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tyler mitchell masterclass review

Tyler Mitchell MasterClass Review 2023

Tyler Mitchell is a successful photographer, whose work is respected and appreciated all around the world. 

Focusing mainly on fashion photography and portraits, Mitchell’s work tends to stick to his ethos of freedom, space, and unconventional ‘protagonists’, and with this portrait photography masterclass, prospective students can learn from this master of photography, honing their own skills and learning to approach the whole artistic process from a different angle. 

But what exactly does Mitchell teach on his course, and how useful is it to prospective photographers? Let’s read the complete Tyler Mitchell MasterClass review to learn more about his process.

Who Is Tyler Mitchell? 

Tyler Mitchell is a fashion and portrait photographer from Atlanta, Georgia.

While much of his work has become iconic and widely appreciated within creative circles, his most famous piece is perhaps Beyonce’s cover shoot for Vogue Magazine. 

Widely praised for shooting realistic and nuanced portrayals of black life and culture, Mitchell prides himself in providing a window into the world he was raised within, and creating a space where marginalized individuals – and unconventional models – can become the protagonist in a wider creative narrative. 

What Does The Course Teach? 

As a photographer, Tyler Mitchell teaches storytelling to the students in the field, all based on his ethos of natural lighting, making the most of your environment, and not relying too heavily on expensive equipment to do the job. 

Mitchell believes that any camera can produce good photographs and that even people’s smartphones can be used for creating compelling images of great beauty when put in the hands of knowledgeable, skilled photographers with an eye for detail and a creative mind. 

The free course itself is broken down into 11 sessions, the subject matter of which includes: 

  • Telling stories with photography. 
  • Lighting and composition. 
  • Shooting indoors with natural light. 
  • Shooting outdoors with natural light. 
  • Editing your photos. 
  • Using a camera that reflects your personality and style. 
  • Film photography in a studio. 
  • Art directing photos. 
  • Finding an online audience. 
  • Building confidence as an artist. 

What Are The Benefits Of The Course? 

As a leading player in the photographic industry, Mitchell has a lot to offer prospective students, both in learning the photography basics and honing existing skills. 

Working With Anything

One of the main benefits of this course is that Mitchell teaches how budding photographers can use anything and everything at their disposal to create great, captivating, and iconic photographs. 

This is better than other online photography classes, which push the importance of having the best technology and equipment to do the job.

Mitchell shows that this isn’t important and that with the right understanding of lighting, composition, framing, and creativity, you can create something special with even the humblest means. 


You can also learn the importance of storytelling through portrait photography. This perhaps differs from other online courses, which might be more focused on technical accuracy and perfection. 

The core of Mitchell’s ethos is that the story is the most important part, and all of the other things are irrelevant if the central narrative of the piece is off or just not there. 

This is very much a creative’s approach to photography, as opposed to the technician’s approach that you might find in more professional photographer and institutions like colleges and universities.  


Tyler Mitchell MasterClass Review 2023 1

People of African American descent, or those from groups that have equally been marginalized within the arts, might benefit from engaging with Mitchell’s work – if only from the point of view that he represents the importance of representation, championing different heritages and cultures, and fighting for an equal, fair place at the creative table for everyone. 

Representation is important, and those prospective students who are crying out for a successful, black voice within the field of photography could benefit greatly from Mitchell’s talent, ambition, creativity, and the shining example he sets. 

Are There Any Downsides To The Course? 

There are of course some downsides to this course – although this is not necessarily a reflection of Mitchell, his talent, or his teachings. 

Very Limited Content

This particular course only consists of 11 sessions – one of which is an introduction to Mitchell himself. The individual sessions themselves are also some of the shortest on MasterClass, which means that those looking to take the course will get less bang for their buck. 

This might be very off putting for some people, particularly those with limited financial resources, or if they are searching for a more in depth, hands on course. 

Hands Off Approach

Of course, one downside of studying a creative course like photography over the internet is that you cannot have a collaborative experience between teacher and student. 

While Mitchell can tell you what he thinks makes a good photograph, you cannot then show it to him for feedback.

This means that there is a disconnect between what you are being told, and how you are interpreting it, meaning that those experiencing difficulties with their photography might feel out of their depth – or indeed lacking necessary support they might need to thrive. 

The Cost

One of the most prominent downsides of MasterClass courses is the cost. For individual courses, you are talking almost $100 dollars – an amount that most people would consider expensive. 

Even on the best yearly subscription plan, the price still exceeds $100 dollars, and are more suited to multiple users – meaning single people might effectively pay more than family units would. 

So, Is It Worth It? 

In our humble opinion, this particular course might not be worth the money required to attend. 

This is purely our opinion of course, but when taking into account the money, the lack of content, and the lack of feasible interaction between teachers and students, it really does seem there would be other photography courses that budding aspiring photographers could benefit from more. 

Of course, if you happen to be a MasterClass user, and digital photography is one of your interests, then you might benefit from listening to one of the industry’s leading players. 

The same goes if you are a fan of Mitchell’s work, and you have the inclination, the time, and the funds to engage with the content. If this is the case, then you should by all means engage with the course and learn what Mitchell has to offer. 

Otherwise, there are numerous resources – some cheaper, many actually free of charge – wherein you can learn much more about the world of photography, as well as theories surrounding lighting, composition, and art direction, without committing  yourself to an annual subscription, or a limited course that might come up lacking. 

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Tyler Mitchell, and the content of his MasterClass course. 

Tyler Mitchell is one of the most successful photographers in the industry, and one whose skill and talent has fans from all over the world.

Luckily, with this course, his skills can passed on to prospective students, inspiring and equipping more photographers to hone their craft and make their own stamp on the industry. 

So, if you are looking to improve your photography skills, or if you would like to learn from Mitchell himself, then why not try out this course for yourself? Something tells me you won’t be disappointed!