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Martin Barrett
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Deleting Questions On Chegg Easy Breakdown

Deleting Questions On Chegg: Easy Breakdown

Chegg is an American educational company that allows you to find and rent textbooks, prepare for exams, and even ask community questions for extra help and answers after you join Chegg.

Because of all these amazing features, Chegg has really shot up in popularity in recent years as one of the best online education tools for American students. 

However, nothing is perfect and there are a few confusing points and issues a lot of Chegg subscription users are facing when starting out on the Chegg study pack. For example, you may know how to ask questions – but how do you delete Chegg questions? 

Check out this in-depth guide to find out everything you need to know about how to delete a question on Chegg! 

Can You Delete Answered Questions On Chegg? 

Under Chegg’s study menu, users have the ability to ask questions regarding any topics they may be stuck on. It’s a great feature that allows Chegg users to access easy-to-understand answers at any moment. You can also search for a question posed already by other students to help save you time. (See also ‘How To See Chegg Answers For Free?‘)

What this means is that the more questions students ask on Chegg, the better the service works – so are you even allowed to delete questions you have asked in the past? 

Unfortunately, no. 

The Q&A feature on Chegg works best the more questions (and thus, more answers) students can access on Chegg. This means that if Chegg allowed students to be able to go back and delete questions on Chegg that have been answered, future students won’t be able to access the same questions and answers! 

As a result, student users do not have the ability to go back and delete questions they have asked. (See also ‘How Long Will It Take For My Question To Be Answered On Chegg?‘)

This can be a really frustrating experience but when you step back and take a look at the bigger picture, it makes sense that Chegg doesn’t allow students to delete their own questions.

Those answered questions may not be useful to you anymore but they may still be useful to so many other students who are wondering the same thing!

Instead of Chegg having to answer the same question again and again, it’s much easier to leave one answered question up for other students to find so they don’t waste their time waiting for an answer. 

So, it’s important that your questions remain up on Chegg – even if you wish you could delete them! 

Will Deleting My Chegg Account Delete My Answered Questions? 

One method some students may attempt in order to delete Chegg question is to delete their accounts altogether. They believe that because the data linked to their account is gone, the questions will be too – right? 

This, again, is not how Chegg works. 

Even though your account is gone, your previous questions will still remain published in their Q&A section online.

Although your account details will not be visibly linked to the question (they never are, no matter if your account is active or not), the question will still remain uploaded. 

So this means that deleting your Chegg account will not work as a method to delete your past questions. Although your account is gone, your questions will still remain published and viewable on their website. 

Will Chegg Delete My Answered Questions If I Ask Them To?

How to delete a question on Chegg

In such a scenario that you have a serious problem with your past question or a Chegg question another student has asked, then you can bring this to Chegg’s attention. This is no guarantee that they will remove the question but they will look into it to see if it breaks any of their terms and conditions. 

Chegg will remove posted questions that violate your privacy and will remove questions if they contain original content that does not belong to the user.

The same goes for any Chegg questions that contain offensive language, slurs, or inappropriate language, to help keep the website a safe space for children and teens. 

If you have asked a question that you feel is inappropriate and goes against Chegg’s Terms of Use or their Honor Code, then you can fill out a form to request that Chegg remove the question themselves.

They will look into it and remove the question if they find that it does indeed go against their policies. Here is a link to the online content removal request form

However, if you want a question removed and it does not violate any of Chegg’s policies, then it will remain published and uploaded on their website for others to read. 

Can I Edit My Question On Chegg? 

If you have recently submitted a question and it has not yet been claimed by an expert, you can still go in and edit the question. 

This is a very useful feature as it means you can add or remove information from the question that is relevant or irrelevant.

If you ask a question and then realize the answer not long after, you can go back and ask a whole new question by just editing it rather than paying to ask a separate new question and letting the first go to waste. 

To do this, follow the steps below: 

  • Log into your account and go to the question you have submitted. 
  • Select the ‘Edit Question’ link and make the changes you desire. 
  • Remember that you need to re-submit or change the ‘Course’ and ‘Subject’ for your question. 
  • Then, once you are finished and satisfied with your editing, you can click the ‘Update’ button and your question will be updated. 

This only works if an expert has not already started answering your question. If in 3 days your question has not been answered, then the question will ‘expire’ and you will receive a refund.

So, if you would rather delete an unanswered question, you will need to cross your fingers and hope it remains unanswered so it expires by itself. 

I Am A Tutor – Will Chegg Remove My Answer?

Like with student questions, Chegg will not remove any answers written by their experts or tutors. These will remain uploaded on the website unless they clearly violate Chegg’s Terms of Use or Honor Code policies. 

However, as the tutor, you do have the ability to go back and edit your answer. This is handy for correcting typos or errors you have made in your online tutoring answer – we are all human and hey, it happens sometimes!

Because of this, Chegg has made it easy for tutors to edit their answers so any misinformation or errors can be corrected and their users get the best possible content. 

Final Thoughts

Certain online educational programs and websites will allow students to be able to delete the questions they have asked their tutors and experts – but Chegg is not one of those companies. 

Questions that are answered and published online remain there so students can quickly and easily find Chegg answers to their questions without having to pay to ask the same question again and again.

As a result, students cannot delete their own questions. You can request that Chegg take down a question if it breaks their policies but if not, then the question will remain visible to others. 

This is a pretty annoying feature but overall, it’s what makes Chegg work as a database of answers for students – so it’s a feature that is definitely here to stay!