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What Happens When You Finish LinkedIn Learning?

What Happens When You Finish LinkedIn Learning?

Many users of LinkedIn use LinkedIn Learning to boost their skills to make them more employable for prospective employers.

As LinkedIn is a social media platform that encourages professional connections, you’ll find that these skills are essential to help you get noticed by other members.

While the LinkedIn Learning account isn’t free, many users can subscribe should they want to improve their skills.

Some companies and higher educations also utilize LinkedIn Learning to foster a culture of learning, as they want everyone to be able to have access to the resources on the site. But what happens when you finish LinkedIn Learning courses?

How will completing a course help you improve your career? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about how you can implement LinkedIn Learning and what you can achieve from using it.

What Is LinkedIn Learning?

As we mentioned earlier, LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that will help you learn new skills that will boost your career.

There are over 16,000 courses available on the LinkedIn Learning platform that are taught by a host of professionals.

You can tailor your courses to what you want to learn and use a variety of project files and quizzes to make your learning more interactive. 

As there are 16,000 courses available, you can take one that is specific to your field, or you can study something new.

Some courses can help you succeed in business, learn more about technology, or engage in lessons that are more creative.

Whether you work in construction, animation, or an office, you’ll find a course that will help you improve and understand where you want to be in the future. 

Many LinkedIn Learning members are eligible for a free month so they can see whether a course interests them.

If it does, they can continue their membership, or they can contact their business and see if they have an affiliation with LinkedIn Learning.

If they do, you may be able to see if they will subsidize your subscription.

What Happens When You Finish LinkedIn Learning?

There are many benefits to taking online courses.

However, there is one question that many people ask before taking part in a course: what happens when you finish LinkedIn Learning?

If you’re new to LinkedIn Learning, we’re happy to help you provide more detail on what you can obtain when you’ve completed your course.

Earn Certificates Of Completion

When doing a course on online learning platforms like LinkedIn Learning, you can earn a certificate of completion.

These are certificates you gain when you complete a course to showcase what you took part in and learned from it.

You’ll find that these certificates can be put onto your LinkedIn profile to showcase the skills that you have learned.

These will include the date you completed the course. However, not all the courses will have a completion certificate. 

If you want a certificate of completion, you’ll have to take part in learning paths or courses, but not an individual video and collection.

You need to complete all the videos on a course or learning path to get a certificate, so you can’t skip any videos to get to the end of a course.

What Can You Do With A Certificate Of Completion?

You can add a certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile when you have earned one.

These are easy to link to your profile, and you can also add the skills you learned from your course.

In fact, we’ve supplied the steps you need to take down below.

How To Add A Certificate Of Completion To Your Profile

What Happens When You Finish LinkedIn Learning?

When you earn your certificate of completion, you’ll be given a prompt to add it to your profile when you’ve completed your course or learning path.

If you want to access LinkedIn Learning for your completed course, you can access it from your Learning History page.

All you need to do is click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and then click on Learning History from the dropdown menu.

From here, you can then add your completed certificates to your profile.

All you need to do is click on the ‘More’ button to the right of your completed course’s title.

This will open a dropdown menu, where you will see the option ‘Add to profile,’ which you can select once you’ve completed the course.

From here, a confirmation pop-up will appear. It will say ‘Share with network,’ which will share your progress with your LinkedIn network.

You can select who can see your progress from this portion and decide if you want to share it with individuals or all of your connections.

Then, once you’ve decided who to share your progress with, click ‘Add to Profile’ from the confirmation pop-up.

If you don’t want to add the skill to your profile, you can unselect it from ‘Skills that will be added to your profile,’ and if there are over 50 skills here, then it will automatically not be added.

If, for any reason, you can’t add it to your profile as it says that the course isn’t complete, then go to each individual course to ensure there’s a green checkmark to show that the video on the course has been viewed.

If not, then clear your cache and cookies and return to your Learning History to confirm that it’s completed.

You can also add a physical copy to your portfolio if you print out a PDF version of your certificate.

Is A Certificate Of Completion Worth It?

If you’re still on edge about whether LinkedIn Learning certificates of completion are worth it, then we’re here to reassure you that they are.

Many employers on LinkedIn appreciate your focus on personal or professional development and value that kind of focus in your career.

These certificates also demonstrate your commitment to a course and focus on your own improvement without any monetary incentive.

Employers appreciate prospective employees who want to improve, as it shows they are willing to work hard to get noticed.

While these aren’t the same as getting a certificate from a college, they are useful for any professional when assessing a LinkedIn profile to understand if this prospective employee is suited for their role. 

For those who want to switch careers, you’ll find that these certificates also showcase a willingness to learn and improve.

If you switch careers at any point, having these on your profile can demonstrate that you have the skills and understand the theory behind your work.

This is ideal, especially for any employer who works in IT, as it will show a demonstration to learn new skills to help you improve.

It will also help employers find those with the skills they’re looking for, especially if they are on your profile.

Bottom Line

Ultimately, finishing a LinkedIn Learning course will give you a LinkedIn Learning certificate of completion that you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

These are essential for anyone wanting to showcase their skills, as the skills can be added to your profile, making you more desirable to other employers.

Finishing a course in LinkedIn Learning can help those who want to advance their careers or shift to a new one. 

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