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Where Are The Pluralsight Headquarters Located?

Where Are The Pluralsight Headquarters Located?

Since it first started back in 2004, Pluralsight has expanded and grown far beyond anyone’s expectations, however, while the company opened and may now have over 1 million active users spread across over 150 countries, many people actually don’t know where the headquarters are based since it’s not made very clear on the website.

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Therefore, if you were wondering where are the Pluralsight headquarters located, and if it has expanded or moved its main headquarters over the years as the platform has developed and expanded, we have all the answers right here. 

Where Currently Are The Pluralsight Headquarters?

The Pluralsight headquarters can be found in the city of Draper just outside of Salt Lake City in the state of Utah and has a population of roughly 50,000.

Despite being fairly quiet and smaller in its overall landmass and population compared to many other cities around Utah, alongside being the home of the Pluralsight corporate headquarters, Draper is also very well known for being one of the most popular areas in the country for paragliding and hang-gliding due to the extreme winds that soar across the city. 

Have The Headquarters Always Been Here?

When Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams put their minds together to create Pluralsight in 2004, the original headquarters were actually first built in Farmington City which is quite a bit smaller than Draper with about 31 miles separating both areas. 

You can find more information about Pluralsight Headquarters on the company page site.

As of 2018 however, it was announced that the headquarters would be moved over to Draper after the company had received an immense amount of funding from other partners and customers who were very big names in the tech world such as Microsoft and Amazon.

With that being said, Utah as a state has always been recognized as the home of Pluralsight with the founders being determined to keep the company close to where it originated. 

The four friends and colleagues who were the founders of Pluralsight all met in Utah and most of them have remained there ever since.

Aaron Skonnard for example first started machine learning code on his Apple II computer at a very young age while living with his parents in Utah, before going on to graduate from Birmingham Young University, and even today he lives in Utah with his wife and five children. 

Therefore, while Pluralsight may have expanded and grown into an international juggernaut when it comes to online learning and education, Utah has always been its home, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, just as they state on their website “Pluralsight was born and bred in the beehive state, and we’re here to stay”. 

Information On The Headquarters Building

It’s very difficult to miss the new Pluralsight headquarters as you drive across the Silicon Slopes, with it being 700 feet long and situated across 30 acres of undeveloped land, it really is an architectural marvel when you come to see it up close. 

When constructing the building, the aim was to spread out rather than to build up, making it a lot different from most headquarters buildings which are made to be tall skyscrapers with multiple floors.

This type of design was chosen in order to give the team at Pluralsight plenty of space to work and socialize without feeling like their crammed in and working a regular office job, and this becomes clear as soon as you see just how much walking space there is on the interior of the building with plenty of comfy couches and high-quality sheen desks everywhere you look.

Not only is the building itself astonishing to look at, but it is also in the perfect position to offer workers and visitors a jaw-dropping view of the Salt Lake Valley with its high and snowy mountain ranges, allowing you to take in the beauty of Utah just by looking out the window. 

In 2019, all the existing operations of Pluralsight were moved from Farmington over to this new and improved base in Draper, with it now becoming a must-see tourist attraction for anyone visiting this beautiful corner of Salt Lake City along the Wasatch Front. 

Why Did Pluralsight Move Their Headquarters?

As Pluralsight began to skyrocket in popularity by the mid-2010s, it became clear to the team working there that they would need to expand their building in order to hire more staff, and more importantly, to be in a position where they could support Utah to the best of their ability, and Draper was seen as one of the best areas to accomplish this.

Part of the reason for this is because of how close it is to other very popular attractions in Utah with the headquarters being just around the corner from five national parks and just a mile or two away from the mountain ranges that surround Salt Lake City where you can find plenty of skiing and hiking trails.

Situating the headquarters right next to these attractions brings even more eyes and money to the state of Utah since it gives tourists even more reason to come and spend their time in the city of Draper. 

Additionally, after moving its headquarters, Pluralsight has already created over 2,000 more jobs because of how many more people with technological expertise live in Draper, which has provided another benefit to the state and its people. 

Many big names and companies in the tech world have praised the CEOs of Pluralsight for making this big move and applaud the fact that Pluralsight as a company has decided to take up a leading role in the Silicon Slopes and the greater technological community of Utah. 

How Many Offices Does Pluralsight Have?

Where Are The Pluralsight Headquarters Located?

There are three Pluralsight offices that are spread out across different countries all within different continents in order to cover as much distance as possible when it comes to providing for Pluralsight users and performing administrative work to support the platform and its attraction in those areas. 

