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Tony Hawk Masterclass Review

Tony Hawk Masterclass Review – is it Actually Worth it?

Skateboarding is a sport that has been around for decades, but it wasn’t always taken seriously. Skaters were stereotyped as rebels, outcasts, and people who don’t fit in. 

But then, Tony Hawk came along. He was the first skater to break the limits of the sport and make it famous worldwide. He showed the world that skateboarding is an art form—a way to express yourself and tell your own story.

Through his MasterClass, Tony Hawk will teach you how to do the same. He will show you how to use skateboarding to create something unique and special and how to make it your own. He will also teach you the technical aspects of skateboarding, so you can land tricks and create new ones.

So, if you’re interested in learning from one of the best, read this Tony Hawk MasterClass review.

About MasterClass

MasterClass is an online education platform that offers classes taught by world-renowned instructors. The platform provides access to various courses, covering topics ranging from cooking to music. MasterClass’ unique value proposition is in the caliber of its subject experts.

Every instructor is a legend or a known figure in their industry—most of them are household names. For example, Tony Hawk teaches a skateboarding class, while Serena Williams teaches a tennis class.

MasterClass also offers a more intimate learning experience than other platforms, with each class featuring video lessons that are limited in length. This helps students to understand the material quickly, so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Finally, MasterClass provides access to a supportive community of fellow students, giving people the opportunity to connect with others who share their interests. All of these factors make MasterClass a unique and valuable learning resource.

Who is Tony Hawk?

Tony Hawk Skater

Tony Hawk is one of the most influential professional skateboarders in the world. He was born in 1968 in San Diego, California, and began skateboarding at age nine. He quickly developed a passion for the sport and started entering competitions. 

In 1984, he won the National Skateboarding Championships, and then went on to win numerous other titles in the years that followed. Hawk rose to prominence and became one of the most successful competitive skaters in the world.

He then continued to pioneer several new skating tricks and techniques, which have since become standard in the sport. In 1999, he became the first person to complete a “900,” a move involving spinning twice in the air.

Tony Hawk also opened skateboarding up to the world of video games, with his successful franchise, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. The game launched successfully in 1999 on the Playstation console, but has since gone on to other video gaming platforms. With Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise leading the way, there have now been around 20 games developed.

He has since retired from competitive skating, but he remains an influential figure in skateboarding. Tony Hawk has his own clothing line, skateboard company, and the Skateboard Project (formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation), where he continues to participate in various charitable endeavors. 

There is no doubt that Tony Hawk has significantly impacted the skateboarding community and that he will continue to be an essential figure in the sport for many years.

Now that you know our instructor better, let’s jump into this Tony Hawk Masterclass review.

Overview of the Class

Skateboarding Lessons with Tony Hawk

The Tony Hawk MasterClass is a comprehensive course that will teach you everything you need to know about skateboarding. 

Tony tells us his story, from being a skinny kid to an X-games champion. He then details the different techniques and skateboarding tricks used in skateboarding, and he provides helpful tips on how to execute them properly. So, even if you have zero knowledge about skateboarding, Tony Hawk will help lay the foundation and skateboarding basics for you.

He also talks about the importance of safety gear and how to choose the right equipment for your needs. In addition, Hawk shares his insights on how to approach competition, how to film your skating videos, and how to start your own skateboard company.

The Tony Hawk MasterClass is ideal for anyone who wants to learn about skateboarding, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Hawk’s teaching style is clear and concise, and he does an excellent job of breaking down the complex concepts of skateboarding, making them easy to understand.

Tony Hawk’s class is also highly interactive, with Hawk frequently asking questions of his students and providing feedback on their answers. This helps to keep you engaged and ensures that you get the most out of the course.

In part of the course, Tony tackles vert skating. At the same time, his guest lecturer, his son Riley Hawk, teaches some intermediate and advanced street skateboarding, while Lizzie Armanto jumps in to teach intermediate and advanced skate park skateboarding. Both are great complementary instructors to the Tony Hawk MasterClass, and will simultaneously inspire both boys and girls to want to dominate the sport.

One of the best things about this class is that it suits people of all skill levels. Whether you have never stepped on a skateboard or you are looking to take your skating to the next level, Tony Hawk’s MasterClass has something to offer you.

The total run time of the course is about 1 hour and 45 minutes—broken into about 16 videos. The course also comes with a 60-page workbook for you to utilize during the course.

In essence, you’ll have these key takeaways:

  • Learn how to dominate the street skating, park skating, and vert-skateboarding comps.
  • Learn from other instructors, like Tony’s son, Riley Hawk, as well as Lizzie Armanto, one of the world’s best skateboarders
  • Learn about Hawk’s professional career and how he redefined skateboarding
  • Learn everything, from the beginning skateboarding basics to some of the most challenging tricks—he covers about 38 tricks
  • Learn the psychological signals, hints, and techniques that Tony Hawk himself utilizes
  • Learn about The Pro Skater game series, one of the most popular gaming franchises ever

Pros and Cons

What are Pros and Cons of Tony Hawk Masterclas


  • Learn from 3 talented instructors
  • The tricks have an impressive variety and levels of difficulty
  • Great visuals on the video lessons


  • Some tricks don’t give many exact details to enable you to execute them
  • It could utilize more safety warnings and precautions
  • Some parts of the lessons are challenging to follow

Who is Tony Hawk’s Skateboarding MasterClass for?

Tony Hawk Skateboarding Lessons

The Tony Hawk MasterClass course has a slightly skewed audience. While it is absolutely for everybody, it benefits individuals with the following profiles:

  • Individuals who are big fans of Tony Hawk and his history
  • Skateboarding enthusiasts who are taking their skateboarding to an entirely different or competitive level
  • Those who may not be willing to take risks from nonexperts offering courses
  • Individuals who are looking to expand their trick repertoire
  • People looking to become park, vert-skills, and street skating experts

How Much Does the Class Cost?

The course is available with a MasterClass subscription—the all-access pass available with an annual MasterClass subscription. This means that you can access the 150+ other MasterClass courses for the price of one. The pricing varies depending on how many people will use it. 

The individual all-access pass is priced at $180 annually, the duo plan, which allows you to share content on up to two devices, is $240 annually, and the family plan is $276 annually for unlimited access on up to six devices.

Of course, if you know someone who loves skateboarding or learning online, MasterClass lets you give the gift of learning through any of their MasterClass all-access pass plans above.

Users’ Experiences 

Tony Hawk Masterclass User Reviews

For this Tony Hawk MasterClass review, we had a look around some forums to find out what others were saying about it, just for a balanced perspective. While most beginners stand to benefit from this detailed MaterClass by Tony Hawk, users—from beginners to experienced skaters—have actually all shared that they found value in the course. 

No matter your current skateboarding skill level, you’re bound to learn something from this course, which makes it already a cut above the rest in terms of other MasterClass courses available.

Most users appreciated how Tony Hawk explained skateboarding tricks in effective progression—making it easy to catch up and understand the fundamentals you need for each trick.

A small percentage of users found that the course was a bit short. When you’re learning from the best, you don’t want the lessons to end!

Overall, several users found Tony Hawk’s Masterclass experience overwhelmingly positive, and an impressive feat from a legend of the sport himself.