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Martin Barrett
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3 Best Masterclass Drawing Courses You Can Try Today

Learning to draw can be quite a difficult endeavor, learning to draw not only requires good discipline and plenty of time and practice but it can also be beneficial to have a good teacher guiding you on your figure-drawing journey.

Thankfully, thanks to Masterclass’ dedication to providing top-class eLearning, learning to draw has never been easier. 

Masterclass is an eLearning platform that stands well above the competition, as each of its many courses is actually taught by a famous and respected figure in a respective field.

Whether you want to learn more about cooking, graphic design, fashion, or even gaming, there’s something on Masterclass for everyone.

However, if you’re looking for a complete drawing Masterclass to help you to develop your ability to draw, then you have definitely come to the right place because today we are going to look at 3 of the very best Masterclass drawing courses to try out for anyone looking to increase their artistic skills. Read on down below to get and start drawing now!

3 Best Masterclass Drawing Courses You Can Try Today 1

Draw And Paint Realistic Portraits With Devon Rodriguez

This online drawing course promises to help you to develop new skills not only to draw a realistic and jaw-dropping portrait drawing but also how to paint a realistic portrait in as few as 30 days!

TikTok art star Devon Rodriguez is easily one of the best possible leaders for this course, as he walks you through not only how to develop your one-point perspective drawing skills and hone them to perfection, but also how to develop your own drawing style to become a truly unique artist. 

Devon will also show you how to color your portraits to really make them pop, and to make your drawing skills all the more evident to anyone that sees your art.

This course is one of the longer ones on the Masterclass platform, and this means that you will be getting some seriously great bang for your buck when it comes to course content.

For the cost of admission to Masterclass, you get some truly amazing learning materials to work with. 

We also totally adored this course because, not only does it teach you all of the necessary skills to learn to draw, but also guides you on a journey to creating a perfect portrait.

The supplemental course materials help you to create your own drawing portraits after the course has wrapped up, and you can also gain access to the finished work of others that have completed the course, to see just how impactful it is!

One of our favorite sets of lessons in the course is set 4 ‘Eyes, Hair, and Shadows’ which shows you how to add truly draw realistic eyes to your art that help to fill it with a vibrant sense of life.

Eyes are the window to the soul, so this set will truly help you to hone in on this fact and create artwork that shines. 

This set will also show you how to create truly realistic hair, a very difficult feat to achieve, giving your drawings that extra sense of realism that will draw viewers to your fine art students.

And finally, this set will also teach you how to shade your drawings in a way that adds a sense of depth and dimension to your piece, bringing it all to life.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • One of the longest courses on the platform, making it truly worth the cost of admission to Masterclass.
  • Offers a wealth of supplemental materials, to allow you to really hone your skills.


  • The length of the course can make it difficult to fit the course into a busier schedule.
Es Devlin Masterclass Review

Es Devlin Teaches Turning Ideas Into Art

An important part of developing your drawing skills is learning how best to approach your art. We all have ideas for amazing pieces of art in our minds, but actually bringing those ideas to fruition can be incredibly difficult.

If you want to learn how to make your ideas into fabulous art, then you can only serve to benefit from this amazing course. 

The course, led by Es Devlin, is just over 2 and a half hours in length and will show you how to take your ideas and translate them into artwork that stands the test of time. 

While this course may touch on sketching and drawing, it also largely touches on other forms of art, like painting, or sculpture.

The best thing about this course is that it is actually slightly less about technical skill, and more about how you can tap into your latent creativity, to make your drawings better than ever.

This does admittedly mean that you may need to have some drawing skills before starting the course, but the contents explored within the course are incredibly inspiring and motivating, and worth listening to.

Lesson 2 ‘Research, Then Sketch’ is one of the very best on the course, as it details how Es takes inspiration from everyday things she perceives in the world around her, and how she is able to take that inspiration and hone it to create perfect art that stands out. 


  • Focused more on honing creativity, making it perfect for those developing their drawing skills, or those looking to break into other art forms.
  • Incredibly well-produced, making it easy to watch and listen to.


  • If you’re looking for a course that is more technical and that will strictly teach you how to draw, you may be better served elsewhere.
  • One of the shorter top-rated courses.
3 Best Masterclass Drawing Courses You Can Try Today 2

Jeff Koons Teaches Art And Creativity

Jeff Koons is one of the most celebrated contemporary artists in the world, thanks to his incredibly unique art that just screams creativity and imagination.

While Koons’ artwork may not be specifically focused on drawing or sketching, his art principles can very easily be applied to the medium. 

Throughout the length of this 2-hour course, which is made up of 13 video lessons, you will learn not only how to tap into your creativity or draw simple lines, but also how to enjoy the creativity of others in the world around you and to look at the art of color theory in whole new ways. 

This course is also all about learning to leave self-judgment behind, an important step in the creative journey of any artist around the world.

As well as this, the course also touches on more abstract discussions, such as the overall “Purpose” of art, and whether there is actually any purpose at all.

It is incredibly fascinating and will get you thinking in a truly unique way that you may not have before.

Our favorite lesson on the course is easily lesson 13 ‘Life As An Artist’, in which Koons explores his own career as an artist, and shows how you can pursue a similar life.


  • Hosted by one of the most recognizable modern artists.
  • Has some very insightful discussions.


  • Maybe less technical than other art courses on the platform.

To Wrap Up

These are definitely the very best courses on the subject of drawing that Masterclass has to offer, and each course has something very different to teach you, so why not give them all a go?

So subscribe to the MasterClass website and get lifetime access to all of their courses.