrect. 

It is also not uncommon that when you have logged in the required verification codes may go missing from your mail as well! 

Preventing Further Chegg Account Issues

To access Chegg, you have probably pinpointed the reason that your Chegg account is not working from what we have said so far, or at least we have imagined so. 

If you are getting an error code coming up on your screen, remember to look this up. There have been many instances where Chegg has not been working simply due to server errors, or the system being down, so do not discount the possibility of this. 

Anyway, let’s remember, that aside from these issues the reasons behind a Chegg account issue can be very easily prevented, and you should only have to take a few precautions and be mindful of a few things to ensure Chegg works fine for you.

Let us look at a few of the prevention methods we can use to stop any issues with Chegg. 

  • When answering a Chegg question, always try to maintain the bare minimum structure of quality that is provided by Chegg. 
  • Always remember that Chegg’s service takes honor codes extremely seriously. Maintain these rules and regulations. 
  • Do not stay inactive for more than a week or two to prevent any automatic account revocations. 
  • As a new user, you will need to be provided with a passcode that is provided by Chegg. When the due date comes they will provide you with a new passcode, so always be vigilant of your email inbox. 
  • Chegg’s provided verification mail can be automatically sent to your spam file, always check this before you retry anymore.
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Other Reasons Why Chegg May Not Be Working For You! 

Chegg is a system that works very systematically and well, however, there are some issues that can come about due to the online platforms that make it crash down and stop working for its users randomly. 

Let’s look at the possible outage and why this may happen so that if any of our previous reasons do not sound right to you, you can find the correct ones here.

  • The Chegg website and app may be down due to temporary service outages from its main servers. 
  • Try to access the Chegg website on a different browser
  • You might be operating your platform with a device that is using a VPN. 
  • You may be using a device that is incompatible with the Chegg app or website. 
  • The platform may be outdated, or it may also be filled with glitches or bugs. 
  • Do not forget to check for internet connection issues for Chegg outages.


Chegg is one of the most used systems like this in our current times. It is a useful service for tutors and students alike.

For them, these are the best and good quality student services and a way to learn easily outside of the classroom, and for solutions to complex mathematical problems. 

For online tutoring, Chegg access can serve as a useful extra source of income. 

Always follow the tips we have shared to help prevent account network connection problems.

Furthermore, we hope that if you have had any issues while accessing Chegg, tricks, and all the information we have provided have served as a useful troubleshooting tool for you!

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