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Martin Barrett
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Best Coursera Product Management Courses Online 2023

The role of a product manager is one of the corporate world’s most in-demand and rapidly expanding occupations.

According to our research done by LinkedIn, the position of a product manager is one of the most promising employment opportunities in the United States.

It should come as no surprise that an ever-increasing number of people are interested in pursuing a stimulating, well-paid, and secure career in product management.

At the same time, we are witnessing an increase in the quantity of product management classes that various schools both in-person and online are providing.

All of this is fantastic news for anyone interested in pursuing a career as a product manager, but with so many options out there, choosing the right online product management course for you can be pretty overwhelming.

Before signing up for a course in product management, you should make sure you’ve done your homework and considered all of your options.

To help you out, we’ve made this list of the best Coursera product management courses offered by the highly esteemed online business school Coursera.

Keep reading to begging your project management journey!

What Is Coursera?

Coursera is one of the most well-known and highly-praised online learning platforms on the web.

It collaborates with more than 275 of the world’s most prestigious educational institutions and businesses to make accessible, affordable, and professionally relevant online education courses, which are then taken by people all over the world.

Coursera provides a variety of possibilities for education, ranging from hands-on projects and classes to degree and certificate programs that prepare students for employment.

Coursera offers individual best product management courses which are perfect if you want to improve your knowledge or pick up a few new product management skills to help you in your work.

If you want a more well-rounded and complete education though, then you should consider taking a Professional Certificate Coursera program.

This kind of program is made up of 4-6 online product management courses, and once you complete every course you will be rewarded with a certificate.

This certificate is recognized by many professional institutions and will make you a more desirable candidate when it comes to job interviews.

Similarly, Coursera offers what they call “Specializations”. A Coursera Specialization is a collection of free product management courses designed to help you become an expert in a certain field.

To get started, either sign up for the Specialization right away or investigate its available classes until you find the one that best suits your needs.

When you subscribe to a course that’s included in a Specialization, you are also instantly enrolled in the Specialization as a whole when you make that purchase.

It’s not a problem if you just finish one course; you are free to suspend your education at any time or cancel your subscription entirely.


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Google Project Management – Professional Certificate

Get going on the road to a successful career in project management with this course.

Through participation in this program, which was developed by Google themselves, you will gain marketable skills that will get you ready for the workforce in just 6 months.

Through this course, you will develop your ability to communicate effectively in a strategic manner, prepare project documentation, and learn how to manage projects using both classic and agile approaches.

You don’t need any previous experience or even a degree to begin preparing for a new profession in the fast-growing sector of project management.

Get professional product management training that was designed by Google, and you’ll be well on your way to landing a job that pays competitively.

Acquire marketable abilities that will position you favorably for entry-level employment opportunities.

Learn from Google employees who have built successful careers on the backs of solid foundations in project management that they shared with you.

After finishing the course, you will be able to submit direct job applications to Google as well as over 150 other firms in the United States, such as Walmart, Best Buy, and Astreya.

This program will qualify you for over one hundred hours of education in project management, which will help you get ready for certifications offered by the Project Management Institute, such as the Certified Associate in Product Management certification course that is recognized all over the world.

This certificate is comprised of 6 courses, which means that to earn it, you will need to take part in a comprehensive and all-encompassing educational experience.

Though This Course You Will

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of the principles, procedures, and competencies necessary for success in an entry-level project management job
  • Throughout the several stages of a project, you will educate yourself on how to effectively develop project documentation and artifacts.
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of Agile project management, with a particular emphasis on the implementation of Scrum events, the construction of Scrum artifacts, and the comprehension of Scrum roles.
  • Real-world circumstances provide an opportunity to hone skills such as strategic communication, problem-solving, and stakeholder management.
coursera product management

Digital Product Management Specialization

Digital Product management should be updated to reflect new practices.

Through this up-to-date course, you will learn the fundamentals of project management that are responsible for the success of exceptional teams and products.

You will learn the fundamentals of modern product management through a series of five courses that cover topics such as agile development, hypothesis-driven product development, and product design applications.

Throughout the specialty, students will progress from having a concept to having testable product hypotheses to having a team charter.

This is essentially the same preparation that a product manager who is starting a new program would carry out.

To be more specific, you will compose a focal positioning statement, product management jobs-to-be-done, value hypotheses, and user stories, and then you will include all of these elements into a team charter.

You will obtain a Certificate upon successful completion of each course as well as the hands-on project, which you will then be able to present to potential employers as well as other members of your professional network.

It should take approximately 5 months to finish if you do just 3 hours of work a week.

Through This Course You Will

  • Develop and oversee the management of a team charter that promotes both alignment and autonomy.
  • Take the initiative by providing an actionable design narrative focused on your customers.
  • Develop a culture of experimentation by combining it with hypothesis-based product design.

Software Product Management Specialization

Improve your software by implementing Agile best practices.

Learn Agile development and how to engage effectively with others to drive the production of excellent software solutions.

Within the context of this Software Product Management Specialization, you will become proficient in Agile software management practices that you can use to manage a group of software engineers and communicate with customers.

During the final Capstone Project, you’ll put the management skills you’ve learned to use by practicing and applying those skills to genuine scenarios that you’ll experience in your future career as a Software Product Manager.

As a participant in a Software Product Management workshop, you’ll have the chance to discuss the lessons you’ve learned and gain new perspectives from those of your peers.

You will acquire real-world management experience while working in a controlled environment that simulates the manufacturing of software.

You will be tasked with utilizing Agile methods and methodologies to meet and overcome industry-based obstacles.

By experiencing a realistic client, you’ll be able to determine what they want and what they genuinely require, and then you will be able to communicate those desires as software requirements to drive software production.

After you have finished the capstone, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to advance your career as a self-assured software product management expert.

Through This Course, You Will

Learn how to master the practices of Agile software development.

Maintain a confident software product management demeanor when interacting with customers and managing a group of software engineers.

Get your management skills put to the test by practicing real-world examples.


Degrees, Certificates, & Free Online Courses

  • More than 5,000 courses
  • Professional Certificates
  • Degrees from the Top Universities
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Real-World Product Management Specialization

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is proud to sponsor this educational opportunity in product management.

Product management is a valuable skill, and through this course, you’ll learn it from the best product managers in the field right now.

Learn the skills you need to thrive as a product manager in tech firms such as Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, or a startup, and find out if a career in product management is right for you at the same time!

You can earn up to 6 college credits upon completion of this program, which has been given the ACE seal of approval.

Learn product management with a curriculum that is identical to that used by Amazon and Google.

You will learn valuable information that will help you stand out in your first (or future) product manager career.

The primary instructor is Nancy Wang, Director and General Manager of Data Protection Services at Amazon Web Services as well as a former Rubrik and Google PM leader.

She discusses the key business, technical, design, and leadership skills necessary for success in project management roles at the world’s leading technology companies.

Learn the most in-demand skills for product management from 20 product executives from companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more.

A great part of this course is the interview training.

A lot of people have the necessary skills to do a job, but during a stressful interview process, it’s easy to let the nerves get to you.

To help you out, thirty percent of this Specialization focuses on teaching you how to impress potential employers and coworkers at your next interview and future job.

Here, you’ll learn how to approach each of the many types of product management interview questions methodically.

You’ll watch two live project management interviews (one with Google, and one with Amazon) with real-time feedback, and pr