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How Does The Thinkific Affiliate Program Work?

If you’ve ever considered creating, hosting, and selling online courses, then you know that the choice of a work platform can be a daunting task.

Thinkific is a popular platform that simplifies course creation and marketing. 

On top of all that, Thinkific provides a unique affiliate program geared toward course creators everywhere. 


Thinkific offers a thirty percent commission, meaning if your referrals purchase any product from their website—whether it be a software upgrade or plan renewal—you’ll receive money each time!

There’s no limit on income either; you’re free to refer as many customers as you’d like and earn commissions off them endlessly as long as they keep renewing or upgrading plans associated with your account. 

Another great perk about this program is that it has a ninety-day cookie time in place; meaning if your website is visited by your referrals within three months after clicking on your referral link, you’ll end up receiving credit for their purchases accordingly!

Whether you’re thinking of joining the Thinkific Affiliate Program or are already a member, it’s always useful to know how the program works.

This article covers the platform’s main features, and we’ll give you an overview of each factor to make sure you understand what the pros and cons are. 

Thinkific has high-quality content, excellent training materials, helpful network support, and an engaged affiliates’ forum.

Additionally, members get generous commissions for every successful referral, but its payment system can be slow at times and there is limited promotional material available which can hamper progress. 

Ultimately, by understanding this core information you will be able to decide if this online course affiliate program is worth using.

Product Quality 

Thinkific is an extraordinary, user-friendly product that supplies its users with a selection of advantages. People seeking particularly personalized experiences have access to integrations and APIs.

Those creating content related to video may also benefit from Thinkific’s sophisticated components like multiple streaming videos, private hosting, or Vimeo upload integration.

Finally, Thinkific offers an app that enables course creators to check their courses while they are on the move.

This mobile app is packed with numerous features, and a selection of plans, and it has an easy-to-use interface. Therefore, educators who work in the digital space will reap multiple benefits by using this product.


Thinkific’s Affiliate Program provides an excellent opportunity to earn recurring passive income!

As mentioned above, with the program, you’ll get a thirty percent commission on sales that are generated through your unique referral link.

As mentioned earlier they also have a ninety-day cookie period, visitors to Thinkific who don’t sign up immediately will receive a tracking cookie.

If they visit again in the next 90 days and sign up, you can still potentially earn a commission.

This means that when someone signs up for one of our Pro Plans or Plus plans through your affiliate link, you could earn per referral. And that’s just from one sale!

Payout Time

As an affiliate for the online course platform Thinkific, you have a lot of potential to earn money from the successful referrals of people who join the platform.

You get an instant payout in cash every month for every payment that your referrals make. (Check out ‘What Payment System Does Thinkific Use (Thinkific Payment Methods)‘)

This is great news, as there is no long waiting period before you will see any return on your investment of time and effort into this particular affiliate program.

While you don’t need to wait around forever to be paid out thanks to that 90-day cookie duration, it does mean that it takes a bit of patience until you start seeing regular returns in this program. 

If you put in the work necessary for quality referrals and remember not to expect instant results each time due to that required delay, though, then the payoff could potentially be quite rewarding!

Who Can Join?

The Thinkific affiliate program is available to anyone, regardless of whether they are active subscribers or not.

Although Thinkific allows anybody to promote them, it is recommended that you become a Thinkific subscriber because it’s good to promote something that you are using yourself.

After all, people tend to avoid buying things from someone who has nothing to do with the product.

But if your goal is simply to create a consistent online cash flow with their Thinkific partner program, then having a full-fledged subscription plan isn’t necessarily essential. 

Your decision will ultimately depend on what your long-term objective is.

How To Join The Program

How Does The Thinkific Affiliate Program Work? (1)

Becoming an affiliate of Thinkific is unproblematic. All you have to do is register and sign up through PartnerStack. 

The review process for your application usually takes about 2 to 3 days; when approved, you’ll get a notification via email prompting you to log in.

Making Money 

When advertising Thinkific as an affiliate, there are various approaches you can take. It’s important to understand your audience before engaging in any affiliate program. (See ‘How To Make Money On Thinkific?‘)

You must focus on content that is relevant, engaging and satisfies the needs of potential customers, such as producing information about online education/courses, writing reviews about Thinkific, or creating video tutorials demonstrating how to use its features.

That way, you can steer them toward conversion.

How To Add Links 

When setting up your affiliate program, every Affiliate will have links to your Home Page and Course Landing Pages within their profile that they can then share. 

However, if you prefer that they use a link that goes directly to your course checkout or another page on your site (like the membership page), you can create this kind of link yourself and provide it directly to them or offer it in your Affiliate Banners & Links center. 

Creating this type of direct affiliate link allows you more control over how each Affiliate links back to your website!

Referral Codes 

If you want to take advantage of an affiliate’s referral program, one of the first steps is finding the referral code.

Each affiliate program assigns a unique code to every partner that takes part in it, so it is essential for you to have access to the right one.

To find your referral code, you will need to log into your affiliate account.

Once you are there, most programs have a place where they list all of your tracking information, which may include your promotional materials and/or links. 

Look for your referral code here—usually it is labeled as “Affiliate ID” or “Tracking Code.” If you cannot find your reference code in these places, contact customer service and request for help in locating it.

Once you have found your code, copy it down so that you can use it when sharing with others who will be using your affiliate link.

With this code on hand, you can start referring customers and earning commissions!


