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Martin Barrett
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What Does Shipment Pending On Chegg Mean?

What Does Shipment Pending On Chegg Mean?

Chegg is an online service that helps students and learners study.

It’s also an excellent resource for buying used textbooks, as well as finding textbook rentals. If you want to save money on your textbooks, consider using Chegg. (See also ‘Does Chegg Have A Free Trial?‘)

Once you schedule delivery for example on the next business day, you’ve placed your order and you’re waiting for your textbooks, you might notice Chegg has listed your order status as shipment pending. What does Shipment Pending mean on Chegg?

This is an in-between stage in delivery. The status means that the order has been mostly processed, and they’re just waiting to send it to you.

Find out more about what shipment pending on Chegg means for your order and delivery with this guide.

What Does Shipment Pending Mean On Chegg?

Shipment pending means delivery commitments and your order have been received and are being processed, but the FedEx package is still being prepared for delivery. (Check out ‘Can You Sell Textbooks To Chegg?‘)

Your textbooks aren’t on their way to you just yet if the shipment is still pending. However, it shouldn’t be long until they’re in your hands.

Shipment pending is an in-between stage of delivery. Your order has been received and processed, but the textbooks aren’t quite ready to be sent to you.

It doesn’t indicate there’s a problem with your order! Keep an eye on your tracking information, and you should soon see your shipment switch from “Pending” to “Out for Delivery”.

There can be a variety of reasons that the order process has been delayed. It rarely indicates a problem with the order.

However, there are times when your shipment pending status might hang around for longer than usual. This might mean there’s been a delay, so contact the Chegg support team for more information and an expert answer.

Both rental textbooks and purchases can have a shipment pending status.

Why Is My Chegg Book Shipment Pending?

There are many reasons why a shipment might be pending, and it’s rarely anything to be concerned about.

Packing, shipping, and delivering textbooks across the country takes a coordinated effort, so there is a natural processing time for every order.

Shipment pending can also mean that your order has been received, packaged, and is now on its way — but the delivery status hasn’t been updated.

If UPS hasn’t updated the tracking information just yet, a parcel that is out for delivery might still be listed as shipment pending.

This should be changed quickly, so you get an accurate idea of where your parcel is.

You can contact Chegg if your order status has been stuck on the FedEx scheduled delivery pending for a while, but they’re unlikely to know the exact status of your order.

Does Shipment Pending Mean My Chegg Order Is Delayed?

Shipment pending doesn’t necessarily mean your Chegg order has been delayed. You’re likely to see this message within the first few days of placing your order.

This is still in the normal time frame from delivery. Once the order has been fully processed, your textbooks will be shipped and should arrive on or before the delivery date.

However, shipment pending can sometimes indicate a delay in the delivery process.

If you’re expecting a delivery tomorrow, but today the shipment’s delivery status is shipment pending, your books are unlikely to arrive on time.

Chegg delivers textbooks around the country, which means the occasional delay isn’t unexpected. But when it’s your parcel that’s been delayed, it can be incredibly frustrating.

If your order status is shipment pending and you were expecting your parcel to arrive soon, contact Chegg customer support services and give them your tracking number to get a detailed solution.

If you’ve paid for expedited shipping and your order has been delayed, you might qualify for a refund. Contact Chegg customer support to see what they can do for you. 

Standard orders that have been delayed for several days are unlikely to qualify for a refund.

However, if you feel your order has been delayed for an exceptionally long time, try contacting Chegg for an explanation.

Where Can I Find My Chegg Shipment Tracking Information?

You can find your Chegg shipment information on your Chegg account. Log in, head to your profile, and check the tracking page for your orders. This should tell you the status of your order.

What Does Shipment Pending On Chegg Mean (3)

Keep in mind that it might take some time for your delivery information to update. You can expect there to be a few days between placing an order and the order shipment.

UPS will need to update the tracking information when the parcel is out for delivery, and there can be a delay in this change being reflected in the order status.

It’s always frustrating to be stuck waiting for a parcel. Tracking information can keep you updated with the current status of your order, so you know when to expect delivery.

How Long Does It Take Chegg To Deliver An Order?

It typically takes Chegg between 1 and 10 days to deliver an order after receiving it. As Chegg delivers across the United States, the shipping times can vary.

Chegg does offer an expedited delivery service (at an extra cost) which can ensure your textbooks get to you quicker.

Chegg delivers to everywhere in the United States — including Alaska and Hawaii! However, if you do order a book to be shipped to these non-contiguous states, you might have an additional shipping fee and a longer delivery date. 

As you wait for your order, Chegg might offer you an eBook of your chosen order. This will give you access to the textbook while you wait for the physical copy to arrive.

Chegg doesn’t always have this option available, but it’s something to keep an eye out for if you’re expecting a long delivery process. 

My Shipment Is Still Pending — Can I Cancel My Chegg Order?

Unfortunately, at this stage, you can no longer cancel your Chegg order. Chegg offers just a 30-minute cancellation window immediately after placing an order.

Once these 30 minutes have passed, you can’t cancel your order. Instead, you’ll have to wait to return your textbooks.

Under the order details, there should be a list of books on your order. The cancel book option can be found next to each title. Click cancel and confirm the cancellation.

When this has been done, the status should change to ‘voided’, you’ll be refunded your money, and receive a confirmation email for the cancellation.

If you’re within those 30 minutes and you can’t see an option to cancel, try refreshing the page. If there’s still no cancellation option, you’ve probably missed your chance.

If your order is listed as shipment pending, then it’s already been processed, and can no longer be refunded. However, Chegg does offer a 21-day refund period.

You’ll need to print a prepaid return label (you can find this on your account), glue it onto the original shipping label, and drop off your books at the carrier.

You can start the process as soon as your textbooks arrive.

Final Thoughts

Shipment pending can be a frustratingly vague order status to see. It essentially means that your order from Chegg has been received, but it’s not quite ready to be sent to you.

Keep an eye on the order status, which can be tracked from your Chegg account, and it should soon switch from “Shipment Pending” to “Out for Delivery”.

If your Chegg order seems to have been stuck on shipment pending for a while, there might be a delay in your delivery.

There’s rarely anything Chegg can do about this, but you can contact their customer support team if you’re unhappy with the wait.