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Martin Barrett
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15+ Best Udemy Ethical Hacking Courses & Certifications In 2023

Hacking conjures up all sorts of images, most of them negative. We think of malicious hackers as invading our privacy, stealing our personal data, and sabotaging our computers. But there is a very different form of network hacking that actually uses those skills for good – that’s ethical hacking.

A complete ethical hacking course can involve many things: trying to hack a system to check how easy or difficult it is to penetrate, trying to find the location of an unethical hacker, or just implementing cyber security measures for businesses.

Udemy is the best online teaching market, offering over 200,000 courses and catering to around 54 million students. So what are the best ethical hacking courses that this website has to offer? Well, we’ve managed to source the 15 best Udemy ethical hacking courses for you.

15 Best Udemy Ethical Hacking Courses

1. Ethical Hacking From Scratch

This is an amazing course that is extremely popular, without nearly 500,000 students registered to do it. This best ethical hacking course offers you pretty much everything to become a proficient ethical hacker, and it comes with 135+ ethical hacking videos and 22 pieces of downloadable software to try out.

This course is run by an experienced ethical hacker, and it will teach you skills such as how to uncover weak points in a system and hack them, how to hack into Linux systems, how to take control of Wi-Fi connections without using a password, and fixing SQL injections.

2. The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: From Beginner To Advanced

If you want to work with Kali Linux, then this is a great course to learn about ethical hacking. Even if you know nothing about hacking or Linux systems, this will give you everything that you need to get started. This will give you all the skills that you need to get a job as a freelance ethical hacker.

This comes with plenty of demonstrations that you can try out in a simulated scenario. This will include creating a virtual hacking environment that will teach you how to hack systems and break passwords.

3. Practical Ethical Hacking – A Complete Guide

If you are looking to start from a pretty basic position, that is, if you are not familiar with IT in general, then we would recommend that you sign up for this course. This will help you learn valuable penetration testing skills, allowing you to get into any system.

If you are going to get a job as an ethical hacker, then you’ll need to know how to demonstrate your findings and break them down for potential employers. This course will teach you how to do that with demonstrations, video tutorials, and online tests.

4. Build An Advanced Keylogger Using C++ For Ethical Hacking

You might not be aware of keylogging, but it is a term that is quite familiar to ethical hackers. This is where you track every keystroke that is made by a user without their permission. This is a great method of tracking what a person is doing, as well as identifying passwords.

This will teach you the rudiments of building a keylogger. You will need a basic knowledge of C++. Once you have done this, you’ll even be able to keep track of chat logs, which is ideal.

You can also take screenshots of someone else’s computer, which will help you identify what a hacker is doing to your computer.

5. Website Hacking/Penetration Testing And Bug Bounty Hunting

This is one of the bestselling courses on Udemy, with nearly half a million students enrolled. You will learn ethical hacking online to bypass network security measures and identify website vulnerabilities in order to infiltrate a system and advanced exploitation.

If you want to specialize in website hacking and penetration testing for a system. This also comes at a very decent price, which is good for anyone who wants to learn a bit of hacking on the side.

6. Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2023: Zero To Mastery

This is another great course to join if you are interested in hacking using Kali Linux. This will teach you how to construct Trojans, viruses, and keyloggers, which will help you to monitor the movements of other users.

7. Learn Python And Ethical Hacking From Scratch

If you want to learn about Python, then this is a really great program that you can use. You can design and write your own ethical hacking programs, with over 20 types to choose from.

This course comes with 25 videos and 12 downloadable resources. You’ll be able to access this course on your mobile app or on TV.

Udemy Ethical Hacking Courses

8. CompTIA Pentest+ (Ethical Hacking) Course & Practice Exam

This course will teach you the very basics when it comes to organizing a penetration testing system. This will teach you how to crack a system and identify vulnerabilities.

It is also one of the cheaper courses that are available to students. This also comes with a hefty library of 32 videos.

9. The RedTeam Blueprint – A Unique Guide To Ethical Hacking

If you really want to save yourself some money to learn how to hack just like they do in Silicon Valley, then this really is the best course that you can sign up for. This comes with mostly downloadable resources, although you can get a decent selection of around 33 videos.

10. Applied Ethical Hacking And Rules Of Engagement

This next course is really 4 courses in one, teaching how to deal with cyber threats including ethical hacking, threat hunting, Linux security distros, and how to script for Python. This comes with a whopping 40 ethical hacking training videos that will help you to grasp the basics of hacking.

11. Ethical Hacking: The Ultimate Kit For Certification And Beyond

If you are interested in studying some of the histories of ethical hacking and then fusing it with present-day strategies, then this is the course for you.

This course comes jam-packed with quizzes, theory and practical tests, and plenty of other courses materials that will push you to implement everything that you’ve learned.

12. Ethical Hacking: Become Ethical Hacker

This course boasts that it can make you into a great hacker in 15 hours, which is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to waste any time. If you want to be employed as someone who will be able to effectively test a system to exploit it for weaknesses, then this is a great course.

13. Hacking For Beginners

From deep-delving into packets and protocols to help you scope out the vulnerabilities in a system manually, this course covers a wide range of hacking skills.

This comes with a slimmed-down set of resources and videos, which, given the price tag, might leave students feeling a little short-changed.

14. Wireshark: Packing Analysis And Core Skills

If you want to understand the basics of protocol, advanced network systems, and accessing passwords, then this is a great course to start with.

This is a great course to teach you how to work with Windows and Kali Linux. This comes with 14 hours of video and over 33 downloadable resources.

15. The Complete Cybersecurity Course: Hackers Exposed

Finally, if you are par