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Martin Barrett
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AdSense And Buddyboss: Complete Guide

How To Add Adsense To BuddyBoss: Complete Guide

A big part of running a website successfully is not just affiliate marketing, writing great content, or even having a great product. One of the most critical aspects is Google Ad Manager. 

You can use adverts to make some extra money on your sites or draw in customers and new fans of your product or service. When paired with BuddyBoss you can create a site that is a dream come true for many people. 

With AdSense and BuddyBoss you can optimize your use of ads and also make your site extra user-friendly with plenty of integrations that grow, enhance, and bring optimal potential to your community. 

However, working them together can be challenging, as working with AdSense on its own can be a bit of an overwhelming experience for many people who are new to it. So, let us walk you through a total guide on BuddyBoss and AdSense. Learn how to add Adsense to BuddyBoss below!

What Is BuddyBoss?

Let’s start with BuddyBoss, as even if you have a WordPress site, this does not mean that you have used it, so some are still unfamiliar with exactly what BuddyBoss is. 

The short explanation is that it is an advanced ads plugin that is made for creating online communities on WordPress. This sounds awesome, and those who have used it tend to agree with this/ This is why it is a must-have for businesses across the world. 

It powers 50,000 online communities, courses, and membership sites worldwide.

Owners of websites enjoy using this customizable and advanced plugin to sell, develop and control memberships, training, courses, and more through a virtual learning network.

What Is Adsense?

Google AdSense on the other hand is an advertising program that you can use to make money on content, this can be from YouTube videos, blogs, and so on.

Clients will then pay to advise through it, and you can get a cut of this revenue by hosting adverts on your channel. 

It essentially works as royalty payments for displaying their advert.

How AdSense Works

If Google has approved your website, your site has unique content, complies with the policies of AdSense and you are over 18 you can apply. Once approved you can set up for adverts to appear on your website, choosing which types to run and where they will appear. 

However, the companies which show up on your site have bid for the right to be there. 

They let advertisers vie for space on your site based on your content as well as how likely they are to get clicks on their adverts from visitors. They will determine this via a quality score of an advertiser.

There are two factors that are at play here, one is the click-through rate, which is how many visitors to your site Google thinks will click. 

The other is a group known to Google as ‘factors affecting user quality experience from viewing said unlimited ad units. This is not disclosed as to what it is, but apparently, the advert relevance and land page experience are critical. 

In Three Steps

In the simple 3 steps setting up AdSense is easy. 

Firstly, you need to make ad spaces available. Make these by pasting ad code onto your site wherever you would like the ads to appear. 

Then, the highest-paying adverts will appear on your site. Advertisers bid to show up in your ad spaces in a real-time auction, and the highest paying will show on your website. 

Then you get paid, and Google AdSense handles the process of billing advertisers and ad and affiliate networks for their post feed hide ads appearing on your site.

Signing Up

In order to sign up for Google AdSense you do not need to pay any money, however, you do need to consider a few things when you want to use this feature on your website (or even YouTube channel). 

These should be your top considerations: 

  • In order to apply you must be at least 18 years old. 
  • You have to have an active Gmail account.
  • If you violate any of the terms of the agreement with Google Adsense account will be terminated.
  • Do not ever click on your own ads.
  • Do not encourage others to click on the ad.
  • Do not use AdSense on websites with adult content.
  • Do not use AdSense on a website with material that has been copyrighted.
  • Do not create a second AdSense account. 

Linking AdSense With Your Website

How to add AdSense BuddyBoss

To be able to place Google Adsense advertisements with Google AdSense on your site you will need to connect an AdSense account with your site, this is done via the placement of a code, or through the use of a Google Site kit. 

Once a connection has been made, you can set up adverts on your website, it is super simple! 

What If You Want To Embed Ads Into BuddyBoss Streams?

Google AdSense is the easiest way to embed Adverts into a website, and the process with AdSense is the same as in any other way. However, many people also choose to use an alternative – Advanced Ads Pro. 

With this, you can find the BuddyBoss Placement on the ‘placement’ age archive pages. This helps you insert adverts into activity streams, including in group or member activities! 

In order to insert an ad into streams like this, you do need to craft a new BuddyBoss placement and then select the entry, then after this, you should insert the advert. 

By default, the ad should appear in all streams, including member and group streams. 

From here you can fine-tune the injection of the advert by choosing a dedicated stream in which the advert will appear. This can be on a member timeline, activity stream, group feed, or any stream.

Can You Target Ads To Specific BuddyBoss Groups Via Advance Ads?

While this is not something that can be done via AdSense, this is something that can be done through Advance Ads. 

If you wanted to insert an advert in only a very specific stream, or even if you wanted to disable them completely in another stream, then you should add the BuddyBoss Group Display Condition to the ad placement.

This will detect existing user groups and lets you choose where you should hide or show the advert.

A typical use would be if you wanted to reach a group of people who like something specific, perhaps vegans, with your advert, however, you also have members who are vegetarian or pescetarian. So you want to show classified ads.

In using the BuddyBoss group condition this will only work for BuddyBoss placement, if you wanted to target ads via other placements to groups, then you should use the URL parameter condition. 

This is a great way to be specific with your own advert targeting for streams. Ideally, you could use AdSense and Advance Ads to fully optimize your BuddyBoss and WordPress sites!


AdSense is the best way to utilize ads to optimize your website and make money. However, consider the many options of BuddyBoss to help you fully reap the total benefits of advertising on your platforms. 

While AdSense is useful, BuddyBoss has other options available to it as well!

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