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Martin Barrett
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10 Best Udacity Alternatives

10 Best Udacity Alternatives & Competitors 2023

On the online learning platform Udacity, you can take a number of courses and graduate with Nanodegrees. The portal offers world-class education for people, businesses, and even government organizations.

Udacity is a site that can assist you if you want to learn cutting-edge IT and digital skills.

Computing, data science, marketing, artificial intelligence, product management, cloud technology, and cybersecurity are some of their core course offerings.

Udacity delisted its mobile applications from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store at some point in 2019.

Therefore, you need to use the Udacity website which is most suited for desktop computers if you wish to learn with it.

Whatever your motivation, one of the best 10 Udacity alternatives can be found in the list below.

1. Coursera

From renowned businesses and colleges, Coursera courses provide diplomas and certificates. This sets the site apart from Udacity, which doesn’t offer conventional degrees.

Approximately 200 of these businesses and academic institutions are partners with Coursera.

You may learn about Data Science, Computer Science, and Information Technology, among other Udacity course topics, on Coursera.

You can also take other classes in subjects such as mathematics, physical science, as well as engineering. There are over 87 million users of Coursera worldwide.

Coursera provides an exclusive service for businesses, just like Udacity does. You can use Coursera for Teams or Coursera for Enterprises to teach your workforce as a company. Additionally, Coursera for Government exists.


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2. Udemy

As a first-time student, you may find some of the most affordable online courses on the Udemy platform. Over 150,000 instructional videos with real-world professionals are available.

If you’re interested in learning computing and data science, Udemy is a wonderful Udacity substitute. Python, Web Development, Javascript, Excel, and Data Science are just a few of the available course categories.

Nearly all Udacity courses are available on Udemy. However, the majority of these are certificate programs rather than Nanodegrees or conventional degrees.

To educate students, Udemy blends on-demand video courses, written content, exercises, and a variety of downloadable materials.

Over 31 million people have taken the Udemy Python program alone, demonstrating the platform’s popularity.

3. Pluralsight

The Pluralsight platform is flexible and is a perfect teaching marketplace. You get access to classes, practical training, and skill assessment evaluations.

Pluralsight also focuses mostly on the tech sector, but its major audience is enterprises rather than individual students, unlike Udacity.

Individuals have unique access to Pluralsight. The platform for individuals contains business skills while the main platform for businesses features courses.

Despite this, both are comparable, with the learning process being the primary distinction.

There is a big course selection on Pluralsight. The platform’s primary courses, however, cover data analysis, cloud technology, cyber security, and software development. The same courses are also offered on Udacity.

Notably, Pluralsight introduces routes to make learning simpler for you. Their most well-liked career pathways include Core Python, Angular, and JavaScript.

10 Best Udacity Alternatives

4. Khan Academy

Here is an Udacity substitute that is completely free.

The platform, unlike Udacity, includes a handy mobile phone app you can download on your iOS or Android devices. The majority of Khan Academy’s lesson videos are accessible on their YouTube account.

Khan Academy provides a variety of courses. The broad mathematics and science courses of Khan Academy are its main focus. But you can also learn coding and computer science.

You can learn data analysis, data representation, and cryptography with the help of these comprehensive computer science course materials. You’ll also get knowledge of data tools as well as cyber security.

5. Sololearn

One of the top sites on the web for learning how to code is Sololearn. In terms of data science, programming, and cloud computing, it’s a good substitute for Udacity.

But Sololearn has an edge over Udacity because it offers more programming language classes. On Sololearn, you may learn upwards of 30 different programming languages.

Due to the fact that you’ll be working with actual, functional code, Sololearn learning is effective. Additionally, the lessons are bite-sized allowing you to learn everything gradually.

6. FutureLearn

Because FutureLearn is a comprehensive online learning platform, it differs from Udacity. Almost anything can be learned, including corporate management, history, and law.

All of the Udacity courses are available on the platform as well, though. You can find programs like AI & Robotics, Cloud Computing, Coding & Programming, and Cyber Security under IT and Computer Science.

7. SkillShare

The SkillShare website was established to aid users in developing their creative talents. Due to the highly interactive learning it provides, it is a really special platform.

Together with other students who share your interests, you take on challenges and projects for class.

In contrast to Udacity’s Nanodegrees, SkillShare offers certificates for learning. Additionally, the talents on SkillShare are frequently practical, everyday new skills.

8. edX

Another Udacity substitute that offers a large number of free courses is this one.   There is a mobile app for the platform that makes hands-on learning simple. At the moment, edX claims to have nearly 500,000 students.

While Udacity offers Nanodegrees, edX courses offer traditional degrees. Upwards of 3,000 online courses from leading universities across the world are available through edX.

9. Codecademy

A perfect and best alternative to Udacity for teaching yourself programming is Codecademy. The platform is among the most well-known ones out there with over 50 million users. Additionally, Codecademy offers a wealth of free educational resources.

You can study a multitude of programming languages with Codecademy. Additionally, the platform offers a very user-friendly Data Science course in which you can learn more about SQL and data visualization.

10. Treehouse

The tenth on the list is Treehouse. This is an extremely cost-effective monthly plan of online learning resources for learning to code. Like Udacity, Treehouse aims to empower individuals with all the technological know-how they require.

You can obtain TechDegrees from Treehouse, which is roughly comparable to Udacity’s Nanodegrees. You may find expert videos on Treehouse that are appropriate for both novices and experts.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has given you a good rundown of the many different alternatives there are to Udacity.

Whether you’re in the market for all the courses on Cyber Security, Business Management, or Computer Programming, there’s something for everyone on this list.