These three offices can be found at:

  • Boston – 60 State Street, Suite 800, MA 02109 
  • Dublin – 1 Sir John Rogerson Quay, Dublin Docklands, DO2 CR67
  • Sydney – Suite 4101, Level 41, Australia Square, 264 George Street, NSW 2000

These offices have opened up many new job opportunities in the respective areas while also generating a tremendous amount of income.

The Pluralsight office in Dublin for example has already brought more than €40 million to the local economy, which gives you an idea of just how big and profitable Pluralsight is as a platform. 

As of yet, there have been no announcements from the CEOs of Pluralsight that any more offices are planned to be opened in other countries, however with that being said, as the company expands its services to other areas of the world, the likelihood is that more offices will also come as a result of this. 

Can Pluralsight Employees Work From Home?

While their Draper headquarters is big enough to easily fit their entire workforce, because of the nature of the company and how it is entirely based online, this means that employees are able to work from home if they are not situated in Utah or are not near enough to Draper to where they can get to the building easily. 

In fact, because Pluralsight has grown into an international company with offices stationed all around the world and over 150 countries being granted access to their service, more than half of their employees actually work from home, with it primarily being a remote workforce. 

With that being said, there are still employees who live remotely that only visit the main headquarters or their nearest office a few days of the week since many of the administrative duties and updates that employees are required to carry out can be done quickly online. 

Is Pluralsight The Biggest Company In Utah?

While the state of Utah is known for many things including its jaw-dropping mountain ranges and historical relevance and importance within American history, nowadays, it is also the home to some of the biggest and most renowned companies in America, many of which are based in the world of tech.

Some of the biggest companies that can be found in Utah include Bluffdale, Home Credit, Big-D Construction, and Intermountain Healthcare, just to name a few. In terms of sheer scale, Teleperformance is currently ranked as the biggest company in Utah with over 300,000 employees.

With that being said, Home Credit is also an incredibly large and influential company within Utah which has grown exponentially since it was first founded in 1997, now having over 200,000 employees and opening up many new jobs around Salt Lake City.

These companies may have become big when they expanded to Utah, but the truth is that their headquarters are actually situated elsewhere, and in the case of these two companies, both are situated in countries found in Europe. 

Therefore, while Pluralsight technically is not the biggest company in Utah, when it comes to home-grown companies that have always been in Utah and that have a headquarters stationed there, then it is still the biggest and most profitable. 

What Awards Has Pluralsight Won?

Pluralsight has won a tremendous number of awards since it first began, and it looks like this won’t stop any time soon. 

Their very first big and prestigious award was earned in 2012 when they won the Visual Studio Magazine Readers Choice Awards after they earned the most amount of votes from readers. 

This was only one year after Pluralsight decided to make the full switch to an online learning platform which highlights just how quickly they succeeded and expanded once they dedicated all their resources to this side of the company. 

Another very important award came in 2013 when Pluralsight was ranked No.21 in the Utah Business Fast 50 which recognizes the businesses that have improved and grown the fastest over the last year in the state, and considering just how many businesses are stationed in Utah, this was a massive achievement for Pluralsight which was still fairly young at the time. 

Not only was Pluralsight becoming recognized as a company that was growing at a rapid rate in Utah, but in 2014, they were even ranked No.621 on the Inc.5000 which provided the annual rankings for growing businesses and private companies within the entire country. 

Pluralsight also reached headlines when they were included in the Utah Best Companies To Work For Awards in 2014 which was a testament to how much the companies employees were enjoying their position and felt like they were building towards a bigger and greater purpose, that being to educate people by using their own knowledge of the online world and coding. 

Pluralsight took Gold in the Best In Biz Company Of the Year Awards just a year later in 2015, and later that year, their spot in the Utah Business Fast 50 had jumped from 21 to No.6 in just two years. 

By 2020, Pluralsight had ranked at No.7 in the Utah Business Fast 50 with this being the seventh year in a row that they had taken a top spot on the list. 


While the Pluralsight headquarters have moved around Utah as the company has developed and expanded, it has never, and probably never will, move away from the state, especially now that it is located right at the heart of Salt Lake Valley and is proving to be extremely beneficial to the residents of the surrounding area, and to the state of Utah as a whole. 

The team at Pluralsight has made it very clear that they intend to remain in the state that they call home, and have made no suggestions that they may be hinting at moving elsewhere, especially since their new building is just a handful of years old. 

When you’re next in Draper and are looking to enjoy some hiking or skiing around the lush and beautiful valleys, make sure to pay a visit to the gigantic Pluralsight headquarters which really is an architectural masterpiece.

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