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Martin Barrett
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10 Best Skillshare Drawing Classes You Can Try Today

10 Best Skillshare Drawing Classes You Can Try Today

Drawing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world but if you really want to master this skill, then you will need some guidance and advice from the experts.

However, not everyone has the funds to afford in-person lessons – but thanks to the rise in online education in recent years, it’s now easier than ever for everyone to access useful drawing classes. 

One of the best platforms for online learning is Skillshare. There, they have hundreds of different courses – but if you want to sharpen up your drawing skills, which courses are the best ones for you to try out for example Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and other programs?

Here, we are going to be checking out the best drawing classes on Skillshare so you can find the right one for you!

Check out the guide below about Skillshare drawing courses to learn everything you need to!

Learn To Draw: Daily Practices To Improve Your Drawing Skills

This first Skillshare classes course is easily one of the best as it’s in-depth and covers a range of different practices you can use to improve every drawing you make.

The topics range from drawing forms, shading, scaling images, quick sketches, using different materials, and more. 

If you are just starting out with drawing and you want to learn different techniques to improve your drawings, this is the course for you.

Although some of the lessons are very short, they neatly pack in everything you need to know to start practicing a technique in your spare time. 

This Skillshare art classes course has been praised for how precise yet clear each lesson is – so if you are struggling to follow along with any free tutorials, this paid course is a great alternative to try. 

Portrait Drawing For Beginners: How To Draw Faces Quickly And Accurately

A lot of people want to learn to draw so they can draw portraits – but it’s very easy to be disappointed with the results.

These are one of the best skillshare classes available on the skillshare.

Capturing faces and expressions can be tough, but this Skillshare course takes you through all the steps and techniques you can use to draw portraits both quickly and accurately. 

Lessons also include going over common mistakes, recommending useful tools which help you get specific effects, and how to shade and refine your quick sketches.

It’s a very short course but covers all the fundamental information you need to draw amazing portraits. 

Draw Better: Five Easy Techniques To Improve Your Composition

To make a full piece of art, you need to understand how compensation works. Composition refers to how your draws are arranged on your paper or canvas.

Using certain techniques helps you avoid drawing ‘flat’ landscapes or drawings with incorrect proportions. This helps make your images look more attractive to viewers. 

This course will show you five easy techniques you can use to improve your composition in your drawings. This will instantly help improve the quality of your drawings even after you’ve mastered other techniques. 

28-Day Drawing Challenge: Anatomy For Illustration and Comics

Anatomy is one of the most difficult things to get right when drawing people – and it’s something that illustrators need to master if they want to create amazing drawings. 

This Skillshare course is great for helping people learn how to draw bodies correctly. It takes each portion of the body and goes step-by-step into how they should be drawn in proportion.

Finally, the last couple of lessons go into full-body poses and anatomy while adding realism and definition.

Overall, this course is designed to help those who are struggling to draw realistic bodies for all kinds of purposes but especially for illustrators. 

Another reason to try this course is that your teacher, Jazza, is hilarious and makes each lesson a fun experience! 

Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures, And Clothing

This is another course targeting illustrators to help them improve their design and drawing characters in these illustration classes.

Like with the previous course, it covers anatomy but also dives deeper into expressions, clothing, and color in ten quick and easy-to-follow lessons.

Not only does this course help you become a better drawer but it also helps you design better characters for your projects.

The teacher, Gabriel Picolo, also takes a lot of inspiration from popular animation studios and graphic designer- so this course is ideal for those who want to improve their to create art print for fan art and digital illustration purposes. 

Drawing Comics: A Beginners Guide

If you are interested in figure drawing comics for your class project, then this is the Skillshare course for you. 

Not only does this course tackle popular and vital techniques used for making comics, but it also gives advice if you are a complete beginner on the staging, paneling, and composition of comic pages.

This means that you get all the advice you need to properly build a comic in terms of structure rather than just nailing character designs and background art.

There are even lessons about storytelling and genre so you have everything you need to make a great comic! 

This is a great all-in-one course to take if the reason why you’re interested in drawing and illustration is specifically to make comics.

It saves you from having to pick up multiple courses in storytelling, paneling, drawing, inking, etc. It’s all here! 

Drawing In Perspective

If you think that your drawings look too flat and your backgrounds are too boring, then this Skillshare course could be the solution you need! 

It teaches you how to create more 3D drawings by learning about perspective.

The illustration skills you learn here are transferable whether you are drawing on paper or on digital software, and can be used to make backgrounds for comics, games, or any kind of drawing. 

Not only do you learn how to draw from particular angles to help give your drawings more diversity and action, but also how to color these drawings and how to add lighting for extra realism. 

It’s a very niche course that can help drawers tackle a massive issue that many of us face when it comes to drawing places, rooms, and objects. 

Realistic Drawings With Colored Pencils: A Beginner’s Guide

Not everyone draws with a basic pencil as some artists prefer to skip the outline and dive straight into drawing with color. This course acts as a beginner’s guide to this art style of drawing.

Your drawings will be more vibrant thanks to the lessons you learn through this course including how to build up layers, add texture, add white spots, and the overall creative process of drawing with colored pencils.

It’s a great course to take if you want to experiment with color and try other styles of drawing outside the basic gray HB pencil approach. 

How To Draw Skin Texture: Realistic Drawing Tips

Have you ever seen those grayscale images that are so realistic they look like photographs? Like – how did they manage to get the skin so detailed?

This drawing course on Skillshare will help you learn how to draw hyper-realistic drawings and basic shapes.

The course class focuses solely on the skin so you won’t learn how to draw hyper-realistic hair or eyes, but it’s the first step in the right direction. 

Your teacher for this course is the artist Matheus Macedo and one look at his realistic drawings will prove to you that this guy knows how to draw.

His digital art is amazing and through his lessons, you will learn the same process and drawing techniques he uses to make his art so scarily realistic. 

So, if it’s realism you want, this is the course for you.

Drawing Made Easy: Observational Drawing And Watercolor Exercises For Everyone

This final Skillshare course tackles both drawing and digital painting with