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What Does Glassdoor Say About Pluralsight?

What Does Glassdoor Say About Pluralsight?

Pluralsight is an online learning platform that helps to make it much easier for businesses to speed up their operations, by cutting out some of the mindless busy work and the guessing games. What Does Glassdoor Say About Pluralsight?

Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to Pluralsight, and this applies to every realm of the business strategy and every product and service that they offer.

In order to make the company work so efficiently, the company has a dedicated team of Pluralsight employees that help to keep all of the various products and services running at maximum efficiency.

But what is it actually like to work at Pluralsight and what does Glassdoor say about Pluralsight? 

Can the working conditions at Pluralsight help us to gain some insight into the quality of service the company offers? And what is it like to work at the company?

If these questions have flooded your mind recently, make sure to read on down below, because today we are going to take a look to find out exactly what Glassdoor users have said about the platform! 

What Is Pluralsight?

In order to get a greater sense of what Glassdoor thinks about Pluralsight, it would be good to get a sense of exactly what Pluralsight is, and what it offers. 

Pluralforce is a workforce development company that provides a number of services that helps their clients to improve their business efficiency and help their businesses to operate better than ever.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, expert teams of knowledgeable employees, and carefully-curated courses, Pluralsight can help companies to work more efficiently by helping them to set benchmarks for progress that can help them to achieve new goals in record time. 

The company has provided its expert services to numerous Fortune 500 companies, and more than 17,700 businesses currently have accounts registered with Pluralsight, helping them to improve and maximize their own efficiency.

Some of these companies include Adobe, GameStop, and Nasdaq. Thus, you can really tell that Pluralsight knows what they are doing. 

Services that Pluralsight offers include the ‘Skills’ service which allows companies to learn and for providing strategic skills consulting of individual employees, and charts the progress towards the new goals set for employees.

This helps the employees to improve day to day, making it easier for the company to get a sense of how well the improvements are being implemented into the company. 

‘Flow’ is another service that Pluralsight offers, and this is a platform that is specially designed to be used by digital engineers to help make their work much easier, which in turn leads to a much faster turnaround and delivery of products and services to clients. 

What Does Glassdoor Say About Pluralsight?

So, now that we have a greater sense of what exactly Pluralsight is, let’s take a look to find out the quality of the business, and what it is like to work with the business.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the most positive things that many employees and former employee of Pluralsight have to say is that the camaraderie between employees is incredibly strong, and great bonds are able to be formed throughout the workday.

Many reviews also note that some of the lower management individuals, such as team leaders are similarly friendly and personable, and very communicative.

However, a few reviewers have noted that certain teams seemed significantly understaffed, such as the dev teams, which has inevitably led to a lot of employee dissatisfaction when it comes to feeling overworked.

Pluralsight could serve to increase the number of employees in its dev team, to avoid the risk of overworking or burnout impacting the quality of its products and services. 

Employee Progression

Some employee reviews on Glassdoor have noted that there are good opportunities for progression within the company.

Many reviews, in particular, commended the quality of individual team managers who were dedicated to supporting their team members to achieve greater goals and thus increase their chances of promotion. 

Engineering employees, in particular, spoke very highly of their management, as they felt that their managers were looking out for their best interests and that they were clear and communicative at all times about what needed to be done.

Engineering management was also highly dedicated to the prospects of their team members and was willing to help in whatever way they could to help them to achieve their goals. 

Unfortunately, a few employee reviews have noted that some of the higher management positions seemed a little bit closed off.

Higher management seemed prone to promoting friends rather than promoting people that had clearly put in the hard work. This seemingly goes against the company’s promise of ‘Room For Growth’.

The company would be well served by refocusing on how it promotes employees, and how it focuses on employee progression. 

Unfortunately, in December of 2022, the company laid off around 20% of its workforce very suddenly, and almost without warning, which has fostered a sense of instability for many people within the company who now worry about the stability of their job at every turn.

Again, it would be pertinent for the company to refocus its management to be much more transparent about everything occurring in the company so that employees can feel more job security. 

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is one of the more conflicting aspects of the business when it is about lifelong learners.

Some employees have noted that they have had distinct trouble attaining a good work-life balance, particularly those in the engineering teams who noted being understaffed and often overworked. 

However, paid time off is offered to all employees at the company, regardless of position.

This is offered on an unlimited basis, and employees are not simply allotted a set number of days off at the start of the fiscal year, which makes it much easier to book time off without having to worry about that Pluralsight pay for that period. 

