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WPBakery And BuddyBoss Explained

What Page Builder Does BuddyBoss Use: WPBakery Explained

You may be thinking that what page builder does BuddyBoss use? There are many reasons why BuddyBoss theme has become such a popular platform for people trying to create and customize a learning website, and while a lot of this comes down to how many features and options are granted to the user in terms of personalization and functionality.

It is also due to the fact that BuddyBoss can work very well with other popular page and app builders, including WPBakery. 

However, before you start merging the two and using them together, there are a few very important considerations to take into account, and that’s exactly what we’re going to take a look at today. 

Here is the full rundown of everything you need to know when using WPBakery and BuddyBoss together, and if there are any other alternative page builders which may be a better option to use in your specific situation.

What Is WPBakery?

World’s leading WordPress page builder that allows you to create a website by offering multiple different tools and resources which can be used to insert icons and menus, while also granting you much more control over the design and aesthetic of a website. 

A lot of this comes from the Template Library which can be accessed as soon as you download and start using WPBakery.

There is no download limit for these templates, so feel free to browse the many stylish and unique design choices that are on offer and choose the one that you think fits the aesthetic of your learning website the best. 

The WPBakery team updates the library with new templates to download on a weekly basis, which is why the plugin has gained such immense popularity since it’s always tempting to come back after a few days to see what has been added and if you can make use of the new templates somewhere on a website or app.

Is WPBakery Free?

It should be noted that you will be required to pay for a license in order to make use of all the features WPBakery has to offer, and it will cost an upfront payment of $64 to install it and begin using it on the WordPress site, though this price will often change depending on if there is a sale or which website you are buying it from. 

In terms of what features you will be able to take advantage of once you buy it, here is the full list:

  • Premium templates 
  • Built-in skin beaver builder to alter colors 
  • Advanced grid builder 
  • Parallax effect 
  • Multilingual ready 
  • Image filters 
  • Woo commerce compatibility 
  • Lifetime updates 
  • Yoast SEO compatibility
  • Object-oriented code 

As you can see, there are plenty of tools and resources that you can play around with once you sign up for WPBakery and install it, but what happens if you already have BuddyBoss and are using that advanced plugin at the same time?

what page builder does BuddyBoss use

Is WPBakery Compatible With BuddyBoss?

WPBakery is completely compatible with BuddyBoss, with the integration supporting all templates and blocks and allowing the user to customize everything on the page from margins and borders, all the way to color options.

Therefore, the two will not clash, but instead, will simply grant you even more customization options and creative freedom to create and design a website just the way that you would like it. 

How To Install WPBakery

If you already have BuddyBoss installed as a plugin, it can be a little more complicated to also bring WPBakery on board, however with that being said, the sheer amount of extra functionality you gain as a user will make it well worth it in the end. 

You will first need to buy and download the WPBakery plugin which you can do so here. You then need to go to the dashboard of WordPress, head over to “Plugins”, and select “Add New”.

Click on the “Upload Plugin” option and scroll until you reach the location of the downloaded file to begin installing it. 

You will then need to select the “Activate Plugin” button in order for WPBakery to turn on, or you can simply go over to the “Plugins” section of the dashboard and click “Activate” from there which will be found just under the name of the plugin itself. 

Go back to the dashboard and select “WPBakery Page Builder” which will allow you to customize and tinker with a few options so that the program knows what you intend to use the plugin for.

The best place to start is with the “Role Manager”, click on this from the top menu and mark the checkboxes for the custom post types you want to add before pressing “Save”.

You can now merge WPBakery with BuddyBoss by going onto the BuddyBoss platform. Keep in mind that the BuddyBoss and WPBakery integration supports the Forum, Topic, and Reply post types. 

Head to the “Admin Dashboard” and create a new page from the “Pages” tab. Type in a title, and then click on the “Frontend Editor” button to insert the WPBakery plugin.

Click “Add Element”, and you will be able to select the preferred elements that you want to be used to create the page, depending on how you want it to look. 

The WTPBakery symbol should now appear in the small blue “Frontend Editor” box which is under the title of the forum or discussion.

Other Popular Plugins You Can Integrate With BuddyBoss

WPBakery is just one of many plugins that you can integrate with BuddyBoss. Let’s take a look at a few others you can consider using depending on how you want to design and customize your page. 


Commonly used to create and sell engaging online communities and interactive online courses, LifterLMS is most optimal for educational membership sites and platforms, and because of this, it works very well with BuddyBoss since you are given a huge number of templates and icons to use to make the site as flashy as possible for learners. 


GamiPress is a plugin that allows you to create digital rewards that can be granted to visitors on a site when they achieve something, such as going through a course or taking a quiz.

Integrating it with BuddyBoss allows you to set up exciting activities and events that come with their own rewards when completed by visitors. 

WishList Member

If you are planning to create a membership site that includes protected member-only content, WishList Member is the perfect plugin to use, and since BuddyBoss integrates with it, it means you can make the subscription options and content look as enticing as possible. 


myCRED installs an adaptive points management system onto a website’s pages, meaning that users will be rewarded with points for simply interacting with the site which is a great way to gain more traffic, especially if you’re also using BuddyBoss to make the website itself look appealing to new visitors and learners who will then go on to recommend it to others. 


If you want to make a learning site or app as visually appealing as possible like an online store and online community, one of your best options is integrating WPBakery and BuddyBoss, and while actually merging them together and using both plugins at the same time can seem a little confusing at first.

Once you know how to do it and the menus you need to navigate through, it’s fairly easy and very worth it considering how many extra customization tools you will have at your disposal.

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