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Best Udemy Interior Design Courses

Guide To Best Udemy Interior Design Courses

Interior design can be a daunting subject to learn. How can you coordinate furniture in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing? Which textures match and which textures should you avoid? How can you decorate your kitchen in the way that you want?

Well, you might not have considered this before, but you can learn these skills online. Whether you are learning for your own sake or want to get into interior design as a career, Udemy is the perfect online resource that has plenty of affordable and easy-to-understand courses.

So where can you find the right online interior design courses on Udemy that work for you? Which ones have the most video tutorials? Which ones have downloadable resources?

Well, we’ve combed Udemy and found 15 best udemy interior design courses.

15 Great Udemy Interior Design Courses

1. How To Work With Interior Design Styles Like A Pro

This first online course will teach you all the fundamentals of interior design, whether it is what the best materials are to use when you are decorating any room. This comes with over 5 hours of video demonstrations and 30 downloadable materials.

This will teach you how to pair color schemes and how to develop your own individual personal style. You can learn everything from furniture placement to window dressings and selecting patterns. You will even get a certification at the end of this online interior design course.

2. How To Design A Room In 10 Easy Steps

If you have little time on your hands to learn the basics of interior design, then this course is ideal, teaching you what to do in 10 simple steps. This will help you cultivate color schemes and lighting setups for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms.

This will also help you to locate some of the best furnishings for your room. This is very important, as very often these furniture pieces are the first thing that draws the eye to a specific place. This comes with 2 hours of video and over 20-course materials.

3. How To Use Color Like A Pro

Color is one of the most critical aspects of successful interior design, and this course will help you understand how color works on a psychological level to create the right mood in your home. This provides you with a palette of color schemes designed for different rooms.

This will teach you all about color testing, which is where you match colors first before applying them to the various rooms in your house. This comes with plenty of downloadable course resources and 2 hours of video that you can play on demand.

4. Design Is In The Details: How To Accessorize Like A Pro

When you are getting involved in interior design, you’ll soon understand some of the very basics of accessorizing. If you do want to get to that professional level of design, then you won’t want to underestimate the importance of accessorizing.

This will help you to match colors with various styles of flooring such as wood and metal. Texture is very important when it comes to accessorizing and this course does not overlook that fact. At the end of this course, you will achieve certification.

5. How To Use Lighting Design To Transform Your Home

This course will teach you all the basics when it comes to lighting, giving you tutorials on things like how to establish 3 layers of lighting to create a dramatic effect in whatever room you are designing. Light and color are very important when it comes to design.

This comes with 2 hours of on-demand video and plenty of downloadable course materials. You will be taught in an easy and friendly manner, learning how to utilize both natural and artificial lighting to the best effect.

6. Intro To Interior Design Course

A moderately rated course, thousands of students have written extremely complimentary things about this beginner’s course. This course boasts that it will teach you things that they don’t even teach students in interior design courses.

This is great if you want that advantage in the job market. This course is meant to be for beginners, and you won’t really have to concentrate too hard, simply sitting back and learning about the basics.

This will teach you things like concept illustrations and the importance of testing colors before you apply them.

7. How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

7. How To Design Your Dream Kitchen

Kitchens are the places where we spend the most time, so you might want to put that little extra bit of attention into the details of designing your perfect kitchen. This course is the best place to start, teaching you all the basics of designing a great kitchen.

This will teach you the order in which you should be doing your modeling when you are designing your own kitchen. You can learn the difference between small and large kitchens as well as how to get the best deals on materials like tile and wood.

8. Use Minimalist Interior Design To Live Your Best Life

When it comes to getting the right aesthetic for your house, you might have heard the phrase less is more. Well, this course certainly adheres to that philosophy. This will teach you about concepts such as negative space and how to effectively declutter your house with storage units.

Focal points are very important when it comes to drawing attention to certain design flaws in your room. This course will teach you how to balance out your home to create a harmonious vibe.

9. Design Your Room Using Sketchup

Sketchup is a 3D modeling program that is the perfect tool for getting your home just right before you even put a paintbrush on any surface. This will teach you all you need to know about the preliminary stages of interior design.

This gives you access to the course for life, which is great if you ever want to go back to it to refresh your memory. This comes with over an hour of video tutorials, which is great, as interior design is primarily a visual art form.

10. Use Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Design To Improve Your Life

This is a course for those people who really want to integrate good home design with ecology-friendly innovations. This course will teach you how to save money on your water and electricity by installing certain green technologies and features.

With just 4 hours of video and 5 downloadable resources, you can learn in a variety of different ways in this course. It will also tell you where you should source green fittings and furnishings that are 100% sustainable.

11. Everything Small Home Design

This is a great course for anyone who lives in a smaller abode, teaching you techniques such as how to arrange furnishings to make your small home seem bigger and how to integrate storage into your home so that it almost looks invisible.

Smaller interior spaces will often be more technically challenging to design, as you are working with far less. However, this course will teach you how to accessorize a smaller room, including how to use open shelving and the best methods of dividing up interior space planning.

12. Interior Design For Your Modern Home: A Room-By-Room Guide

This will help you make great decisions when it comes to creating a unique design for your home. By learning the basics, you can then combine your knowledge to make a unique interior that is completely personal to you.

By taking you through each room step-by-step, this course makes interior design far less daunting for the beginner. Soon you’ll be able to approach designing any room with maximum confidence like the aspiring interior designers.

13. Mastering Interior Designs

This course will walk you through the history of interior design, looking at Traditional, Rustic, Art Deco, Hollywood, and Modern interior design styles. This course has 3 hours of video and 15 articles on coloring, furniture, textiles, and patterns.

14. Styling And Staging Interior Spaces

By learning how to arrange furniture and match certain colors to create a specific ambiance, then you can elevate your interior design knowledge to the next level. This course will teach you how to do these things, making you very sought after as a freelance interior designer.

15. Interior Decorating: An A-Z System For Your Home

Finally, for someone who likes to know about even the minute details of interior design such as how to decorate a fireplace, neutral colors and interior decoration styles and how they work, or where the best place is to put a coffee table (see also ‘13 Best Masterclass Coffee Courses You Can Try Today‘), then this is the course for you.


We hope that our list of some of the highest-rated online interior design classes and online courses on interior design has helped you to decide which level you want to aim for.

Coloring, furniture matching, and playing around with light are crucial to great interior design and something covered in varying degrees in each of these courses.

If you like one of these courses, then there is nothing stopping you from gaining a number of certificates to both improve your knowledge and make you a more appealing prospect on the job market.

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