However, despite being offered unlimited PTO, many employees still feel often overworked, and when they officially clock off for the day they very often feel like they have very little free time afforded to them, thus leading to a feeling that the work-life balance is difficult to achieve at the company culture. 

What Does Glassdoor Say About Pluralsight?

Diversity And Inclusion

Diversity is a major sticking point for Pluralsight. A number of employee reviews have noted that the company is majority white and that many of the images of the company that suggests its diversity are carefully chosen. 

Unfortunately, a number of employees have also experienced racism over the course of their time at the company, with some employees recounting times in which they have felt disadvantaged at the company as a direct result of their race or ethnicity. 

Base Salary And Pay

Salaries at Pluralsight are relatively competitive, especially when compared to similar positions at other competing companies. For example, a software engineer or the software developers at Pluralsight may earn around $150,000 per year. 

Higher positions, such as account executives earn around $200,000 per year. 

However, a number of employee reviews from employees in varying positions within the company have noted that they feel relatively underpaid for the work that they do.

This is especially the case for people within the engineering and development teams who have often noted that they are understaffed and very often overworked.

Extra Benefits

Unlimited PTO

One of the best benefits offered by Pluralsight is its unlimited PTO, which allows employees to book time off from their work whenever they want without a cap on the number of days that they can book off.

Of course, this does not mean that an employee can book all of their time off without management raising questions, but it does allow a level of flexibility that not many other companies can claim to offer.

Wellness Benefits

Another benefit that Pluralsight offers to its employees is wellness.

It’s easy to stay active at the company thanks to the option for standing desks, which can help to improve blood flow to the body, allowing the brain to work a little faster, leading to much greater productivity from employees. 

The company will also reimburse employees the cost of gym memberships so that staying on top of fitness can be totally free and easy. 

Medical Coverage

Arguably one of the most important benefits of working at Pluralsight is the offer of medical coverage, which can help employees to rest assured that medical bills will be covered.

The medical coverage plans are incredibly flexible and can be catered to the individual needs of each employee. 

Medical coverage also allows employees access to mental health care and paternity and maternity care, which makes it easy for employees to care for themselves in all kinds of ways.

A healthier employee team leads to a much healthier company. 

What Is The Overall Consensus From Glassdoor On Pluralsight?

Thanks to the Glassdoor platform’s design, we can directly see what the general consensus is when it comes to working at Pluralsight. 

The company has an aggregate approval rating of around 3.5 out of 5 stars.

This score is rather healthy and suggests that the many benefits of working at Pluralsight, such as unlimited PTO, friendly employee teams, and medical coverage outweigh the negatives. 

However, Pluralsight could serve significantly raise its aggregate score by reshuffling its management to be more fair and representative of the values of its many employees.

Management has a tendency to be very closed off and management positions are most often occupied by friends of other managers, which suggests that progression within the company is somewhat challenging. 

60% of employees at Pluralsight have stated that they would recommend a position at the company to a friend, while 65% showed approval for the company CEO Aaron Skonnard.

This is a rather healthy approval score, but it could be much higher with improved transparency from Aaron Skonnard and from all management under him. 

To Wrap Up

Generally, Glassdoor is mostly positive about the working experience as an employee at Pluralsight. The company offers a number of benefits to employees that make it easier to balance work and life.

These include unlimited PTO and even medical coverage. As well as this, the work is very flexible, making it easy to balance work and life. 

However, Pluralsight will need to invest some time into filling up some of its specialized teams with more employees, as certain teams, such as the engineering teams have noted problems of being understaffed and often overworked.

Such teams have a much harder time striking a good work-life balance and often feel that they are underpaid for the work that they do. 

Pluralsight also has a lot of work cut out for it when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

While the company is dedicated to being more inclusive, there are numerous ways that unconscious biases and unfortunately, unconscious racism manage to sneak into some of the ways that the company operates.

Much of the current employee force is majority white, which makes the company feel rather intimidating to minority employees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Pluralsight For Free?

The Pluralsight platform can be accessed for free, however, this can only be done by signing up for a Pluralsight free trial, which gives customers access to the Pluralsight Skills platform to see if it is right for them.

This free trial provides ten days of access to the platform. 

Is It Worth Buying a Pluralsight Subscription?

The Pluralsight platform offers so many useful tools that can help everyone to operate far more efficiently. The courses are highly regarded, and the tools they offer are state-of-the-art. This makes it worth subscribing to. 

Is Pluralsight Certificate Valuable?

Absolutely. Pluralsight certificates help to prove to potential employers that you have many of the developing critical skills needed to pursue a career in technology. 

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