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Martin Barrett
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Best Udemy Life Coach Courses

15+ Best Udemy Life Coach Courses (2023)

When it comes to getting the right attitude in your personal life or striving for further success in your life coaching business, having the right mindset is very important. But certain perspectives might be very hard to change. That’s why life coaching is such a valuable skill.

If you are thinking about life coaching and believe you can teach it to others, then you might be looking at courses already. But you might find some of them too expensive, too intensive,, or just hard to integrate into your busy lifestyle.

That’s why Udemy is a great resource. Udemy is an online academy that comes with thousands of amazing courses, including life coaching. But which ones are the best? Well, we’ve scoured Udemy and found 15 best Udemy life coach courses that it offers.

15 Best Udemy Life Coach Courses

1. Coaching For Growth And Success

If you want to inspire leadership in your friends or colleagues, then this is a great course that will help you develop the necessary skills to achieve a natural leader status. This helps you to find coachable moments in your day-to-day life with tutorials in empathy and assuming authority.

This will also help you to identify strengths in others, allowing you to build a more cohesive team that will improve the confidence of others as well as yourself. This course comes with thousands of great reviews, which is a testament to its effectiveness.

2. Life Coaching Business MASTERCLASS (5+ Courses In 1)

This is a class that will teach you everything that you need to feel confident in the often-cutthroat business market. If you are sick of hunting down clients as a certified life coach, this course will teach you how to acquire clients and, most importantly, how to keep them.

It will also give you strategies about how to market yourself as a life coach that does not involve incessant posts on Facebook and Instagram. The great thing about this course is that it gives you introductory life coach training courses for free, which will allow you to try them before you buy.

3. Financial Planning Coaching Certification Holistic Coaching

With over 12 hours of video, this course will teach you everything about managing your finances and how to integrate these skills into your everyday life. This comes with 5 lessons that former students have described as extremely informative, insightful, and useful.

This comes with lots of materials that you can study at your leisure, with 230 downloadable resources and lifetime access to the course. So, once you have bought it then you can return to it time and time again.

4. Business Coaching Certification FECBC Business Fundamentals

This business coaching course will give you all the fundamental skills that you need to teach others to be a confident entrepreneur. This will give full access to plenty of research materials, which will allow you to browse this course at whatever pace you feel most comfortable.

These videos really take the time to break down each of these business teaching techniques for you, making a course that is not overwhelming and great for beginners. This course comes with a qualification once you complete it.

5. Stress Management Coaching Certification CGRSC Stress Coach

Whether it comes to psychology or stress or how stress occurs in the business world, this course has everything that you need for a solid foundation on which to build your stress management practice.

This will also help you with the right phrasing so that you appear confident and in control when you are coaching. This will give you techniques that you can teach your students such as mindfulness, overcoming mental hurdles, and how transforming yourself through self-belief.

6. Smart Tips: Become A Manager Who Is An Exceptional Coach

Managing is a very stressful and overwhelming job; it can be quite tricky to maintain team cohesion as well as help the members that are struggling. However, this course gives you everything that you need to know to become an effective manager.

This will teach you when to coach and when to step back (this latter action is much more difficult to practice). This will help you focus on your own growth and development so that you can help others to grow and develop.

7. Motivation Coaching Certification GRCMC Motivation Coaching

This next course utilizes a method called Get Results Coaching Motivational Course, which aims to give you all the rudiments of coaching that you can implement immediately. This comes with 5 hours of video and plenty of downloadable articles to get you started.

This coaching course comes at a very decent price, which is a great course to start with if you have never coached before. This gives you exercises in motivation and a positive mindset that you can teach your clients to give them the leg-up they need in their personal or business life.

8. Group Life Coach Practitioner Certification (ACCREDITED)

8. Group Life Coach Practitioner Certification (ACCREDITED)

This next course is aimed at life coach training, giving you all the tools that you need for conveying life coaching concepts to a small or larger group of people. This has a 7-step approach that is easy to understand and will help you better identify the tropes in group psychology.

For those people who might consider themselves more audio learners, this whole course is available in an audio format. This comes with 6 hours of video and plenty of course materials that you can download.

9. Launch Your Career As A Professional Mind Coach

When it comes to life coaches for training for sports, meditation, or general mental well-being, having the right mindset is extremely important. That is why mind coaching is amazing.

Whether it is helping yourself or others, you can learn some of the fundamental precepts behind mental strength and resilience.

This course can help you retrain the brain, either through talk therapies or techniques that are like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This course will allow you to teach remotely or open doorways for you to travel over the world teaching people what you’ve learned.

10. Coaching And Mentoring Skills

Mentoring can be a pretty tricky process to understand, especially for beginners. Well, this course is designed to teach you some of the basic precepts of mentoring, such as how to create a mentoring process, how to evaluate mentees, and how to enhance their performance.

This is a great course for creating and encouraging discipline in the people that you are mentoring. This course comes with one hour of video, which is great for visual learners.

It also gives you lifetime membership of the course, so you can go back and consult the material years afterward.

11. Outstanding Coaching In Schools

School coaching is a one-of-a-kind approach, as working with younger people can be a lot more challenging than with older learners. If you want to support everyone in a comfortable environment that will help them learn and grow as individuals, then this is a great course for you.

This not only teaches you how to teach your children subjects, but it will also teach you how to support them on an emotional level. This comes with over 25 course materials that you can download and read at your own pace.

12. Get Coaching Clients — Attract More Coaching Clients To You

One of the hardest things about obtaining a life coaching certificate, especially for a freelance life coach, is trying to gain clients. Getting and keeping clients is tricky, but this course will help you to draft statements that will appeal to your target demographic.

This will help you to earn money on your terms, so you won’t be struggling for long periods of time trying to earn those extra few dollars. This will teach you the psychology of attracting clients and how to market yourself using persuasive language.

13. Life Coaching Certification Course

This life coach certification is the right course that will teach you the right life coaching practice. If you are new to life coaching, then this is a great place to start. This will help you to develop a better rapport with your clients and help them build up their strengths and weaknesses.

14. The 100K Coaching Program Introduction

This life coach certification program is a very specific course, but it is very useful if you are dabbling in the world of hypnotherapy. This comes with over 2 hours of video and dozens of downloadable resources to help you grow your business.

15. COACHING MASTERY – Build A Profitable Coaching Business

If you want to go beyond your advanced coaching skills and create your own coaching business, then you should try out this course. This gives you all th