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Martin Barrett
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3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today

3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today

MasterClass is one of the world’s leading educational platforms, and it has earned this reputation due to the teachers it brings on to lead each of its many courses.

Masterclass courses are led by industry leaders in specific industries, in order to provide valuable information to those interested in those industries. 

Masterclass courses can be found covering all manner of topics, including cooking, business, writing, and even sports and gaming, and some of the guest teachers include industry leaders such as famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese and billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson.

You’re likely here because you’ve heard that Masterclass photography courses and photography techniques can have instant access, and now you want to know if they are worth the price of admission.

Let’s find out together! 

Read on down below to find out about 3 of the very best photography courses that you can try on Masterclass today!

3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today 1

Jimmy Chin Teaches Adventure Photography

Jimmy Chin has made a name for himself in the world of photography thanks to his immense talents in adventure photography.

Jimmy’s work has been published in National Geographic, and displays just how beautiful nature can be when framed just right!

If you are someone that is interested in online photography classes and the natural world, then you will definitely want to give this online photography course your attention.

Not only does Jimmy teach you how to find the perfect spots for perfect photographs, but he also shows you how you can edit your photos to truly draw out the beauty of the world around you. 

One of the things that makes this course truly worth checking out is that it is exciting to listen to.

Thanks to his talents as an adventure photographer, Jimmy is able to infuse each lesson with his storytelling prowess, almost having you on the edge of your seat, while at the same time learning invaluable photography tricks.

Lesson 9 ‘High Stakes Photography’ has Jimmy explaining how he stays safe even while fighting the elements to get the perfect shot!

One of our favorite lessons in this course is lesson 1 ‘On Location: Climbing Photoshoot’. In this lesson, we are introduced to our instructor, and we learn a little more about his many hair-raising adventures.

It perfectly sets the exciting tone for the rest of the course, and Jimmy is so naturally charming that you will instantly feel at home listening to the course.

Best of all, however, this lesson is actually captured on location, as Jimmy is joined by his climbing friends, allowing for some stunning views that will have you in awe.

This 4-hour course is made up of 20 video lessons, making it one of the most extensive courses on the platform.

Most courses on Masterclass tend to last for around 2 hours, so you are definitely getting your money’s worth with Jimmy! 


  • Much of the advice is applicable to all kinds of photography.
  • Incredibly exciting.
  • Beautifully filmed and recorded, making it interesting to learn from.


  • Requires some knowledge of cameras beforehand.
  • Some explanations may prove confusing to an amateur photographer.
3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today 2

Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Every photo can tell a story, but learning to take advantage of this fact is a learned talent.

Who better to learn this talent from than the legendary Annie Leibovitz, one of the most celebrated modern photographers in the world?

Portraiture is a delicate art that requires a delicate approach to get the best shot that is full of storytelling potential, and Annie teaches you how to tap into the storytelling potential with absolute ease.

One of the things that makes this course so inspiring is that it is not focused necessarily on finding the perfect camera, but on finding the perfect story to capture with any camera and better photos! 

Through this course, Annie will teach you how to approach every photo shoot, and how to bring out the very best in your subject every time.

She also teaches you how to develop your concepts to become a great photographer and a great storyteller with your photography, so that you can create portraits that become immediately iconic and stand the test of time.

Across the 15 video lessons and 3 hours of educational content in this course, Annie not only teaches how to bring out the best of every subject but also how to choose the perfect location for a shoot, and how to control the lighting to get the best shots every single time by having natural light settings.

Best of all, Annie also teaches you how to edit your photos in post-production, and the kinds of things that you should focus on whenever editing your photos. 

The final lesson of the course ends the whole thing on an inspirational high note as Annie talks about her own personal evolution as a photographer, and what kinds of changes you can expect in your own photography career as you hone your craft.

As soon as you finish the course, you’ll want to head right out with your camera by taking photos and stunning images!


  • Features 3 hours of content, making it one of the longer courses on the platform. 
  • Incredibly inspiring, and full of awesome technical advice and know-how.
  • High production values make the lessons a pleasure to watch and listen to.


  • The course assumes you have some degree of existing technical knowledge.
  • If you are looking for a course that is more focused on camera technology, then this may not be the one for you.
3 Best Masterclass Photography Courses You Can Try Today 3

Tyler Mitchell Teaches Storytelling Through Portrait Photography

It doesn’t matter what type of camera you use, it’s all in how you use it! This course, led by the revolutionary Tyler Mitchell shows you how you can create impactful and amazing photos every time, no matter what you are working with.

Even if you are just working with the camera on your smartphone, this course will show you how to take full advantage of lighting and space to create family portraits that immediately stand out and grab the eye.

Not only that, but Tyler Mitchell will also show you how to find the perfect subject for your photo shoot so that you can engage in photoshoots that are exciting and vibrant with your own style! 

Tyler Mitchell’s revolutionary approach to portrait photography comes through in every single lesson of this course, but among our favorites are lesson 9, and lesson 10.

These episodes will help you to find your own creative voice as a photographer, and also how to get your art seen by the world, by creating an identity online! 

Unfortunately, this is one of the shorter courses on Masterclass, at only 1 hour and 30 minutes, all contained within 11 lessons, but every minute of those lessons is amazing!


  • Tyler Mitchell’s unique approach to photography makes this course interesting to engage with.
  • High production values.
  • Online focused for the budding young photographer.


  • One of the shortest courses on the platform.
  • Less technologically focused.

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MasterClass is an excellent platform to u