If you’re a course creator using Thinkific, the platform offers several features designed to help you integrate affiliate promotion into your marketing strategies.

Affiliate tools function similarly to other platforms, yet are completely free with any paid plan.

Here’s how they work:

When someone first visits Thinkific through an affiliate link, a browser cookie is stored that records this information.

This allows you and the affiliate to track when prospects visit or sign up on Thinkific. You can control which courses the affiliate can actually promote, something not all platforms make possible.

Their list of links will appear in their dashboard, which they can share with others and access reports, so they know when someone has signed up through their promotion or an online promotion has occurred. 

You will be able to find reports in your dashboard with easy-to-understand info about whom you should pay for what sales. 

By using features like these, course creators are better able to keep track of Thinkific affiliates, monitor progress and know who to pay when it’s time to settle up!


Now you’ve decided to set up an affiliate program around your online course, congratulations—you now have more people advocating for you!

Now, with that in mind, you need to promote your program so that it reaches the right audience. Thinkific offers a variety of promotional options to help you market your program and its benefits.

You can promote Thinkific in various different ways, including reviews, showcasing its functions. YouTube’s videos for reviews and tutorials also work for this purpose.

Additionally, you can utilize social media posts and anecdotes to emphasize individuals who have used the product, its characteristics, and benefited from them.

Emails Reddit/Quora

Another way to reach people is to send out emails promoting the platform and links to other content, such as the YouTube videos.

Creating infographics highlighting Thinkific’s registration process and its benefits and promoting these on various channels like Reddit or Quora is another effective way of doing it. 


As an online course creator, one way to promote your business is through blogging. Blogging allows you to provide valuable content that builds trust and authority in your industry, which is critical for gaining new clients. 

Besides using blogging to market your course, you can also advertise your affiliate program.

By sharing a code with influencers or other marketers, these people can make commissions if they direct people who buy your course.

This can be a great way to grow your business without spending money on advertising.

If you have a large library of content created for previous courses or webinars, you can repurpose this content on your blog or YouTube channel and share it with your audience with a call-to-action to join your affiliate program. 

Additionally, you may opt for sponsored posts or guest posts on influencer blogs in order to expand the reach of your message and reach prospective customers who may not already be familiar with you and what you offer.

Social Media

How Does The Thinkific Affiliate Program Work? (2)

Another way to spread the word is by having an existing customer be the face of your offering and talk about how great it is.

You can also use social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to reach out to potential affiliates and explain the value they’ll receive from partnering with you. 

You can also reinforce this message through email marketing or blogging on your website.

Finally, consider using a chatbot on messenger platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp—it’ll help drive even more engagement with prospective affiliates.


Chatbots are a simple and effective way to grab the attention of your guests and inform them about what you have to offer.

Plus, chatbots can be tailored specifically to your needs and can help you segment and qualify your visitors, so you can target them later with personalized messaging if you decide to promote your program via email marketing or other channels.

For example, if you’re using WordPress, consider adding a simple WordPress bot that engages your audience in a subtle way.

It should also allow users to discover more information about your program that’s displayed around the page for convenience. 

The key here is to craft it in such a way that it doesn’t come off as too pressuring or forceful – because let’s face it: no one likes being bombarded with ads or messages from an unknown source.

Website Banners 

Adding banners and call-to-actions on your website could help. You can create a course or video tutorials on how visitors to your site can benefit from joining your affiliate program. 

This way, when you receive website visitors not only can they download the course, they are able to actively join the program.

Furthermore, you should add a call-to-action such as “Join Now” at the end of each video so that people see that there is something in it for them if they decide to join.

Is The Affiliate Program For You ?

The Thinkific Affiliate Program could be an excellent opportunity for you for course creators.  With it, you can earn commissions from any sales resulting from referrals.

It’s a win-win: your referrals get a great set of tools to host their online course, and you get rewarded for recommending them to the platform.

This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, DIY content creators and people who want to share their knowledge through online courses.

As an affiliate partner, you will have access to exclusive content and resources offering helpful advice on how to promote Thinkific’s platform through your channels. 

Furthermore, you can also give your followers exclusive discounts or promotional codes when they purchase a subscription plan using your specific link.

How Much Can You Earn?

The Thinkific affiliate program can be quite lucrative. As we know, they offer a generous 30% recurring commission each month on referrals.

That means you potentially have a chance to earn up to a substantial amount per referral each year!

Plus, they host promotional events and campaigns where you can score even more money for successfully referring customers. 

In addition, you also get access to exclusive discounts and promotions codes that you can use when promoting Thinkific products.

Thinkific also provides affiliates with helpful tools like custom banners and tracking links to track conversions—so that you get credit for every sale that comes from your efforts as an affiliate.

With the power of their powerful platform and some savvy marketing, you could really cash in on their affiliate program and help entrepreneurs around the world realize their dreams of creating successful online courses.

Tracking Progress 

As a Thinkific affiliate, you have many ways to track your progress and earnings. Of course, you can view all of this from the Affiliate Menu.

This gives you an overview of statistics, including your affiliate links, general information about enrollments and conversions, as well as settings for selecting or disabling tracking codes or withdrawing your balance.

You also have the option of digging deeper into your progress by looking at specific regions (such as Europe or the United States) and various reports such as visitors through your affiliate links.

The financial report section alone provides a wealth of information such as payouts, commission totals, commission breakdowns (by percentage), and more.

Points To Bear In Mind